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Eight’s A Crowd

Originally posted by dearbangtansonyeondan

Jimin x Reader

Description: You became the eighth memeber of bts. While everyone else clicks with you right away, Jimin disliked you completely. But as much as he tried to give you the cold shoulder, he couldn’t help but warm up to you. Tsundere au

Requested by jimmy-malfoy and this anon: Annomymous asked b-tsfanfic-tion: Can I have a drabble/oneshot about tsundere Jimin? Thanks!

When you were first introduced into bts all the boys were giving you friendly smiles, save for one. Jimin kept looking you up and down while scrunching up his nose in a condescending way. When you noticed his less than pleased expression you felt an embarrassed blush start to creep up on your cheeks. 

But after that you really didn’t have time to think about his feelings towards you. The other boys unintentionally kept you distracted by all the time and effort they put into their friendships between them and you. That was fine with you, you liked hanging out with your new “colleagues”.

Once the entire group was going to go to dinner together as a group. Unfortunately, you and Jimin were the first ones to arrive. You gave him a shy smile, which he didn’t return. You quickly turned your gaze down to your feet after that, not nearly brave enough to keep looking at his cold expression.

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Bʀᴇᴀᴋ Mʏ Hᴇᴀʀᴛ 🌙

~тaeнyυng х reader

~ pt 27/??

~ your heart

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a/n: i may have a soft spot for tae sooo…. jnjsninsjb  :)

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Anonymous - Taehyung/ Part 11

In which you decide to text a number scrawled on the walls of your lecture hall.

Genre: Fluff/Slight Angst if you squint, I guess? 

Chapters: {1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} {9} {10} {11} To Be Continued…

Tagged readers: @rainbow-pandacorn @jiminslye @bang-tan-fan

Blue Blood

➭ “Prince Jimin was born with blue blood. His coronation is rapidly approaching, but there are two requirements he must fulfil before becoming a king. He must have the skills to fight in battle, and he must have a Queen with blood as blue as his. You, a member of the royal guard, are assigned to teach Jimin the ins and outs of combat. You are not scared of death, of blood, or of battle. What you are scared of however, is falling in love with Jimin, the one man your blood decrees you can never have.”

  • pairing: jimin x reader
  • genre: royalty ausmut, angst
  • wordcount: 26k

❀ 1 / 8 of my oneshot requests

** warnings: this is angsty!, jimin is a light dom, slow burn, violence, mentions of blood, heavy themes, lots of drama, character death

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Fuckboy! au realizing they like only you Hyung Line Maknae Line

avoiding you because they like you, so you make them jealous by hanging out with other members

BTS and your idol group are on a game show, and they have a crush on you

You Move In Together

You are dating, but refuse to call him oppa

You have tattoos

You’re their cat hybrid

You’re their lockscreen

You have scrapes and bruises because you’re a pro skateboarder

You are nervous to start a family because of a previous miscarriage

S/O is slightly overweight

Ex Female Idol Performs Shout Out to My Ex

You call them after your kid chokes

They see you without makeup for the first time

They see you wearing makeup for the first time

They see you in an american restaurant

You have a big butts and thick thighs

You make them jealous by cuddling w/ another member and purring, hybrid au

They walk in on you changing & you’re wearing lingerie 

Convincing you to go on late night adventures

You ask them to rap/sing for you when they ask you out

They come home from practice and find you relaxing on plushies

They run into you with their car

You start to purr when you cuddle with them, hybrid au

You are short

You are tall

You forget your stuffed animal that you cuddle when you sleep over, so they cuddle with you

It’s your first time

Morning after the first time you slept together

You (their fiance) is pregnant

A creepy guy won’t leave you alone

Your first time kissing them

You meet each other, soulmate au

He gets jealous and gives you a hickey

You have a cute laugh/ sneeze

The way they cuddle you

You teach them to surf

You have an australian accent

You have hairy legs

You two accidentally match

They find out you already have kids

You have crush on them so you sit on their lap and kiss them

They walk in on you putting on pants and you have a big butt

They scare off the creep who wouldn’t leave you alone, Mafia au

You have a flirty personality

They meet you, fairy au

You wear a revealing outfit

You learning Korean

You randomly squish their cheeks

You get headaches

They walk in on you masturbating

They tell you they know about your crush on them

You are on your period

They accidentally admit they have a crush on you

You have a flat/small chest

You are pocket sized

You have an eating disorder

You give/get back scratches

You call them oppa for the first time

The first day/night of living together

You are bisexual

They are on tour and walk into your hotel room while your in your underwear

Making out with you

You’re an “airhead”

You have a loud sneeze

They are protective of you when they meet your boyfriend, hybrid au

You hit your nose and get a nosebleed

They are obsessed with you

You are shy

You’re their tour guide

You’re in heat and ask for their help, hybrid au

You draw on your arm

You have a big chest

You are a ballet dancer

They find out you can sing

You stick your tongue out when you focus

You pull your phone/money out of your bra

Your heart has been broken, and they comfort you

You accidentally grind on him while you two play wrestle

You’re their crush and you give them a pet name

You’re their crush and they get you for spin the bottle

You’re afraid of the dark/spiders

You have bullies

You wear his shirt

They find out you’re kinky

The first I love you

You’re their makeup artist hyung line

They propose to you

You don’t know they are famous

They lose you, pocket-sized au

7 minutes in heaven

You are sweet and soft, mafia au

You like a lot of different music genres

You two get in an argument

You like their more feminine style

You take a bullet for them, mafia au

You are sick

You blush easily

You have a new piercing


They fall in love w/ their hostage, mafia au

You’re the eighth member of bts

They’re your fanboys

They fall in love with you on first sight

If bts was wrestlers

They sit next to you in class

They’re your roommate

What type of couple you and Namjoon would be

What type of couple you and Jin would be

Drabbles/ One-Shots


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Vacationing With Jimin, Jimin x Reader

The Doctor On Call, gang member Jimin x doctor Reader

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Fan Fiction


Leather Jackets and Wings (Finished), Jimin x Reader supernatural au, university au 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

First Door On The Left, Suga x Jimin vampire au 1 2


The Crown’s Blacksmith, Suga x Reader royal au 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

First Door On The Left, Suga x Jimin vampire au 1 2


Desperate Men, Jungkook x Reader mafia au prologue (sort of), 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Fake Texts

Jhope x Reader

He asks you out, and at first you think he’s joking

Suga x Reader

He asks you out, and at first you think he’s joking

Void - Part 1 (M)

title banner by @rude–jude

Genre: Sci-fi with a little angst and a LOT of smut

Pairing: BTS x Reader (yup - all seven)

Summary: You are the only female crew member on a 12 year space mission with seven handsome men. The sexual tension is real, y’all.

Word Count: 7.9k 

Part 1 / ?

Warnings: explicit sexual content, masturbation, discussions of pornography, voyeurism, and excessive sexual tension

A/N: This chapter focuses on Hoseok, Yoongi, and Jimin. But trust me, all seven will get involved before this is over.

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BTS Reaction ▾ You crying during a fight

Warnings: Angsty, Swearing, Mentions of cheating, (Almost) sexual assault.


Jin slammed the front door as he walked in behind you. “You humiliated her (Y/N)!” He yelled. He couldn’t hold it in any longer. The way you had treated his friend was not going to be tolerated.

“I humiliated her?!” You whipped around. The dress Jin bought for you tonight suddenly burning the skin it covered. “You have no idea who you’re fucking friends are!”

The thing is, today, you were supposed to go to dinner with one of Jin’s friends. He said it was going to be a double date but upon arrival, you found out her date ‘ditched’ her.

You felt sympathetic to her then but it soon turned to hatred as you noticed the lingering glances, the imposing touches, and the way she looked at him longingly. Granted, she didn’t make a hard move on him but what if you weren’t there? Would things have been different? Definitely.

You couldn’t help the jealousy take over you as you suddenly turned cold to her in the middle of your dinner. You gave her curt responses to her questions. The few she bothered to ask anyway. You let your anger bubble over so much that you threw a snide comment at her which was definitely not appropriate for a dinner like this.

