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Letters. | Epilogue

SummaryWedding bells. Flowers and confetti. A beautiful white dress. A sleek black tuxedo. Guests smiling. Cake and champagne. The perfect wedding. Love. The last idea was most definitely not in the picture for you, and it broke you slowly. If only arranged marriages didn’t have to happen. If only he realised.

Pairing」Jeongguk x Reader

Genre」Angst, a littol bit of fluff

Word Count」2119

Warnings」None for this chapter

A/N」Here ya go, the epilogue of Letters! Isn’t necessarily the best, but it’ll do ig!

It hurt. It hurt Jeongguk so badly.

He hated knowing that he was the cause of someone leaving to a whole other city.

Due to this, he decided to break up with Mina. She was shocked, angry even, and accused Jeongguk of a lot of things. But he really needed time to himself, to think about his actions and to not do this again. Months passed since he broke up with Mina and you left, and he found himself feeling completely horrible.

Jeongguk’s hyungs noticed how upset he was, and so they invited him to stay at their shared home, to try get his mind off of this whole situation. Jeongguk was so grateful for his hyungs, they were always there for him and if there was a problem they’d help. And he really needed it right now.

The journey to Seoul was tiring, but he knew that he could vent to his hyungs and get all his feelings off of his chest. He dragged his black suitcase against the floor, adjusting his large army backpack. He rang the bell to the expensive dorm, waiting patiently for one of them to open it.

“Jeonggukie! Come in.” Taehyung helled, throwing his hands in the air.

Before Jeongguk got married, he would stay with his hyung’s. He did his work there and even held a few meetings to discuss business matters in the dining room. Nothing about the house changed, everything was the same, just a few more decorations added. All the boys came running downstairs, greeting and hugging their little brother. They pinched his cheeks, lighting punching him— just goofing around, like they used to. He couldn’t stop smiling and giggling at being with his hyungs again. He loved them so much, he’d choose them over anyone in a second.

He went upstairs, to the room he used to stay in. It was exactly how he left it. It even had stuff of when he was in his early twenties. So much had changed over the course of 2 or 3 years. He began taking his shirts out, a mix of white and black. He pulled out his Timbs, lining them up underneath the closet. He placed a few of his miscellaneous things around the room, before making the bed. Once everything was comfy, he flopped against the bed, sighing.

Damn, I missed this.

“Jeongguk, come down, we’re eating!” Namjoon called.

He hopped down the stairs, joining the others at the table. The table was covered with delicious smelling foods, ramen, and more. He sat down, next to Jimin, digging in.

“Woah, Jeongguk, it’s like you haven’t eaten in months!” Jeongguk laughed sheepishly, “Yeah… since YN left I’ve just been eating ramen…”

The boys laughed, encouraging him to eat as much as he would like. He looked down at the ramen. The side dishes. The smell. The presentation. The spice.

Just like YN’s.

Jeongguk sighed, before taking a slurp of the ramen.

Tastes like YN’s too…

The boys began to ask him questions, to catch up. “So, what’s this whole YN thing? She left? Mina? You need to fill us in.” Yoongi spoke.

Jeongguk dropped his chopsticks, and started to explain the whole situation, and then his feelings.

“I feel like crap, I should have thought about how she felt. We were married for God’s sake, I could have tried. But I tried too late… Now she’s gone, and I don’t even know where she is. I haven’t gotten the courage to text her, but it’s been months and I thought she’d text me…” The boys listened carefully, hearing the maknae spill his feelings.

“Jeongguk, do you like YN? More, or as much as Mina? At any point, did you have feelings for her?” Namjoon asked. Jeongguk stayed silent.

“Yes. Yes, I did, and I think… I liked her more than Mina. Especially after I read all her letters.”

“I think what you did was wrong. Just because you didn’t like someone at first, doesn’t mean you don’t bother to see the best in them, and ignore them. The honeymoon, when she opened up to you, it showed that she trusts you. Do you have any idea where she is? Have you even tried looking for her, even if she said not to?” Jin said.

“No…” Jeongguk replied, prodding at his kimchi.

