cherubbed  asked:

multiples of five!

5: i have never seriously contemplated ending my life

10: My first “love” was… um.. i’m not really sure i have even been “in love” before and i’ve never been kissed either…. Q n Q

15:My favorite tumblrs are - melloluvmattyoaizakkofharts

jimmanyjamminy, mergoat, and slushingitup

20:Education is very important

25:Someone who fascinates me is my friend sam, she some how manages to be way super fun even though she is sooo super awkward. its so funny.

30:   My highs - my friend sam moved into my dorm and its been way fun having her here

       My lows: i lied to my best friend lost his friendship because of it and lost two other friends in the process….. i have had a rough month…. ; A ;