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colts owner jim irsay arrested on suspicion of dwi 

Colts owner Jim Irsay is a beast

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has always wanted to “Build the Monster” when talking about the Colts overhaul since the Peyton Manning era left back in 2012. Enter Andrew Luck and the new slew of Colts talent that is supposed to be the next great decade plus of team wins.

Irsay in fact has taken several times to Twitter to reference the “monster”.  And it usually involved the owner in a way too tight shirt showing himself off. Just look below.

It’s playoff time,ya’ll….time to let The Monster feed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/JwzfrTlM

— Jim Irsay (@JimIrsay) January 3, 2013

I mean c’mon man. This photo makes me laugh on so many different levels. First off why does Mr. Irsay think that it was acceptable to wear his hat sideways? Really? The only thing that would have made this better if he had a collard shirt and popped his collar. Secondly, that half cheesy ass grin is just priceless. But give it up to old Jim, who still looks cut at an old age.


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And apparently, Jim Irsay has been in shape his entire life. Hell, back in the day he could (allegedly) squat more than some of his players (Even though his father still owned the team at the time). Just look at this photo below.

30 Years Ago: Colts GM Jim Irsay weightlifting with team, reportedly squat lifted 650 pounds pic.twitter.com/k006PQG6gg

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) May 26, 2016

Tell me right now that Irsay does not resemble Andrew Luck just a little bit right there in that photo with that epic beard. And you know he intimidated his players by the fact that the dude could throw up 650 pounds on the squat rack and rep it. I mean, if you’re a lineman at the time for the Colts and you can’t do that but your owner can? I mean, that is a little embarrassing.

I highly doubt the 56 year old could do that now, but he clearly looks like he is still in great shape for his age.

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jim irsay is about as big of DICK as his FU**ING loser dad bob irsay. You can’t just leave it at Peyton gave that team and town all he had when he was there. No, you had to be a DICK about it, throw a tantrum and say that he ONLY won the team one championship. You had to be shifty and underhanded, very much like your loser dad did 30 years. You won the game, but the football gods were watching. How many guys did you lose tonight? Peyton was a class act all the way. Way to take the high road. #irsay #bobirsay #jimirsay #peytonmanning #snf #indianapoliscolts

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