The boys decided to stop questioning Jeongguk, incase it made him more sad, and decided to head to bed. Jeongguk laid down in his freshly laid sheets, thinking about what his hyungs said.

I’m going to try find her, and apologise. It’s the most I can do…

The next day.

Jeongguk woke up, rubbing his eyes from his sleep. He picked up his phone.A message! From YN!

I want you to sign divorce papers

Delivered 11:45pm

We’ll meet up and sign them

Delivered 11:45pm

Then we’ll tell our parents

Delivered 11:46pm

Good night Jeongguk

Delivered 11:46pm

It wasn’t the text he was hoping for. Heck, he really didn’t want to divorce you. But you still said good night, and Jeongguk knew what he did was wrong, so he agreed.

Hey YN

Delivered 10:03am

Okay tell me when and where to meet up soon

Delivered 10:03am

Now, he had to wait for her reply.

A week later.

Jeongguk decided to head outside, to revisit Seoul. Lots of people occupied the streets and shops, it was so busy. Jeongguk shopped around in a few places, buying new shirts and jackets. He took some nice pictures where there was good lighting and a nice background. Jeongguk’s deer became tired from all the walking around, and his stomach starting grumbling. He walked to the nearest coffee shop he could find, to order a nice cupcake and warm hot chocolate.

The bell tinkled as he opened the door, entering the cute coffee shop. He spotted a seat near the back, and headed there. He sat down, and called a waiter who took his order.

“Yeah, can I have a chocolate muffin and a hit chocolate with whipped cream on top? Like, a lot? Thanks.”

The waiter nodded, saying that it’d arrive shortly, smiling at Jeongguk. He scrolled through his phone, while waiting. YN still didn’t reply, so this whole divorce paper signing and telling parents would take a while.

“Here’s your order, that’s £6.25.” A girl with a familiar voice said. Jeongguk looked up.


The both of their eyes widened, mouths opening in shock.

“Do you mind coming back here at 8? So we can talk about… you know.” You said, hinting at the divorce papers.

“Uh, yes, of course. Thank you.” Jeongguk said, unwrapping his muffin. Just as you were about to leave, Jeongguk called for you.

“YN, how are you? It’s been months. Were you always in Seoul?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. And yes, I moved here. I’ll talk more when you come later, there’s a large order over there. Bye.” You said, walking back to behind the counter.

Jeongguk’s heart throbbed seeing your beautiful face again. He took a bite of the delicious, sweet chocolate muffin, before sipping his hot chocolate.

At 8pm.

Jeongguk waited in the same spot, looking at you walk over to his table.

“We’re going over to mine, come.” The both of you got into the car as your started driving.

“So, what are you doing in Seoul?” You asked, so it wouldn’t be awkward.

“Uh, things happened. I broke up with Mina after reading your… Yeah, so my hyungs asked me to live with them again. I missed it so, I don’t mind. I told my parents that I wanted to show the hyungs to you.” Jeongguk replied, looking outside the window, and admiring the lights.

You hummed in response as you parked outside your house. When Jeongguk entered, he could tell you lived here. It was all neat, and everything was decorated just like you had wanted to decorate his. You guided him to the living room, letting him know that you’ll bring the papers from upstairs. Jeongguk sighed as he took a seat on the comfy sofa, looking around. It’s a nice house.

You came back downstairs, with two glasses of water. You placed them down onto the table, giving out the form to Jeongguk, and handing him a black pen.

“This is so awkward but… I think it’s best for us.” You said, smiling at him softly.

“Don’t worry, I think so too. I… really didn’t mean to act so rudely to you. I hate what I did.” He said, scribbling down the needed information.

You whispered an ‘it’s okay’ in response, to which Jeongguk shook his head.

“It really wasn’t,” he said, as he gave you the completed form, “It was wrong. I hurt you. If I’m being honest, I did like you. But it was too late, and I shouldn’t have treated you that way. I’m so sorry.”You could see that Jeongguk was telling the truth, and you smiled at him.

“It’s okay. We can still be friends.”

Jeongguk smiled, relieved that you weren’t going to completely ignore him— like he did.

