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boyfriend jimin 👉👈

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- ̗̀  Jimin As Your Boyfriend  ̖́-

park jimin is the clingiest, sweetest, loveliest boyfriend ever

⇢ he’d cuddle with you at any given moment because he loves putting his arms around you and hugging you tight

⇢ he’d ask for kisses and pout whenever you wouldn’t give him any

“but, y/n~ I deserve kisses!”

⇢ him pressing soft kisses to your forehead and cheek

⇢ him laying his head on your shoulder and sighing in content, a huge lovesick smile on his face when he looks up at you with wide, starry eyes

 “your lips look so lonely, jagiya…would they like to meet mine?”

⇢ the sweetest good morning texts that make your heart flutter and brightens your day

“Good morning, beautiful! I hope you have an amazing day because you deserve it!!” 

“You’re so so so pretty :(((”

⇢ him taking you out on 3am dates to the local cornerstore for a watermelon slushie  

⇢ him holding your hand and never letting go because he just so clingy and cute

⇢ late night cuddles where he sings soflty to you and cards his fingers through your hair

“I don’t deserve you, Jagi…”

⇢ but oh my, imagine just how passionate he’d be in bed

⇢ he’d make sure to make you feel loved n’ beautiful - because it’s what you deserve

“You’re doing so good for me, kitten”

⇢ him kissing you and holding your hand during sex

⇢ whispering sweet nothings as he brings you closer to seeing the stars

“F-Fuck, baby, I’m gonna-”

⇢ c u d d l e s after sex!! soft, sweet kisses everywhere!!

⇢ jimin would be the type of boyfriend to make you feel so loved and cherished, you’d be so overwhelmed

⇢ he’s the sweetest boyfriend and he’d win over your heart with just one crooked-tooth smile

Masterlists: BTS  // ASTRO // NCT

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Okay look... I read this prompt and it just screamed Jimin.. so what was I supposed to do? Not request it?? “I’m not jealous, I’m just practicing my pout” pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?

It would’ve been a sin not to request this particular one with Chim. How could I say no when you ask so nicely? Hahah I hope you enjoy 💕

Okay, here’s the thing. You knew better than anyone that your boyfriend needed to be praised everytime he did something, he craved it, so much, to the point it was like the fuel that kept him going. The deal was, one thing was making the mistake of not praising him, and another much different one you didn’t think would bother him was praising someone else.

So, the second you were at the dorms listening to the new album with the boys for the first time, and you got to the bit of Jeongguk’s high note in Euphoria, your hand went to your mouth, covering it as you looked at the maknae wide eyed; not realising your boyfriend was already sulking by your side.

“Gguk, holy shit, that was amazing!” you acknowledged as soon as you came out of your little trance. So far you had only listened to Serendipity before that day, which, let’s just say, had completely killed you. So, now, listening to this, had left you speechless.

Jeongguk’s cheeks turned slightly red, lowering his head in a poor attempt of not letting it show as he mumbled a shy “thank you”.

And that was it – that being all you said before moving on to the next song.

That was all it took for Jimin to become quiet, though, later going to the couch and crossing his arms over his chest as everyone else went back to their business. The prominent pout adorning his face did something to your heart, deciding to go check up on him, for you had no idea what the reason for it was.

“What happened?” you poked his cheek, making him look at you before he gave you a shrug. You sighed. “What’s the pout for?” you stuck your lower lip out as well, your thumb going up to his as you gently traced over it.

“You liked Jeongguk’s part too much” he finally said.

You looked at him dumbfounded. “So you’re jealous” you stated.

“I’m not jealous, I’m just practicing my pout” he gazed away from you, leaving you wanting to both cry and laugh at how cute that comeback had been.

How had you not seen that coming. You had been together for two years, you should’ve known better.

“But you’ve already mastered it, why would you keep on practicing” you made it look like you were genuinely confused, only to tease him.

“Ah, jagiya” he whined, throwing his head back. You giggled, pressing a kiss right under his jaw.