“She’s been my friend since I can remember! We’ve known each other longer than you!”

“Has she been in love with you for that long too?” You aggressively took off your coat and flung it to the couch. He clenched his jaw as he looked at the ground in anger. ‘He fucking knows…’ You thought.

“What am I supposed to do?! Cut her out of my life?” He looked back up with rage simmering in his eyes, utterly stubborn in backing down in the heat of the moment.

“You know what you shouldn’t do? Introduce her to your fucking girlfriend! She was practically all over you and you didn’t even brush her off! And now that I know you fucking know her feelings for you I-” You choked as a large lump formed in your throat. The tears you tried to hold back slipped past your eyes and down your cheeks. You shut your eyes tight in an effort to make them stop but seeing how they weren’t going to do that anytime soon, you rushed deeper into the house and into your room before locking the door and finally letting yourself let out your frustrations.

You tried to stifle your sobs but you couldn’t. Jin knew about her feelings but still thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to one another? Why was he still friends with her in the first place? The only explanation you could come up with was that he had some lingering feeling for her as well. At that thought, you only sobbed harder into your hands.

Jin only sighed as he realized he needed to give you some space. The both of you were way to fired up to talk right now. He wanted to walk right into the room and hold you in his arms but he knew you wouldn’t let him. He resigned to listening to your quiet sobs as he took up space on the couch and thought about what you said.

You were right. He should’ve had cut her out of his life as soon as he realized she loved him. But he couldn’t. Not when they had known each other since they were kids. He cared for her too much as a friend to cut her off like that. When Jin started dating you, he thought those feelings for him would go away but they didn’t. That’s why he introduced you to each other tonight, in hopes of letting her know that he can’t love her the same way. Especially not when he was in love with you. “Shit!” He let out in exasperation before lifting himself off the couch and walking towards the bedroom door. “(Y/N)… Can we ta-”

“Go away Jin.” Your broken voice was muffled through the door but he heard the utter hurt in your voice loud and clear.

“Please, (Y/N)… Let me explain okay? I’m sorry. Tonight was my fault but that’s not what I wanted to happen. I had you two meet so she would realize that I’m in love with you. I can’t- She’s been my friend for longer than I can remember and I don’t want to lose her as a friend. I thought that maybe if she saw you with me, she would realize that I can’t like her the same way I like you. I didn’t know this would be the outcome.” He let soundless tears drip down his face. “I’m so sorry baby. I didn’t mean it.” He finished as he leaned his head on the door in exhaustion. The fight, the tears, and his confession had taken a toll on him.

He was ready to retire back to his sofa until he was stopped by the sound of the door unlocking and cracking open by you. “Come in here before I change my mind.” You whispered, your voice a little more than hoarse. He rushed in wordlessly and gathered you in his arms, muttering sweet sentences into your neck with an occasional apology thrown in as well. He wasn’t going to mess up like this again. He would make sure of it.

Originally posted by hoseokb


You jogged across the road as you made your hasty way to Yoongi’s dorm. He’d been in the studio for so long, you knew he hadn’t found the time to eat. Usually, you had Hoseok keeping an eye on him but the guy had decided to take advantage of his break and visit his family. That’s why you’d taken his place in caring for Yoongi. He didn’t seem to mind it really. You fed him and kissed him goodbye before he would continue his work in good spirits.

Though today was a little different. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t put lyrics down on a paper. He had a week and a half till his break would end and he would yet again find no time to write lyrics, He’s been staring at the blanks screen for the past three days. It didn’t affect him much the past days, but with the deadline looming near, his stress levels were at an all-time high.

“Yoongi, I got you lamb skewers!” You said as you plopped the takeaway bag on the only free chair. “C’mon babe, let’s eat. You didn’t even get breakfast in the morning.”

“Later (Y/N). I still have work to do.”

“You’ve been holed up in this room for the past three days. I’m sure you can take a break.” He chose to ignore which caused you to sigh, walk up to him and shut his laptop screen.

“What the fuck (Y/N)?” He snapped as he looked at you for the first time since you entered.

“You need food,” You tried to not let his tone affect you but he’s never spoken to you like that. “You’ll get back to it better if you go back to in with a full stomach.”

“Holy shit (Y/N)! Stop babying me!” He suddenly yelled as he got off his chair. “Stop being such a fucking nag and leave me alone! You’ve been here all day every day for the past few days and it’s getting annoying!”

“I’m only here because you neglect to taking care of yourself.” You tried to keep your voice low and steady. You folded your arms in hopes of not looking so intimidated by him even though you had your head ducked, eyes trained on the floor.. Truth was, he scared you like this. Never did he ever raise his voice at you and doing so right now struck a chord with you.

He groaned as he looked up at the ceiling, trying to stop himself from yelling even further. But when he spoke, his volume was still just as loud.“I’m not a child. Fuck off. I’ll eat when I want to. God, you’re so fuckin-” He stopped mid-complaint as he heard you sniff. You hadn’t wanted him to notice you just started crying but you stupid nose had to start running too. You quickly wiped your tears and tried to stop but they kept running down your face.

“I’ll just leave you to it then,” You’re voice was tame “I’m sorry.” You quickly turned around to head out, but his voice stopped you.

“(Y/N) wait.” He called out. You slowly turned back towards him and looked at him. He looked apologetic. He knows he pushed it too far. “I’m sorry. You shouldn’t be. Baby, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. You’re only trying to keep my ungrateful ass alive right now.” He walked towards you and held your right hand in his left. Grazing his thumb over your knuckles, he tried to comfort you the best he could while still giving you enough room to pull away if you wanted to. “Why don’t we leave the place? Go to a restaurant? Eat together. Or if you don’t want to, I could drop you off home.”

You mustered a small smile and nodded. “You sure you want to?”

“I want anything and everything with you.”

Originally posted by minshoot


“You told me we would meet your parents. You promised!” You tried to reason. This was the fifth time Hoseok had backed out of introducing you to his parents, and honestly, you’d had enough. “What the hell is the problem?”

“Nothing! I just don’t want to introduce you to them yet! Can we drop the subject?” His voice was still level but you knew there was a lurking frustration behind his tone.

“No. I’m not going to drop this. Hob, tell me why the fuck I can’t meet them?”

“Because I said so!”

“You said so? That’s the most childish response you could’ve come up with!” You yelled back. You furrowed your brows and pinched the bridge of your nose to control your tears from falling. Fighting with Hoseok always drained you and this time was no different. You sighed as you lowered your voice to speak again. ”Hobi… Please tell me. I’m beginning to think you don’t want me to ever meet them.”

“I don’t! Are you happy now? I don’t want them to meet you! Especially when you’re being a whiny and a nagging bitch being like this. How the hell am I supposed to introduce my parents to someone like you!? Are you kidding me?” As soon as his outburst ended, he immediately wanted to swallow back his harsh words.

You bit your lip to steady the trembling. “I-” You wanted to say something. Anything. To defend yourself or even just to hurt him just as he did with your words but a hard sob wracked through you as you broke down in front of Hoseok, right in the middle of your fight.

“Shit,” He snapped out of his angry stupor and rushed to you, attempting to pull you into his arms and apologize. You let him wrap around you as you sobbed into your hands in shame of not being able to control yourself around him. “Shit, baby. I’m sorry I-” He choked on his own words as tears escaped his eyes as well. “That’s not true. I promise. Baby, I love you and I’m a dick for saying that. Please don’t cry.”

“I hate you Jung Hoseok.” You managed to get out before another sob broke out of you.

His arms around you only tightened before adjusting to pick you up bridal style and walking you to the bedroom. You don’t know why -and neither does he- but you don’t make so much as a peep as he does.  He walks in and sets you on the bed and climbs on beside you, pulling you so that his chest is pressed up against your back and his head is resting on top of yours.

“I’m sorry Jagiya… I- I can’t let you meet my parents yet because I’m scared. I know that’s not enough justification for calling you what I did but I’m scared that once I do, they might not get along with you. And I can’t handle having the people I care about not being able to like one another. I love my parents but I love you too and I’m torn.”