“We’ll go see the parents tomorrow? It’s my only day off.” You said.

Jeongguk nodded, asking his hyungs to bring a change of clothes.

Hyung can you bring a pair of jeans and a shirt to YN’s it’s at xxxx-xx 28

Read 9:04pm

You’re at YN’s!??!??? Okay????

Read 9:04pm

I’ll explain later, thanks hyung

Read 9:04pm

Jeongguk spent his night on the sofa, awaiting the next day.

Tomorrow afternoon. The dreaded day. The day to confront your parents about this mess.

“Why did you come back from Seoul so quickly, you two? YN, did you like the hyungs?” Jeongguk’s mum asked.

“Actually, we wanted to talk about something. It’s important.” The parents’ ears perked, listening carefully.

“When we got married, I still liked Mina. And… I was still dating her even when we were married.” Jeongguk confesses, hearing the gasps of the parents.

“What? We told you to stay away from her, you were married as wel-“ Jeongguk’s dad started.

“I know! But I couldn’t help it, I was stupid. I didn’t put any effort into this marriage, okay? I know, I was wrong.”

“On the honeymoon, Mina came too. I was upset, but I had a day with Jeongguk to myself. I enjoyed it so much. After that, I actually left to Seoul, I wanted to start afresh. I know, this is all confusing and messed up. But in short…” you trailed off.

“We want to get divorced. We’ve signed the papers and are going to send them off, once we’ve talked to you. Just know that we aren’t together anymore. YN’s happy, and I’ll be happy too.” Jeongguk finished. The parents were in utter shock.

“I can’t believe you! Why would you treat YN so badly? I can’t believe this, you’re my son, and you’re treating people like this! If you could treat Mina well, what about YN? I’m-“ Jeongguk’s mum yelled.

“YN! Why didn’t you tell us he was acting this way? Your son, Mrs Jeon, has upset my daughter! I thought you said he was well mannered!” Your mum shouted. The two of you stood between the argument of the parents. You heard them yell insults about each other. This wasn’t going well.

“Stop! Just stop!” Jungkook screamed, causing the argument to come to a halt.

“It was my fault. I treated YN like literal crap, I know. I ignored her. I wasn’t well mannered, I know. But I understand my mistakes, I’ve apologised, even though that’s worth nothing, compared to how I treated her. YN forgives me, and says we can be friends. But… I love YN. And I’m sorry I’ve only realised it now. Your letters, they were right. I love you, a lot. Now, can all of you just stop shouting!” The room became silent.

“Guk… I love you too.” Even though you hadn’t seen him for months, those months by yourself was painful. You really missed Jeongguk, and you really wanted this to work. The parents shook their heads in disappointment, muttering things along the lines of ‘deal with this yourselves’ and ‘I don’t even want to be a part of this’. Once they left, you and Jeongguk were by yourselves in your old home. You two shared smiles. Then, you inched forward, coming in for a hug.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realise earlier. I’m sorry I treated you like shit. I’m sorry. For everything. Can we just… try again? I’ll put the effort in this time.” Jeongguk said, gently sobbing. You wiped his tears.

“Of course, just please… please don’t ignore me.”

Gang AU Fics:

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Sorry to the anon that requested this, i know it took a while but imma start on the supernatural au next… also thinking of doing a college au one but idk

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Anonymous asked: Bad boy au / Jimin + 22 Love your writing btw!

;pairing — Jimin x reader

;warnings — smut (I couldn’t contain myself)

;word count — 3k

;Prompt  “You can’t just say that and then disappear!” 

A/N: I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you imagined anon, It’s hard for me to picture Jimin as a bad boy, I think he was more just like a fuckboy here, anyways I hope you like it :) Also, the ending is cheesy af I know!! lol

Before starting your freshman year of college you had one thing clear in your head; no fuckboys. You were gonna study, pass your exams, make new friends, and live an easy and relaxed student life, well as relaxed as being an architecture major at college could be.

