Appreciate Namjoon’s dancing skills
Appreciate Jin’s crooked fingers
Appreciate Yoongi’s gummy smile
Appreciate Hobi’s pointed nose
Appreciate Jimin’s tooth gap
Appreciate Taehyung’s uneven eyelids
Appreciate Jungkook’s scar

Appreciate them how they are, because imperfections are what make them more beautiful.

I love how jungkook isn’t even phased about others calling his nose big. He embraces it and flaunts it every chance he gets, and that’s just so sexy ? Confidence is sexy ❤ Jungkook’s nose is so gorgeous, words cannot even explain its majestic existence. It has so much dimension and cuteness. It can look sharp and sexy from the side but round and adorable in the front. Sometimes you just want to admire his profile and sometimes you just want to boop his nose and cuddle him. #brb gtg write my masters thesis about Jungkook’s holy nose