You clench your fists that are laying in front of you and clench your jaw to calm your blabbering sobs but to no avail. “Do you have that little faith in me? Why can’t you trust your parents to like me? Do you really believe your words to be tru-”

“No. Shit, never okay? What I said was a dick move. I promise it won’t ever happen again.” He suddenly placed a kiss on the top of your head. “I promise I’ll make it up to you. Okay? Just- Shit, please, can you find it in you to forgive me? If not now than later?”

“Of course you asshole. I ca-” Your sobs had finally calmed down enough for you to actually answer him but your voice was still hoarse. “How the hell am I not? I love you too much. Way too much.” Maybe you’re naive in forgiving him. Maybe it would be in your best interest to leave the warmth of his embrace and leave your shared apartment. But with every breath of his that synced with yours, your mind only chose to give your heart the reins to this situation and let you stay snuggled up against him

Originally posted by wonhobe


You finally organized your scrambling thoughts and kicked your knee right to his crotch. Hard. “Oh fu-” The immense pain cut him off as he let you go and cupped a protective hand over his groin to protect it from further damage. He dropped to the ground and let out a string of expletives.

“Don’t touch me.” Your voice finally found itself and you whirled around to look for Namjoon and go home, but to our surprise, he was stood right in the middle of the hallway. “Joon-”

“Let’s go.” He simply said while grabbing your hand and leading you away from the scene. His grip was tight but in no way had it made you feel panic like the other man’s did.

He led you to the car and let you in the passenger door, then jogged his way over to the driver’s seat. Once he started up the car, you realized he had no intentions of waiting up for Hoseok nor Jin. “Joon, you can’t leave them behind.”

You could see his jaw clench before he turned to you with anger written all over his face. “What the fuck was that stunt you pulled back there?” His voice was sharp as he questioned you.

“I-” You tried to come up with an excuse, but the truth is; you had none. He knew you were only trying to make him jealous so it was embarrassing as it was already. The situation would’ve been comical if it weren’t for the fact that you had almost been assaulted in the most heinous way.

“Say something! Use your words (Y/N)!” He yelled impatiently. You couldn’t bear to look at him any longer so you diverted you diverted your gaze to the shift stick instead. Namjoon sighed in annoyance as he realized your reluctance to talk. “That was childish and foolish of you. You should be glad you brought him down because I was this close to sending him to the hospital with broken bones. You’re smart! How in the fuck did you think it was a good idea to go somewhere private with that asshole? Or were you not thinking at all?”

“I- I wasn’t.” You finally spoke up, still keeping your eyes trained away from his. “I didn’t know it would go this far and I-” Your voice broke right then as tears made their presence known to you by wetting a trail down your cheeks. No matter how tight you shut your eyes, the just wouldn’t stop. At least Namjoon was still oblivious to the wetness on your cheeks.

“Did you not find anything suspicious about him? Hw was drunk for fuck’s sake! What if something happened to you? You were the sober one.”

“So that excuses his actions?” You whipped your head up, the previous guilt replaced with anger. Your vision blurred with the new onslaught of tears but your voice held up. Namjoon was just surprised you had actually been crying. “He was larger than me, stronger, and fucking stubborn. I tried to move away from him. On multiple occasions! I even tried to motion you for help but you weren’t looking our way! He was the one who dragged me away and I can’t believe I’m having to defend myself to you of all people! I thou-” And that was it. That’s all you got out before actually breaking down.

Shit. He didn’t mean to make you cry. He just got scared and let his emotions take control over his words. He dropped is angry facade and breathed out to calm his nerves. “(Y/N) I- I wasn’t thinking.” His voice was quiet, stark in contrast to mere moments ago. He let our sobs die down before he placed a comforting hand on your thigh and rubbed soothing circles. “I had no right to say what I did. Please forgive me?”

“It’s fine.” You replied, still sniffing. “I shouldn’t have tried to make you jealous in the first place.” You placed a hand on his on your thigh. His touch was comforting and it did wonders to ease you.

“Just- Let’s not do that again. As much as I enjoyed the sight of you crushing his precious jewels, there’s no way I want anyone touching you like that again. Especially without you wanting them to.”

Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon


You don’t know what ended you here. One moment, you guys were cuddled up on the sofa, and now you’re sitting as far apart from each other as possible as tempers flare. You know he said something that annoyed you and you countered with something just as irritating to him. “Why the hell do you have to be this way? It’s been so long since we’ve been with each other and you pull this shit?” He quipped after you tried to give him the silent treatment.

Your jaw ticked as you heard him. Silent treatment be damned. There was no way he was going to pin this on you. “Me? You’re the one who started this! Everything was fine until you opened your mouth.”

“It was a joke! Why are you being such a stuck up bitch?”

“Why do you have to be such a douche?” You knew it wouldn’t be long till you would be crying. You never liked fighting and even though you never let words affect you, fighting with someone you loved so much always ended you in a mess of tears.

“I wasn’t a douche until you were.” He bit back.

“Fuck you Park Jimin. I’m done.” You clenched your jaw shut as you lifted yourself and tried to grab your coat and leave the apartment, but Jimin’s hand wrapped around your arm and pulled you back, forcing you to look at him.

“We’re not done (Y/N)! Why the fuck are you overreacting?” He’d significantly calmed his tone down but only because his mind scrambled after seeing you threatening to leave. But he was still mad.

“Just leave me alone.” Your voice trembled as you tried to pull out of his grasp but his grip was firm. His brows furrowed at how your voice sounded so meek but his mind couldn’t comprehend it.

“No. You can’t just fucking run away from your problems. Stop being such a coward.” That was the tipping point. You tried hard but the dam broke and let your tears run loose. You turned your head away since that’s all you could do to protect your dignity with Jimin’s grip on your arm. “Shit, (Y/N)?” His anger switched to concern as he forgot the fight and gathered you in his arms. “Please don’t cry. Damn, I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m sorry.”

You guys stayed like that until your sobs reduced to small whimpers and your tears had completely ruined the front of his shirt. “I- I hate th- this.” You whispered into his chest after a long bout of silence.

“Me too. I’m sorry baby. Let’s forget the fight. Fuck that. You mean more to me than my ego. I’m so sorry. Let’s never do that.” He replied as he tightened his arms around you, refusing to let you go as if you would truly leave once he did let you go.

“I’m s-sorry too. This wasn’t just on you.”

“Doesn’t matter who it was on. Just promise me you won’t leave me.” He let out.

You pulled back a little to look up at him and noticed his own eyes were harboring tears. “Never. I could never do that.” You softly reassured him as you pecked a soft kiss on his lips. “I’ll always be with you.”

“I hope you mean that because I’m gonna get clingy from here on out.”

Originally posted by kthspjm


You knew something was off as soon as you got in the car with Taehyung after a dinner with old friends. Your friends had wanted to meet him and his wanted to meet you so you both decided to host a small dinner at a slightly remote restaurant so they could all meet one another. You guys had gotten serious with each other in the past year and a half that you started dating.

You thought the entire thing went off without a hitch but it never occurred to you how irritated Taehyung was the entire night. “Tae?” You called for his attention, which only had you receiving an annoyed grunt in response. “Something happen?”

“No.” His tone was clipped as his grip on the steering wheel tightened. You decided to drop the subject till the both of you got home because you didn’t want to distract from actually driving. That didn’t mean you were taking this lightly. He must know how his little treatment was driving you up the wall. He knew how much you hated the silence between one another.

Once home, Taehyung dragged himself straight to bed, not even bothering to change into pajamas. “Tae… At least get changed.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Okay, what’s going on? Why are you being so snippy?” You demanded answers. At the start of the relationship, you promised each other that you’d never go to sleep angry at each other, and he seemed mad at you right now.

“Nothing alright?” He quipped back, still laid on his stomach on the bed as you bit your lip. “I’m tired and you’re really making me mad right now.”

“You’re already mad! Just tell me what happened!”

“You! You happened!” He snapped as he whipped around and sat up on the bed with his knees tucked under him. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”

“Notice what? I did nothing!” You defended yourself.