You didn’t want to be one of those persons who start college and the only thing they do is go to parties, get high and fuck every guy they see, because you were here to mainly study and get your diploma and you knew that getting involved with guys would mean losing track of your original plan of living a calm student experience.

But you would see that exact plan be thrown down in the form of a sturdy, cocky, obnoxious but beautiful fuckboy.

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Mainly a BTS writer, but i’ll also dabble in other fandoms from time to time!


series will be illustrated with a header image whereas oneshots and drabbles will not!

Note: I’ve removed some of my older fics from this masterlist, as their content stopped being in line with my current values, or my writing style just has changed too much overtime. Some i’ll try to rewrite, others will be gone from this blog for good. 

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Outlier | 01

poly!au: park jimin x reader x kim jennie
while your lovers said they needed you, you wondered if they knew how much you needed them.
word count: 4696
genre: angst, fluff ? SMUT !!
warnings: explicit language, threesome, girl on girl 

[an]: thank you for all the positive feedback on this ff bc like i said before i was super hesitant but im glad ppl like it !! thank u for waiting patiently, but hopefully once i drop my classes, ill have more time to write !! 

prologue . 01 02 .

Originally posted by globalyoonie

                         18 Months Later 

You walked home with groceries pulling down at your arm and droplets dribbling down your forehead. Hot days were never nice to you. Some days you’d faint unknowingly because of dehydration. Those days were the scariest.

Lately, Jimin and Jennie have been going to a lot of social events together because of their internship. Nowadays, you were often alone mentally and physically. 

The year with your boyfriend and girlfriend had been amazing. You were all infatuated with each other and so in love. However, after your anniversary, things were beginning to change. 

The two started to spend more alone time together due to the new internship and schedule differences. As much as they tried to remember you, they often forgot you at home, during intimate moments, and at night.

They were subconsciously squeezing you out of the equation and your differences started to surface. Jennie liked to party, you did not. Jimin liked to cuddle, you did not. You liked to sleep in, they did not. They liked to work out, you did not. 

And while everyone talked out their problems, every resolution made things heavier. Kisses were empty. The sex became one-on-one, mostly being Jennie and Jimin. 

The first time you discovered it without you, it broke you. The sex was not something that you all did just to get off. It was a beautiful way for all of you to connect and appreciate each other. Them singling you out made you doubt everything. 

Their excuse was that it was only quick and was because one of them was sexually frustrated. That became their regular excuse. 

It also didn’t help that none of your families knew about the three-way relationship. So, it meant that the holidays meant one of you weren’t invited and it was mainly you. 

The neglect affected you tremendously, but you were afraid that if you spoke up that you’d lose them forever. As much as their actions hurt, they were still very special people to you.

“I’m back.” Their shoes were sprawled next to door and heard the water stop running. You eventually moved in with them so you can all be closer. However, Jennie’s bed wasn’t big enough for all three of you and there had to be a compromise. Jimin and you would switch between the guest room and Jennie’s room every night, but progressively, you ended up in the guest room to simplify things.

Jimin came from the hallway and his eyes widen at the amount of bags in your hand, “babygirl, let me get that for you.” He gathered the heavy bags and placed them in the kitchen. You slumped into your room to remove your purse and to catch your breath. Jennie walked in with her silky black robe and her hair in a towel. Her worried expression fell upon your tired face.

“Honey, you’re drenched.” She ran to grab a washcloth and sat down on your bed to help wipe the sweat from your face. She pushed your hair back gently, her eyebrows remain creased with concern. Her brown eyes scanning for any loose droplets before they landed on yours watching her.

There was a brief spark when your eyes met and the annoying thud in your chest started up. She smelled like the sweet fragrance of your body wash and her skin looked so soft. Her robe did a poor job to conceal much because she never liked to wear it properly. You hated how just looking at her made your heart race. You fought the urge to kiss her. You fought the urge to have her swim in your eyes, in your thoughts, in your heart.  

“Thank you.” You said simply and grabbed her hand to stop her from proceeding any further, for making your heart pound so aggressively against your chest, for making every neglectful moment hurt more. You got up to leave the room, but her warm body hurried to stop you. Her arms wrapped you from behind and her cheek pressed against your shoulder.

