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Happy birthday!!!

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Happy birthday!!

thank you!!!!

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My thoughts are with you, stay safe!

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oh nooooo STAY SAFE

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oh no! I’m praying!

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Thoughts and prayers are with everyone there. :(

THANK YOU ALL, prayers and thoughts are really needed :( it’s really really really bad here. i dont remember the last time entire country was in a chaos this large D:

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how did you learn to make gifs? is there a tutorial?

i learned how to make them back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth so most of the original tutorials i had used are lost in the internet somewhere. 

my fav always is chaotic resources bc she’s fabulous and organized you can find tutorials for literally everything http://chaoticresources.tumblr.com/tutorials

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How did you move past it? How did you stop?

Honestly something that helped hugely was the fact that my once-favorite YouTuber started talking about/referencing a tv show that is a huge trigger for me. By no means was it the thing that caused me to realize that what I was doing was harmful to myself, but it definitely gave me the push I needed to take a step back from my then-obsession with YouTube(rs).

I started watching YouTube when I was very depressed, and for the most part it was a huge distraction for me, that didn’t take a lot of energy to enjoy, and was a lot easier than moving around. I was in a very bad place back then.

Nowadays, I’ve started feeling less depressed, and I’ve started paying attention to the things I want to do with my life, the skills I want to learn, the places I’d love to travel to see. I think, “Why am I watching this person vlogging about visiting [insert place here]? Why don’t I work on setting goals to go there, myself! Why am I watching this person cook food, when I could be cooking some for myself?” It really has been a struggle, don’t get me wrong, but when I see people who are tweeting YouTubers all the time, and trying to become best friends with them, or anything like that, I’m just like, “I don’t need to do this. I don’t WANT it. I want to live my own life and have my own friends. As long as I have that, I’ll be happy.”

Tl;dr, It’s no fun living vicariously through other people, and it’s much better to get out and enjoy my own life, because in 50 years from now, I’ll want to say, “That time I went to [insert place here] was so amazing,” and not, “That video I watched of that other person going to [that place] was kinda cool.” In 50 years, I’m going to want to remember my own life much more than I’ll ever care to remember anything about someone else’s.

(Edit: That’s not to say I don’t still watch/enjoy YouTube, but I do it in a much healthier way, where my life doesn’t revolve around them.)

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D: i hope you guys stay safe and everything gets under control asap

i hope so too, i’ve heard the critical point will be reached tonight so everyone’s under alert. the worst thing is that more people have died in last few hours :(

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are you all right?

yes i am, thank you for asking. we’re lucky that we are living on right coast of our river so we’re protected by this levee (or bank, not sure how to call it), our side is safe. unlike people who live across or near other river that isnt protected well enough, sadly :/ but other cities have it way worse; roads are blocked, bridges collapsed, complete chaos.