So I remember this one time when Hannah was visiting, she took me, Cait and Jess for a drive, and we ended up doing laps of the main street, and then we started following these P platers.

And we followed them all the way to the park, and they got out, and we got out, and they were hiding across the park from us, and we were shouting across to each other, and we were trying to find them, and then these other people pulled up behind our car and were swearing and stuff and we were like WTF WE’RE GONNA BE KILLED BY SOME RANDOM GANG so we ran across the other side of the park and found them crouched behind a tree with literally the same thought as us.

So we hid behind the tree and when they moved away from our cars we piss bolted and jumped in our cars and sped off.

And then we went up on the hill and walked around and talked and got to know each other and stuff

And then we drove some more and Hannah got pulled over by an under cover cop who SO BADLY WANTED TO FINE HER FOR SOMETHING BUT WE WERE DOING NOTHING WRONG and then we found the guys waiting around the corner for us

So we went to the Wagga beach and just chilled.

And it was an awesome night and we didn’t go home until like 2am and I’ve never even seen the guys again.

And it was just amazing and I want that to happen again. I miss meeting random people that I’m never gonna see again, and doing random shit that I’d never planned.