“You can’t seriously be jealous over that, you know you’re my favourite person in the whole world”.

“But apparently my voice is not” he sheepishly added.

“Jimin!” you scolded him. Straddling his lap, your hands went to the back of his head, playing with the short strands of hair on it. “You should know by now that your voice is my absolute favourite” he smiled at your truthful words, placing his hands above your lower back, “just because I liked Gguk’s high note doesn’t mean your voice is now second place to me. I mean, did you even listen to Serendipity? I don’t know about you but I couldn’t properly function for a whole day after hearing it”.

The way his eyes shined and his bright smile lit up his face let you know you had done a pretty good job at making him feel better – your heart going wild at the sight of him being so happy.

He pecked your lips a few times before his face was buried in the crook of your neck, still not being able to erase his smile. “I love you” he gently kissed your skin.

“I love you, too” you said back, kissing his shoulder, “all of you”.

Listen to the background. You can hear Jimin talking on the phone with his mom before they are departure:

 “Yes mom, I’m going. I am at the airport now. Yes mom, you should also make sure to eat.”

bts scenario: learning korean

i changed this a little, so i hope you don’t mind. also, this is honestly so cute, learning a language for someone else is just so sweet in my eyes and aw aw. anyway, i hope you enjoy! 

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jin: jin softly shut the door behind him as he walked into the quiet house. “babe?” you were sat at a desk, headphones in your ears. jin quietly peaked over your shoulder and tried to take a glance at what you were looking at. ‘한국어’ the title of the worksheet read, which made jin’s eyes widen. leaning forward, jin placed a soft kiss on the exposed skin of your neck as he pointed to the correct answer. “i can’t believe your learning korean,” jin said. you shyly shrugged your shoulders, “i want to learn it. for you.”

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yoongi: “is that korean?” the sound of yoongi’s voice behind you made you jump in your chair as your frantically tried to cover your work. yoongi laughed at your flustered expression, “baby don’t be shy,” he smirked, “i think it’s cute that you’re learning korean, now you’ll understand my dirty talk.” yoongi’s mouth came close to your ear as he whispered, “세게.” your face turned red at his words, “yoongi!” he let out a chuckle, “that’s what you’ll be saying later.” 

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hoseok: hoseok had been cleaning the room when he came across a stack of papers haphazardly thrown on your desk. humming lightly, he flipped over the papers only to be met with big letter that read ‘korean alphabet’. hoseok’s eyes skidded over the paper as you, unknowingly to him, walked in the room. “hobi!” you yelled as you saw him looking at your paper, “don’t read those!” hoseok smiled sheepishly, “too late!” “it was supposed to be a gift!” you frowned. “you’re already a gift babe.” 

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namjoon: namjoon smiled brightly as he heard your voice through the closed door, “an… annyeo…” your pronunciation was terrible, but in no way was he going to tell you that. “annyeonghaseyo,” namjoon said with a smirk as he walked into the room. “hey!” you shouted as you pouted, crossing your arms, “i’m really trying here.” namjoon chuckled, “i know baby, you’re so cute.” a flush took over your face and neck as namjoon sat down next to you, helping you with your pronunciations. 

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jimin: “jiminnnnnnn,” you complained as you reached another hard problem on your korean worksheet. “yes babe?” jimin tried not to smile as you got increasingly more and more frustrated with the language. “why is korean so difficult.” jimin chuckled, “well i-.” you cut him off, “yes jimin, we know english is a dumb language that makes no sense but i just can’t figure this out!” jimin placed a light kiss on your cheek, “it’s okay babe, here, let me help.”

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taehyung: “you have to start with writing the important things,” taehyung said as he took the pen from your hand writing ‘김태형’. you rolled your eyes, “your name isn’t on my list of need to know words, tae.” taehyung fake gasped, placing his hand over his heart. “i beg to differ,” he huffed, “but hey at least you can read it!” you laughed, “of course i know how to write your name taehyung, it was the first thing i learned.” “see i am important!”