“Not yet.” He muttered as his fists that were on his knees were clenched tight.

“You’re making no sens-”

“You were basically eye-fucking him! There! Happy? I saw you flirting it up with Jimin right in front of me! Your hand was practically stuck to his fucking arm the entire night.”

“Wh- How could you say that? I would never do that to you! You’re blowing this way out of proportion!” You really were baffled at how easily he came to this conclusion. You knew Jimin, and you always teased Taehyung about how ‘hot’ Jimin was but you never realized he would be pushed to considering this.

“How could I not? You told me how much you thought he was hot. Am I wrong to assume you were flirting with him the entire nig-”

“Shut up.” You interrupted, not being able to hear him say further. “This is what you think of me? Some cheap girl who hops onto the next guy right in front of her boyfriend just because she thinks he’s hot? I love you, you asshole!” You asserted as tears slipt past your cheeks. “I’m going to go over to my friend’s. Stay at her place until you get your head together and can actually talk to me without flinging accusations at me.” You sniffed before running out the door and leaving a stunned Taehyung behind.

His tense posture slumped as he heard you slam the front door and let himself think with a cool mind. Shit, you were right. He let his jealousy get the best of him. His heart raced as he thought of what to do and suddenly jumped off the bed and chased after you. He flung the front door open and saw you still waiting for the elevator you called with your coat slung over your arm. He ran to you and hugged you.

You lost your footing a little and if it wasn’t for Taehyung holding you in his arms you would’ve dropped. “Tae-”

“I’m sorry. You’re right. I don’t know what came over me but I couldn’t stand it. You always teased me about how you thought he was good looking but tonight, it struck me how good the both of you looked at each other. I’m sorry for making such baseless accusations and I swear I won’t ever do it again but please don’t leave. I can’t see you leave. Not now nor ever.” He finished, tears of his own wetting your shoulders but it only made you lift your arms and wrap around him in an embrace. You had no intentions of letting go. Just like he wanted. Not now nor ever.

Originally posted by taemybae


It’s not fair. He can’t treat you like that and still expect you to be there.

“Why did I leave? I was there for almost two fucking hours Jungkook!”

“I got there! I got there just I soon as I could okay? I had an emergency meeting and I tried to text you but I couldn’t find my phone.” He tried to keep his voice steady but he was angry. If he only calmed down and stepped back to think about it, he would realize that he was in the wrong this time.

“You could’ve told me using someone else’s phone! That’s not even the damn problem! This isn’t the first time you’ve done this. Especially during the past few weeks. Setting up a damn date and either coming late or bailing out on me entirely. I’m fucking tired Kook. I can’t do this shit anymore. Now you’re home and blaming me for not having waited longer than I already did? Are you kidding me?”

“I’m sorry my life doesn’t revolve around you (Y/N)! I have work to focus on.”

“Then why the hell do you promise me things you know you can’t keep?”

“Promises break (Y/N). Gosh, why the hell do you have to be so annoying sometimes?”

He’d done it. The entire time, you’d held your tears back but he knew how you felt about that word. It sucked ass. Your vision became blurry as you let yourself cry right in front of him. All the anger and frustration he’d directed against you was immediately dropped and in the place of it came immediate regret. How the hell did he let himself go as far as to make you cry?

He tried to come near you but one step near earned him two steps back from you. “I- Shit… I’m sorry.” He said, feeling his own lips trembling. He sighed when you turned away from him and tried to stop your cries by plated a hand over your mouth but it was of no use. He still heard them and they still pulled at his heart. “I- I’m going to go for a walk. Let us clear our heads. I promise we’ll talk about this. This time I mean to keep my promise. Just- Please forgive me.” Is all he said before slowly walking out the front door.

For now, this is all he could do. Let the both of your minds calm with some distance between the two of you. He knew you’d forgive him. He just had to make sure this would never happen again. Ever.

Originally posted by jjeonguk


A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to put out. I’ve been having some personal issues and I need to sort through them. I promise I tried my best to get this over with as quickly as possible while still putting out something I’m satisfied with.

BTS Reaction To You Accidentally Grinding On Him When You Two Play Wrestle

Anonymous said to b-tsfanfic-tion:

hey sis ily. can u do bts reaction to their crush accidently grinding on him while they’re play wrestling jajsjdjdjjdjdjdk


Originally posted by jinsasleep

“Seriously, how big are your shoulders?” you asked, walking up behind him to teasingly drum your fingers across his broad back.

“They probably just seem extra big to you since you have tiny shoulders,” he teased, turning around to give you a snarky grin.

You scrunched your nose at his “funny” comment before retaliating, “You wish you could have my gorgeously dainty shoulders.”

“Okay, don’t get ahead of yourself. I wouldn’t call them dainty,” he said with an eyeroll. You faked an offended gasp before giving him a playful push. You two were such close friends that when one person started a play fight the other couldn’t just let that person win. So, of course, it only took a few minutes for you two to be full on wrestling after your joking shove.

“My broad shoulders are magnificent,” he insisted while the two of you were tousling with the other.

“Small shoulders are better,” you said, too distracted with trying to win the upper hand to think up a good comeback. Instead of successfully gaining the upper hand though, you accidently ended up grinding against him.

Jin was about to say something else when your hips rolled up against his, and it caught him so of guard he couldn’t stop the quiet moan that tumbled from his lips. You weren’t sure why you were blushing, from his groan or what you’d done to cause him to moan like that. Really, it was thanks to both things that your cheeks were now turning a bright shade of pink.

But you both had a history of not taking anything seriously, especially when you were a little embarrassed, so what you said next came as no surprise to either of you.

“I would say sorry, but it seems like you liked it,” you joked, expecting him to give an embarrassed laugh, but the most he gave you was a small smile. You felt your heart start to pound, a little excited by this unfamiliar territory.

“Yeah, I did,” he said, answering honestly. Knowing you were liable to say something stupid if you spoke up, you decided to stop that from happening by answering him with a kiss instead. Jin was perfectly happy with your nonverbal response, which he made abundantly clear when he started to grind down against you.


Originally posted by jiminwhyyougotnojams

You decided to mess around with your friend Yoongi, and woke him up with a bit of a shock. You practically launched yourself into his bed while calling his name loudly n between giggles.

“It’s time to wake up,” you called out, jostling him by his shoulders. He practically growled at you while he slowly opened up his eyes.

“You’re the worst,” he complained.

“I know,” you giggled, still joselting him around. Suddenly he was grabbing you by your waist and flipping you so you were under him. You grabbed him by his wrists, trying to tug them off your hips as you tried your best to get the upper hand back. You were trying and failing to keep your heart from going crazy as you looked up at your crush’s devilish grin.

“Not so confident now that I’m actually awake, are you?” he teased as the two of you wrestled. One move was the wrong one though, and suddenly your hips were moving up against his. You both froze and locked eyes right after you had accidently grinded up against him. He stopped grinning so confidently and you stopped giggling so much. Instead you both watched blushes bloom on the others’ cheeks. You broke the silence with a gasp when you felt him grind against you again, and suddenly his hands were tugging your hips up against him and his lips were pressing against yours.

He broke the heated kiss, and left you both gasping for breath as he spoke up, “I think this is how you should wake me up from now on.”


Originally posted by 4jiminnie

You were trying to leave after hanging out with Hoseok for hours, but he kept begging you to stay for a bit longer. You secretly loved that he wanted you to stay. You both had an unspoken attraction for the other, but since neither of you admitted your feelings you didn’t know you both felt the exact same way for eachother.

“Come on, stay,” Hoseok begged, catching you by your wrist before you could walk away.

“If I don’t leave now, I’ll catch trafic,” you said, trying to stay standing while he tried to tug you back down to the couch. He let go of your wrist to move his hands onto your waist, tugging you down onto his lap, “Hey!”

“I’m not letting you up,” he said, sounding extra triumphant as he wrapped his arms around you, effectively trapping you. You accepted the challenge and started to tug at his arms. He started to laugh when he felt your best attempts to detangle him from around you. He clearly wasn’t even phased by your efforts. You started to try to wiggle free, not even thinking about what that meant for Hoseok.

“Stop fidgeting so much!” he called out, his cheeks burning red as you unintentionally grinded down on his lap. You froze when you finally realized exactly what you were doing, the tent in his pants cluing you in.

He wasn’t sure what sort of reaction you’d have, and even though he wasn’t expecting any specific response, what you did next still surprised him. You turned around on his lap, letting your legs straddle him as you gave him an excited smile, “Okay, I’ll stay.”


Originally posted by taegidda

You and Namjon were watching tv, but you hated the show he decided on. You had already tried to change the channel once before, but he snatched up the remote before you could grab it.

“Come on, this is so boring!” ou cried out.

“No, your show’s the boring one,” he scoffed.

“Now you’ve gone too far,” you said, pretending to be angry at his comment before pouncing on him. You knocked him on his back with a laugh, but he was still holding the remote above his head and out of your reach. But that wasn’t about to stop you, and in an instant you were crawling in top of him, reaching for the remote.

When he realized you were about to grab it, he wrapped his free hand around you, tugging you down so he could keep you from reaching the remote. As he pulled you against him, your hips accidentally rolled against his lap, and you both gasped from the surprise of you grinding against him. He smiled when he saw the blush spreading across your cheeks, guessing from your response that you felt the same way about him that he did about you. He stopped holding the remote out of reach and was giving it to you instead.

“I’ll let you choose the show,” he said.

“Really?” you asked, internally wondering if he was just going to ignore the fact that you were ended up not only straddling him, but grinding against him too.

“But only if we stay like this,” he said with a dimpled grin, stunning you just a little. You consider him for just a moment, playing like this wasn’t totally something you had daydreamed about before.

“It’s a deal,” you said, taking the remote. He moved his hands move to clasp behind his head and you cuddled up against his chest. For people who were fighting and wrestling moments ago, you two were surprisingly cozy with each other now as you cuddled and watched your show.


Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

“Are you even listening to me?” you asked Jimin. He gave you a distracted nod, still closely watching the movie. He clearly wasn’t listening to you at all. You gave a loud huff, and stood up to walk over to him. You positioned yourself in between him and the tv with a smug grin. He glared up at you from where he was sitting before tilting to the side to look around you, but you simply leaned with him.

“Quit blocking the screen!” he cried out.

“No, we’re supposed to be hanging out,” you insisted. He thought up a quick solution and grabbed you, yanking you down onto his lap. He held you tightly in place, looking at the movie over your shoulder.

“Hey! Let me up,” you yelled with a pout, but he only answered with a snicker. You started to fidget, but he didn’t really pay you any attention at first. But then all your fidgeting resulted in you accidentally grinding against his lap. You realized as quickly as he did what you had done, and you immediately started to blush, “Jimin, that was a total accident. I am-”

You interrupted yourself with a surprised yelp. He was suddenly turning you around on his lap so you weren’t facing the television but instead looking back at him.

“Fine, you wanted my attention, now you’ve got it,” he said, his hands moving to rest on either side of your hips. He smirked at the doe eyed look on your face, but his cocky expression snapped you out of your surprised daze. You smiled back at him, leaning in for a kiss while letting his hands help you roll your hips against him. Finally Jimin had officially forgotten about the movie.


Originally posted by holysuxc

You and Taehyung were hanging out on your bed, laying on your backs side by side. He was holding his phone above the two of you, wanting to show you a quick video clip. But half way through the video you snatched the phone from his hand, planning on sending embarrassing texts to all his friends.

“Hey, give that back!” he yelped, but you rolled onto your side so you were facing away from him.

“No way, this pay back from all those embarrassing things you put on my twitter the other day,” you said, shooting him a smug smile over your shoulder. He reached over your side, trying to grab the phone out of your hand, which you immediately stretched out of his reach. You were typing away, pretty much ignoring all his futile attempts to get his phone back. He moved till he was pressed right up against your back, trying desperately to reach his phone. The close proximity finally let him be able to grab your wrist, and pretty soon the two of you were wrestling for the phone.

You made one wrong move and you accidentally grinded right up against him. Suddenly you were hyper aware of how his arm was inadvertnly wrapped around you from trying to get his phone back, how you could feel his breath on your neck, and how your ass was still planted right in his lap. Taehyung noticed all this too, but he could also see the rose tint on the tips of your ears.

“Did you do that on purpose?” he asked in a deep whisper, trying his best to fluster you. It worked completely, and you were a blushing, stuttering mess. While you were distracted with trying to defend yourself to your crush, he snatched the phone out of your hand.

“That’s cheating!” you called out as he rolled away from you and onto his back with a triumphant smile. You turned onto your side, pouting at him.

“But grinding up against me like that is fair?” he said with a scoff. You immediately started to ramble through a stuttering explanation, getting ruffled up once again. He smiled at your very pink cheeks, knowing you were too shy to do any like that on purpose. He was completely aware of your crush on him, and this whole thing just made it that much more obvious. Still, he had to get you back for stealing his phone. He decided he’d tell you he liked you tomorrow, not able to stop himself from getting that small bit of revenge.


Originally posted by bwibelle

“I’m not arguing with you. It’s just a fact; I am stronger than you,” you said to Jungkook, purposely bothering him. Thanks to your crush for him, you took a lot of delight in teasing him. This was one of those times. You had decided to argue that you were the strongest of the two of you, which was obviously not true, but it bothered him all the same. With his competitive nature, it was so easy to drive Jungkook up the wall in moments.

“You are not stronger than me, and I can prove it!” he yelled out, pushed to the brink from all your teasing.

You rolled your eyes and scoffed, “How are you going to prove-”

You were interrupted by Jungkook tackling you to the ground. Luckily, the landing didn’t hurt. He made sure to end up underneath you so you didn’t slam against the floor but instead fell against his chest. But he let you have the upperhand for only a moment, and soon he was the one on top of you. He was easily pinning you underneath him, and he was giving you an incredibly smug look.

“I’m the strongest,” he said as you wriggled underneath him.

“No, I am!” you cried out, even though he was literally proving how he was the strongest. You put one last ditch effort into proving him wrong and getting him off you, but with all the moving you were doing you accidentally found yourself rolling your hips against his. As soon as he felt you grind against him, he suddenly decided he was done arguing and switched his frown out for a suggestive smile.

“If you do that again I’ll say you’re the strongest,” he said and started to press down against you. You decided to end the argument once and for all as you let your lips crash onto his and move your hips again so you were grinding up against him, this time completely on purpose.

Void - Part 2 (M)

title banner by @rude–jude

Genre: Sci-fi with a little angst and a LOT of smut

Pairing: BTS x Reader (yup - all seven)

Summary: You are the only female crew member on a 12 year space mission with seven handsome men. The sexual tension is real, y’all.

Word Count: 11.8k

Part 2 / ?

Part 1

Warnings: explicit sexual content, masturbation, voyeurism, pornography, slight dom/sub kink, blindfolding, slight degradation, excessive sexual tension and a bit of cum play.

A/N: This chapter focuses Yoongi, Jimin, Hoseok and Namjoon. 

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locker room talk ⦚ jjk

PAIRING jungkook x reader

GENRE smut


WARNINGS   oral (f and m receiving), switch!jungkook, dirty talk, unprotected sex, creampie, breath play, mild spanking, ass play

NOTES ⌟  this is 100% dedicated to the love of my life, @guksheart. the idea was completely hers so the least i can do is dedicate it to her, especially after she was sweet enough to get on here to do the tags while i scrambled to finish it. :’-) i love you so much.