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jungkook: “why the hell is your name so hard to write,” was the first thing you said when jungkook walked through the door after practice. “well hello to you too,” jungkook chuckled at the frustrated look on your face, “here let me see.” you passed your paper shyly to jungkook who laughed at your awful writing. “don’t laugh!” jungkook took the pencil from your hand before writing down his name ‘전정국’. “fuck off you fluent piece of shit.”

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Just a lil something bc Park Jimin won’t let me fucking live. If anything, expect more jimin soon bc I just really fucking cant with this guy. I reallyreallyreally hope you guys like this. Feedback is much appreciated!

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre: fluff, smut

Word count: 8,540

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Jimin and you: Jimin continued to thrust into you harder and harder making both of your moans louder and louder, Jungkook could not take it any more so he grabbed his big ass speaker and turned on Jimin’s solo song to tease him. Edit: I’m making this a series!

The Argument | BTS Reaction

: You and your boyfriend had a huge argument, it ended up with him yelling at you in a way you’d never seen him do before and he ended up scaring you. You ran off and began to cry. But he finds you, trying to calm you down and apologize, regretting his actions straight away.

Jin: You and Jin had an argument over him overworking too much at the restaurant he owned. He was purposely working late and going in early - hardly having even an hours sleep. You can’t remember the last time you spent a full night in bed with him, or woke up with him beside you or even gone to bed with him the same time. 

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Sweeter Than Sweet (1)

Pairing: Jimin x reader + others as the story progresses

Warnings: None to note in this particular chapter.  

Summary:  You would have never expected someone like Park Jimin to notice you.  He’s as handsome and seductive as he is deadly, enthralling you from the moment you meet. Addicted to his kiss and his bite, Jimin opens up your eyes to a whole new world; one of unbridled love and lust.

Word count: 2.3K

Those of you who’ve read Sweeter than Sweet before might notice some changes as we go along (not only to the summary above) but it’s nothing major, simply a few changes to sentence structure and some bits and pieces added here and there. 



“Hey! You coming or what?” Your friend looks over her shoulder to you, ringlets framing her mischievous smile.  A brief, faux-enthusiastic smile from you is all it takes to mollify her, but the moment her back is turned your eyes recommence nervously scanning the room.

The club is packed, bodies thronging on either side as you as your squeeze your way through to trail behind your modest friendship group of one.  Crowds have never been your thing; even one-on-one you’ve always been slightly awkward at best.  There’s a certain anonymity that you’re able to take advantage of, though, as you blend in between dancers in the dark.  Barely anyone even pays you second glance, and why would they?

Eventually you manage to squeeze your way to the bar to join your friend, hopping into a newly vacated stool with a sigh of relief.  At least now you’re sat down Sam might be less likely to try dragging you onto the dance floor - that’s the theory anyway.

“What’re you having?” she calls over the music, her hips already swinging back and forth to the bass.  You peer helplessly at the assortment of colourful bottles lining the back wall, none the wiser for doing so, and end up inspecting the drink that’s just landed in front of you on the bar.  It looks nice enough; a bright orange concoction in a tall cocktail glass.

“I’ll have one of those, too, please,” you say, raising your voice in an attempt be heard.  You’re not sure you’re successful, to be honest, but Sam must have understood what your gesticulating because soon enough an identical one is placed in front of you, cocktail umbrella and all.  You cautiously take a sip whilst your friend looks around, looking for tonight’s prey in all likelihood, and you’re relieved when she doesn’t notice you grimace at the drink’s bitter taste.  You know she’d only make you down it faster if she had.

“Lots of cute guys here!” Sam calls enthusiastically, eyebrows lifting as she sips her own drink and looks at you over the rim.