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Don’t Care if it Hurts: pt.3

Dog hybrid! + Gaurd dog!Jimin x Reader) (ft.olderBrother! + Mafia boss!Namjoon)

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Summary: After a rival gang makes an attempt on your life, Your older brother, the infamous leader of Seoul’s largest gang; Kim Namjoon gets you a guard hybrid; Park Jimin, The reigning champion of Seoul’s underground hybrid fighting ring.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader, mentions of Unrequited!Hoseok x Reader

Warnings/tags: Past abuse, Blood, Mafia!reader, Mafia!Namjoon, Older brother!Namjoon, DogHybrid!Jimin, fighting, slow burn, general angst, hurt/comfort, fluff, eventual smut, nightmares, 

Wordcount: 5.5k

A/N: I ain’t gonna lie, this part is pretty fly and look at me back at it again with the sexual opening gifs  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Song to play during this chapter: Hold me tight ~

Originally posted by sayakochi

The next day your college lecture dragged on and on, as your outdated professor talked about western literature and you tried to take notes while your other classmates buzzed with hushed conversation. 

Jimin sat next to you; you had gotten approval from the college secretary early this morning for Jimin to attend classes with you. Technically he was registered as your “mental health hybrid” though she had taken one look at Jimin and been disbelieving. A tidy letter from a very concerned Dr. Kim Seokjin (that jin had dropped off this morning) and a large bill clipped too it made her much more obliging. 

Though the people in your class were used to your brother’s men waiting outside of your lectures for you, they were not used to Jimin sitting next to you throughout your class. Most of them thought your guards where an endless string of extremely attractive boyfriends. Hoseok had scoffed at that when it had been his turn to watch you one-day last semester.  

Jimin’s long muscular body bent over the table as he rested his head on the notebook in front of him. His presence excited more than a few stares from your classmates. And you had to admit he looked intimidating in his black pants and white t-shirt, a beanie thrown on to protect and cover his ears from prying eyes. Thought you could see them twitch under the hood, and more than a few people noticed his tail.

He had been a little tired this morning- and had asked you quietly for a notebook to doodle on while your class dragged on. The earlier class had been easier- it was only an hour long while your humanities class was almost 3 hours long. Jimin was slumped over that notebook now- and you saw where the ink had bled onto the side of his hand.  

You suspected that the settee hadn’t been nearly as comfortable as he had said and that was why he hadn’t slept well. Guilt gnawed at you for making him sleep in the same room as you last night. 

beside you, Jimin could hear every snippet of conversation and filter out the important ones. Tiredness pulled at his bones, he hadn’t slept last night worried that someone would try and sneak into your room and he hadn’t minded it. It had given him a lot of time to mull over things in his head. 

Snippets of conversation subtly drifted to a pair of girls behind you. Most of the conversation had been innocent- though some referenced Jimin with an appreciation that made him more than a little flustered. But this conversation wasn’t like that. 

“Damn, I didn’t know her parents were rich enough to buy her a hybrid like that.” 

“Oh it’s not her parents- it’s her brother.”

“Oh? Who’s her brother?” 

“He’s some gang hotshot but no one really knows his name- they just call him the monster.” The girls got quieter. “He probably doesn’t deserve the name- he’s probably just some rich boy with a superiority complex. I hear they call her the little devil- and that she’s fucked half the guy’s she brings around here.” 

Jimin shot up turning around to stare at the woman dead in the eyes. 

“I think he heard you.” Jimin let out a small growl- low and threatening, it rippled in the mostly quiet lecture room. You looked at him perplexed, of course, you hadn’t heard what they said, everyone turned to look at the interaction. 

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Yes, Mr Park | Pt. 1

• Pairing: Jimin x Female Reader
Genre: Smut
Words: 4,8k
Summary:  Nobody had ever made you feel like this - made you feel like submitting so fully. There was an ache burning inside you, that just wanted to say yes to anything your boss would ask of you.
Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Slowly one eye peeled open, then the other as you stared blinkingly at your watch, trying to collect your thoughts, ignoring the pounding in your head, only to realise you were probably already late for your meeting. Cursing quietly, you rubbed your eyes and got yourself ready as quickly as possible. You made your way into your small bathroom, where you failed to master the shower controls and ended up having an exhilarating but freezing cold dousing mid-way through washing your hair. The effect was not only and instantaneous wake up call but persuaded you to hurry as nothing else could. Skirt. Blouse. High Heels. A bit of makeup. Then you rushed out of your door. 

Maybe he wouldn’t notice that you were late.

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BTS Reaction To Making Out With You

Anonymous said to b-tsfanfic-tion:

Hellooo can you do a reaction where you makeout for the first time?


Originally posted by minyoongihoseok

“Do you want to try this y/n? It’s pretty good,” Hoseok said, gesturing to his dinner that you had been eyeing. You thought you had been subtle, but his question made you realize you had been a little more obvious than you had meant to be. You gave a sheepish smile and nodded, but then Jin shook his head no.

“It has lemon in it,” Jin told you, and you immediately changed you mind. You were allergic to lemon. It warmed your heart right up to know that Jin knew you well enough to know what you were allergic to. Not only that, but from his comment it seemed like he didn’t just know but was on the lookout for you too. If you two had been alone, you would have practically pounced on him. So that’s exactly what you did when it was just the two of you hanging out after dinner.

“I love how well you know me,” you said with a lovestruck sigh, reaching up to cup his cheek in your hand. He gave a surprised, but definitely happy, smile.

“Thanks angel,” he said with a chuckle. You nodded, guiding his face towards your so you could kiss him.

You gently interlocked your lips with his plush ones. The kiss was just as gentle as he was with you. You felt his tongue just barely swipe your bottom lip. You parted your lips and soon you two were slowly exploring the others mouth. As you two kissed, your hand had moved from his cheek to the nape of his neck. His hands had moved to the small of your back, gently holding you in a hug. As soon as the very sweet, long, kiss ended he pressed his forehead up against yours. Even his small gestures were so intimate.


Originally posted by minsyubyoongi

You and Yoongi had been fighting all evening. He had cancelled your guys’ date again last night, this was the third time, to keep working. You had finally had enough.

“You know what you were getting into when you started dating me! Did you think I was going to have all the free time in the world!” Yoongi yelled.

“I’m not asking for all the time in the world! I’m asking for one date Yoongi! One! That’s it!” you yelled. You felt your cheeks and chest start to flush with anger.

“Are you sure that’s what you want? Because we could have been going on a date, but now we’re fighting because you wanted to!” he pointed out while stalking towards you with a glare.

“I don’t want to fight!” you argued back.

“Then why do you keep yelling at me?” he asked, and you were heavily surprised to hear his voice come out as an angry, rough whisper instead of a yell this time. He had a point, for someone who didn’t want to fight you sure were yelling a lot. What made it even harder to answer was the fact that he was so close to you now our noses were practically touching. So instead of answering, you caved in and grabbed fistfulls of his shirt to pull him all the way in.

As soon as your lips collided, all the anger from the fight came pouring into the kiss. It was hot, heavy, and possessive. He would nip at your lips while gripping your hips even tighter. You let your hands trail up to wrap your fingers up in his hair, gently tugging. When you two finally broke the kiss, you were both panting.

“So are we done fighting?” Yoongi asked with a cocky smirk.

“For now,” you said with a smug smile fo your own before tilting your head up to kiss him again.


Originally posted by agvstdick

Hoseok and you were hanging out one last time before he had to leave and go on tour. The whole time the two of you were internally thinking about how much you would miss the other. But instead of voicing your feelings, you both tried to be as happy as possible for the other. Finally, when Hoseok was saying goodbye he couldn’t keep what he was really feeling bottled up.

“I wish I didn’t have to go,” he said, pressing his forehead up against yours. Your noses gently brushed up against the other since you two were so close.

“I wish you could stay,” you said, speaking honestly.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, moving to press a kiss to your temple. Soon he placed another on your jawline, “I care about you so much.”

“I know,” you said quietly. He pressed one last gentle kiss just to the corner of your mouth.

“I would stay here if I could,” he told you, and you looked up at him with a small smile.

“I know,” you repeated. He returned your smile before finally giving you a real kiss. This was the goodbye kisses to end all goodbyes kisses as your lips moved to interlock with the his. Your hands your moving to cup his face gently, holding him closely. One of his hands was pressed up against your own, his palm resting against the back of your hand. The other was resting on your hip, rubbing gentle circles on your skin. Sure, you both had already said you’d miss the other, but this kiss showed it more than any words either of you had said. Even as you tried to end the kiss, you both kept coming back together for a parade of quick pecks.