“Mmmhm,” you agree non-committedly, casting a glance around to at least feign interest.  The guys in these kind of places have never appealed to you really; usually they’re only after one thing and most of them  aren’t shy about showing it, either. You realised quite quickly that that sleazy, fuckboy confidence isn’t at all attractive to you, though with your limited romantic experience you’re not sure what you do find attractive, actually.

“You coming to dance?”  You don’t even bother to reply, simply cocking your head to the side, smiling amusedly at the fact she’d even bother to ask.  “Fair enough,” Sam grins, and then downs her cocktail in one before heading out into the crowd undeterred, leaving you alone.

Maybe if you were more sociable you might mind being left to your own devices, but as it is you’re quite content to sit quietly at the bar, singing under your breath to every song.  Your love of music is the only thing that brings you back here time after time, that and your inability to say no to your best friend.  It certainly isn’t the drinks, anyway.  Although, saying that, maybe they’re not so bad – the more you sip at your cocktail the more tolerable it seems to become.

You’re just sucking nonchalantly on the slice of orange that was hooked over the rim of the glass and watching a couple at the other end of the bar suck each others faces off when Sam returns, pieces of her fringe stuck to her glistening forehead and a ridiculous smile on her face.

“It’s so hot, god!”  She fans herself with her hands and then turns suddenly, grabbing an empty glass out the hand of the man stood next to her and tipping the remaining ice into the palm of her hand.  You can’t help but laugh as the poor boy gawps, open mouthed, as she rubs the ice along her flushed chest, sighing in relief as cool water starts to dribble down the front of her dress. Not that you can blame him for staring; Sam’s gorgeous and always has been, with her raven coloured hair and killer curves.  Even if she were a wallflower like you, she’d probably still be the centre of attention.  “Thanks!” she yells, promptly dismissing him with a turn of her back and a flip of her hair.

“You’re ridiculous,” you grin, popping the orange slice back into your mouth, and Sam’s just casting a wink at you when all of a sudden her eyes widen, looking beyond you further down the bar.

“No,” she disagrees, corner of her lip curling, “He’s ridiculous.”  She nods her head in the direction she’s looking, indicating for you to look too, and before the idea of being subtle has even crossed your mind you turn your head to the side to follow her eye-line, orange peel still gripped super-attractively between your teeth.

It’s immediately obvious who your friend is talking about - the man at the other end of the bar is startlingly handsome, blindingly so, even.  The strobes from the dancefloor are lighting up his face blue and green in time with the music, glancing off his high cheekbones and illuminating his flawlessly smooth skin for all to see.  He looks almost ethereal - beautiful beyond compare - and completely unlike anyone else in here, or anyone else you’ve ever seen.

You’d expect people to be crowding around him, women and men alike, but it’s almost as though there’s some invisible force that keeps them at bay, stops them getting too close.  Every single one of them seems to give him a wide berth, a respectful distance that makes you think that perhaps they can sense the powerful aura that’s emanating from where he’s leaning against the bar, too. He’s alluring and alarming all at once, all the more so when you realise that he’s staring back in your general direction. 

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Only You

Jimin x Reader {Panther Hybrid Au!} (s)(f)(p) 

Warnings: Humping, cum play (sorta?), implied masterbation, riding, multiple orgasms, oral 

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55 - Kyungsoo / 57 - Jimin / 30 - Chanyeol i’m shellfish sCREAMS ily take ur time pls bye ♥

Wordcount: 3.3k+

A/n: This is one out of the three she requested (all will be hybrid per request.) I enjoyed making this, and I hope you enjoyed reading.) 

(Nsfw Prompt #57: “I won’t stop until you pass out.”)

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How long you had been going like this was beyond you. Sweat covered your body like the blankets you were on top of. Tears were already streaming down your face, more forming with every movement against your walls.

Jimin had slowed down for now, allowing you a small break but still not completely stopping. The feeling from your legs were gone, the numerous positions you had use them in causing for them to go numb. They had served you well, being there for you when you first started riding him, your limbs pushing you up and down until you fell from your first cliff only to climb up and fall over and over again.

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