“I’ll call you everyday,” he assured you before giving you another kiss.

“Okay, just don’t overwork yourself,” you said, and once again your lips met. It must have been another five minutes of small, loving kisses before he finally got out the door. Now when he left you still missed him, but you were a little more at ease knowing you each told the other how you truly felt.


Originally posted by taegidda

Namjoon was busy explaining a book he had been reading to you, but the truth was you were hardy listening. You were too busy admiring his features. This always happen to you. When he was passionate was when he was cutests to you. You were gazingly fondly at him when you finally noticed he seemed to be repeating something.

“Sorry, what?” you asked, coming out of your thoughts of him.

“I asked if you were listening, but I think I just got my answer,” he said with a sigh and eyeroll.

“I have a hard time listening to you when you look so cute,” you said, answering honestly. It was apparently a good move on your part, because his frown quickly changed to a smile. You continued on, feeling even braver thanks to his pleasantly surprised expression. His eyes moved over your body as you stepped over them. You leaned down to where he was sitting, placing your palms on his thighs to come even closer to him.

“Are you still annoyed with me?” you asked with a coy smile.

“I don’t know, are you going to kiss me already or just keep teasing me?” he asked. You answered his question by finally closing the space between the two of you.

As soon as your lips met his you heard him give a cocky chuckle, but that only spurred you on. You felt his tongue lick against your bottom lips. You partied your lips so his tongue could swipe inside your mouth. He was enjoying the taste of you, and wanted you closer to him. You felt his hands grip your wrists, and he was moving your hands off his thighs as you two continued to kiss. For just a moment you were confused, till you felt his hands wrap around your waist to pull you onto his lap.

“Now are you ready to listen?” he asked, leaning back with smirk.

“Maybe after one more kiss,” you said with a giggle, letting your hands run into his hair as you came back together one more time.


Originally posted by baking-suga-kookies

“You are so adorable,” you cooed, pinching Jimin’s cheeks. You two were cuddled up on his bed, not really doing much other than talking.

“Is that all you can say about me?” he said with a small pout.

“You don’t want me to?” you asked, holding back the urge to tell him even his grumpy expression was adorable too.

“I like being called adorable, but I want to be called other things too,” he whined.

“Like what?” you asked.

“Hot,” he said with an eyebrow raise, “Or even sexy!”

He frowned even more when you laughed at his request. You could only see it as a funny idea. Suddenly he was flipping you onto your back. He brought your hands up above your head, easily holding both of yours in one of his. He gave you a suggestive, confident look that immediate quieted your giggles. Suddenly the idea of calling Jimin hot instead of adorable didn’t seem so far fetched.

“What about now?” he asked, his voice dropping lower than usual, “Do I seem so adorable?”

He smirked with your stunned silent expression, and he definitely noticed how your eyes kept flicking towards your lips. He gave you what you wanted, dipping down to press his lips against yours. You gasped when you felt him nip your bottom lip, and he took that as an opportunity to slip his tongue past your lips. As he explored your mouth, he finally let your hands go. You let your hands run all over his body, touching everywhere and anywhere you could reach. You almost let out a whine when he eventually leaned away from you.

“Go on,” he said with a cocky look, “Call me adorable.”


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You watched Taehyung rehearsal, and you felt your heartbeat pick up as he danced. The thing was he one hundred percent knew what he was doing to you. He didn’t really need you to record his dance as a reference for himself, he had already seen the dance in the mirrors a million times. He was only doing it to tease you.

“How was that?” he asked, panting just a little.

“It was good,” you said, trying to sound casual, but even you could hear the little waver in your voice. He walked over to you, leaning very close to you under the guise of looking at the phone screen.

“Want to play it back for me?” he asked, his deep voice practically talking right into your ear thanks to the close proximity between the two of you. You pressed play, but you were not paying any attention to the screen. All you could think about was how close Taehyung was. As soon as it ended he gave a satisfied nod and turned to you.

“Are you sure it was good?” he asked. He didn’t even need to check, your red cheeks told him you definitely liked it. You turned towards him to answer, but you two were so close your noses brushed as soon as you turned his way. Any answer you had for him immediately left your mind as soon as that happened and all you could do was gasp. Taehyung smiled at your blushing expression and decided to stop teasing you.

“Come here,” he said, wrapping his arms around you and pressing his lips to yours. You were already starting to turn the kiss into a heated makeout session which is exactly why he had teased you like he did. He wanted to feel just how much you wanted him. But he certainly returned the favor, letting his hands run up and down your body as the two of you made out.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding. You really did like my dance,” he teased after the kiss. You buried your face into the crook of his neck with embarrassment, a little giggle slipping out. He wasn’t wrong.


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“For the last time Jungkook, I was not flirting with the waiter,” you yelled ut, stomping into your house. He followed after you, practically slamming the door shut.

“Even you have to admit he was flirting with you,” he shot back.

“Okay, maybe he was flirting with me,” you said with an eye roll.

“Ha! See?” he said, pointing an accusing finger at you.

“But I didn’t flirt back,” you said, finishing your point. The annoyed groan Jungkook let out after you said that bordered on a growl, “Why are we even still arguing? We left the restaurant, there’s nothing you can do about any of this!”

“You don’t think there’s anything I can do about it?” he said with a scoff. Suddenly he was pushing you up against the wall with a dark look, “I think there’s a lot I could do about it.”

Your breath hitched in your throat. You had not expected to get so turned on by fighting with Jungkook, but here you both were, mere inches from the other. Soon his lips were against yours. You were pressing up against the other, and it felt like you were both desperate to show just how much you cared about the other. One of his hands moved to the nape of your neck, like he was trying to bring your lips even closer to his. Your hands were gripping his shirt, tugging him up against you. He leaned away, and felt immensely satisfied when he saw your disappointed pout as he stopped kissing you.

“Still thinking about the waiter?” he asked roughly.

“After that kiss I can’t even remember dinner, let alone the waiter,” you answered, making him give you a proud smile.

Mile High Club (M)

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre: smut, just shameless smut

Word Count: 4.2k

Summary: You absolutely hate flying, but the person sitting next to you makes this flight the best you’ve ever been on.

→ Warnings: a little bit of public indecency, bathroom sex, dirty talk

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Tape II: Dusk Rendezvous [M]

➛pairing: taehyung x reader x jimin
genre: smut, superhero!au, supervillain!au, superpower!au
words: 22.5k+
rating: nsfw
warnings: light bondage, blindfolds, cuffs (again), smut: threesome, explicit sexual content, double penetration (vaginal), multiple orgasms, overstimulation, orgasm denial (?), face riding, oral (giving & receiving), dom!jimin, dom!tae (except jimin is like… ult dom), d/s undertones,,, its a fucking ride in the park alright and i hope i didnt forget to tag somethigndjdj
note: holy fuck someone send me to a fucking priest

When Tempest is away, little Lure and Copycat come out to play. Too bad they don’t plan on playing nice.

posted; 25.04.2018

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masterlist || tape itape iitape iii - ½2/2

“Don’t let yourself get anywhere alone with those two.”

It was a warning you’d pondered ever since Tempest, the villain you shared your bed with on more than one occasion, had departed the city a week or so ago. In his words, he had to “make a trip”, and you had no idea where or why but honestly didn’t care too much. He was a big boy— he was a supervillain, for crying out loud. He could do what he wanted. Well… except lay waste to Sunset City. That had been one of your terms, after all. When you’d met him for the first time after that… riveting encounter so many weeks ago, he’d proposed a deal of sorts. In short, the dynamic you’d managed to work yourself into was that of a friends-with-benefits kind of deal, except you weren’t really friends. So technically it was more of an enemies-with-benefits kind of thing.

Back to topic, when you agreed to the deal you had both done it on certain terms. For him, he was no longer allowed to lay waste to the city as he had before. He was still a villain, of course, but you had no idea what he focused his time on nowadays— and so long as it didn’t directly affect you, you couldn’t find it in yourself to care. For you, you had agreed to stop trying to arrest him. It had wounded your pride a bit, you would admit, but you also knew you couldn’t have a proper fuck buddy if that fuck buddy was in jail, so… you’d begrudgingly accepted those terms. The only other rule you had both agreed to, was that you didn’t try to find out the other’s identity. You were more than okay with this— you knew that if you ever discovered his real identity the resulting revelation that he was a person too would throw your emotions and sense of judgement into a mess. It was easier to just view him as a villain, someone inherently bad, because if you discovered his alter persona, who he was in his real life, then you knew you would begin to empathise. And from there… it was a slippery slope you were keen to avoid. You’d seen the movies, and you weren’t going to fall into that trap. You liked to think you were smarter than that.

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Don’t Care if it Hurts Pt.5

Dog hybrid! + Gaurd dog!Jimin x Reader) (ft.olderBrother! + Mafia boss!Namjoon)

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Summary: After a rival gang makes an attempt on your life, Your older brother, the infamous leader of Seoul’s largest gang; Kim Namjoon gets you a guard hybrid; Park Jimin, The reigning champion of Seoul’s underground hybrid fighting ring.

Tags: Jimin x reader, hybrid Jimin, mafia au!  fluff, hurt/comfort, slow burn, angst, torture, mentions of rape/noncon, violence, blood, mild cursing, 

Word count: 8.1 k

Authors note: YO EVERYONE LOOK WHAT I GOT OUT. So I’m gonna have a small hiatus while I travel to Thailand with my family for the next two weeks. I was gonna write another chapter and schedule to release it while I was away but I got too sick the last few weeks and unfortunately this LONG ASS monster of a part is all you’re gonna get for now (i thought about splitting it up between parts but I didn’t like it’s flow). 

Hope you like it! This chapter has some pretty heavy stuff in it. sorry to leave you all on a cliffhanger but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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All Jimin could feel where greasy hands on him, they bit into his arm and held him down as he struggled fruitlessly to get free. Somehow he was never able to submit in this way. He was obedient as long as they left their hands off of him and not a moment longer. He had been like this ever since he was a pup.  

There is a low voice- spitting in his ear as he tries to get away from a belt, from the ball, from all the things they used to beat him.  These strikes would leave bruises that would almost always last all week. He wines when one hits his ribs and leaves him breathless. A hard hand pulls his hair back roughly and yanks on his sensitive ears. 

“Oh is the little puppy hurt? Can he not take a beating? Did little Jimin forget what it felt like?” he lets out a growl that only sounds half as threatening as he wants it too and they continue beating him. 

“Jimin,” one of them says a fist hits his shoulder. 

“Jimin.” This voice is more panicked; 

“Jimin” the voice says- more human and female then the last time the shadow above him shouted it. 

The dream knocks Jimin practically sideways when he finds you above him your hands on his shoulders he reacts instinctively pinning you down onto the bed using his knees to hook around your legs and pin you to the bed with his hands at your wrist.  Adrenaline makes his heart thud as he struggles to separate dream from reality “it’s ok it was just a dream.” You say soothingly as he looks down at you like you’re the monster. His breath comes out of him in big gusts.  

“Jimin it’s me.” You say a little more firmly trying to get that look to leave his eyes. He doesn’t look like himself; his pupils are dilated and it’s obvious to you that he is currently having a panic attack. His weight is pressing painfully onto your wrists and your legs are going numb with how he’s lying on top of you- the same way he might hold someone down if he was fighting them. 

You can’t help it; you know he would never hurt you, but your heart rate picks up when you realize how immobile he has you, you couldn’t get away from him even if you wanted to right now. He catches the smell of fear on you and his eyes instantly change. He lets go of your body like you burn him and he’s standing faster then you could breathe. His back hits the other side of your room. 

“Y/n.” he gasps out. Holding his hands out in front of him- like he’s trying to show you and himself that he’s not a threat too you.  “I’m sorry, oh my god i-“ he stutters out. You get up too- flicking the light on. 

“It’s ok Jimin- everything’s going to be fine, you just had a nightmare” his eyes keep scanning the room over again for potential threats. Eventually- with enough cajoling- he gets back on the bed. “can you tell me what it was?”

“I was back at the kennels, they-” his voice breaks off. You want to reach out to him- but you remember how sensitive he was to touches at the very beginning of you meeting him so you keep your hands to yourself. You’re still feeling groggy yourself- all you know is that one moment you were fast asleep and the next moment you were waking up to Jimin thrashing next to you. 

Next, to you, Jimin doesn’t know how to articulate the dream into words. “They always knew how to hurt you the most without leaving so much damage.” You inhale deeply at that. Jimin is wringing his fingers when you reach forward and try to take them in yours. He flinches back from you.  “Your wrists-“ is all he says, flicking to the red skin there where he leaned his weight- it must hurt. he caused you harm. But you just shake your head and take his hands in yours. 

“every day I don’t understand how you can still touch me when you know what I am- you still want me even after I’ve just hurt you.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“I’ve hurt people. I’m dangerous. I hurt you.”  He reaches out a finger to trace along the red stretch of your wrist. You ignore the involuntary shiver it gives you. Your smile is small- almost wry when you look up at him. “And still you don’t run away.”

“Maybe it’s because I don’t think these hands could ever hurt me- not intentionally anyway.” you affirm as You turn his hands over and over in your hands- noticing the little scars here and there. The ones on his knuckles that have mostly healed. There’s one that crosses his palm and the back of his hand like he got it shut in something long ago. It feels like you’re the only two people awake in the universe when you reach up and press his palm against your cheek. 

“I love your hands” you want to say, and he gulps- and you realize you’ve said it out loud, the blush covers you from you collarbones up. Your faces are closer then they ever really should be if your relationship was purely platonic. 

Jimin is watching you with an aching in his heart- because no ones ever looked at him like that- let alone viewed him as something other than a weapon. You look at him like he’s a marvel, a treasure to be taken care of and appreciated- not like he’s a monster, a hybrid only meant to protect you from physical harm. You’re his friend- his first true friend. And it breaks his heart- because he wants you to be so so much more than that and he knows that he’s the least deserving person in the entire city when it comes to being on the receiving end of such a tender look. 

 you run your fingers through his hair as he does his best to show you that he never intends to hurt you with his body again, by sheltering you and holding you with a close tenderness. You swear in another life he was meant to be a lap dog. You silently hope that your wrists won’t bruise as Jimin wraps his arms around your middle, for his sake and for yours. Bruises wouldn’t be hard to hide from Namjoon and they don’t bother you, but Jimin would look at them and see everything he’s ever done wrong. 

Eventually, his breath has stopped coming in small gasps and reluctantly- sleep pulls the two of you down.

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Charity (M) - Request

Summary: You’re a maid for the Crowned Prince of Busan, you’re in love with him, but you think he only uses you for charity, so one night at the new karaoke bar, you try your best to forget him, with the help of a stranger.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Prince AU, Smut, Fluff, Light Angst

Word Count: 16.1k

TW: swearing, drinking, thigh riding, unprotected sex, oral sex, blowjob, cunnilingus, face sitting, soft fluffy sex, 

You never really understood people’s fascination with ridiculing him. Sure, he was handsome and rich, but that’s so artificial and shallow, not everyone with money was an asshole. If they actually knew him, knew what he was like behind closed doors, how he acted when other people weren’t around, they might think differently, they would see it wasn’t just an act. But that’s why you were so thankful. In the moments you had him alone, he wasn’t the crowned prince of Busan, he was just Jimin. He was himself; the kind, sweet boy you’d grown to know and admire over the years.

Park Jimin. Where do you even begin to describe Park Jimin. He was born into a royal life, his father being the current standing king. He was raised in the castle; he had the finest tutors, the best food, received the best presents, and was taken care of by the best people in the country, but somehow, growing up with a literal silver spoon in his mouth didn’t affect who he was as a person. For as long as you’d know him, he had always been the sweetest, most genuine person you’d ever met. He cared about everyone. He was meant to be king.

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