“Can we talk?” Her voice was muffled by your shirt.

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cr. (x)

Jimin’s runaway daughter pt.2

Jimin’s DaughterAU!

Genre: Angst

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.4] [pt.5 Finale]

Warning: Sensitive Content (mentions of abuse; read at own risk)

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Dad arrived in no time and came over to me, a me that was still sat on the swing not wanting to move. I didn’t want to go home. Now that I’ve told him all that has happened, I know he would have relayed the message to my mother as well. He sat on the swing next to mine and stayed silent for a little while.

“Are you ready to go home now? It’s really late and you should really be going to sleep. Your mother is at home crying her eyes out because of you.” I scoffed to myself at his words. Crying because of me? Clearly not because I ran away, that’s for sure probably because I’m coming home instead.

“You’re rich dad, can’t you just buy me my own place? I don’t want to live with her.”

“I’m not buying you your own place to live alone at when you’re only twelve Y/N.”

“But I’m mature for my age!”

“Oh really? You ran away from home and you call that mature?” He laughed as he looked at me.

“I was getting myself out of a bad environment, which is beneficial for my own physical and mental health, I’ll have you know.”

“Answer’s no, you’re not legally allowed to anyway.”

“So you’re saying that if I was legally allowed to, you’d buy me my own place?”

“No little one, you’re my child and I will not allow you to move out so soon.”

“I’m not a baby dad!”

“But in my eyes, you’ll always a be my little baby. Because I’m your dad and it’s just how this all works.” I gave him a side glare as he laughed at my facial expressions.

“Let’s go home, it’s getting cold.” He stood up and and walked over to me, gently stroking the top of my head as I stood up.

“Remember to apologise to your mum when you get back alright?”

“But why? I’m not the one who’s in the wrong.” I protested and stood my ground.

“You called her a bitch Y/N, you should never use that kind of language towards her.”

“I didn’t say it to her face, I said it to you.”

“And she knows about it.”

“Well thanks dad, for dragging me to hell and leaving me there. God knows what she’ll do to me now because you told her.” I rolled my eyes, I knew what my future looked like now, and it wasn’t so pretty, but I couldn’t bring myself to be serious about it, to cope with all this - I could only make jokes. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t even be here anymore.

Getting home didn’t take very long, I wish it would have taken us a year or so, but in reality it only took ten minutes. As I strutted through into my home with my dad walking beside me I saw my mother run towards me, pulling me into a bone crushing hug. People usually feel warmth from these hugs, but this was quite the opposite. When people hug you this way, it’s not actually supposed to hurt. But this? I really feel as though she was trying to squeeze all the air out of me, deliberately. I looked over at dad again and his eyes widened and eyebrows raised, clearly indicating for me to apologise to this woman I had clinging onto me.

“I’m sorry mum, for calling you a bitch.”

“No baby it’s my fault, I’m sorry I made you mad at me. I was so scared when you left, I thought I weren’t ever going to see you again.” Her sobs were fake, I wondered how dad was actually falling for this bullshit. But as he walked away after smiling at the two of us, the she devil whispered something into my ear.

“You know you’re going to be punished for this right? If you were going to run away, you should have left quietly. Why are you even back, or is it because you miss the idea of me beating you that you came running home? Calling me a bitch too? That’s rich, love.” I can’t lie and say that I wasn’t afraid, because I was. I was more than afraid but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

Nobody would believe that the woman who raised me the last twelve years would do me such harm. Nobody would believe it because she was always fake in the public eye. I would have done anything I could to expose her lying ass to world but I couldn’t. I couldn’t because that would wreck my dad’s image, not only that but he loves her and she loves him too. I see how happy they make each other and even sometimes I feel as though I don’t fit in the picture. My parents have always been so hopelessly in love with one another, and it made me feel like nothing most of the time.

No matter how much I don’t like my mum because of the way she treats me I’m thankful, I can still see her eyes light up when dad walks into the room and I still see his eyes light up whenever she enters. It’s like she falls in love with him all over again just like he falls for her as if it was the first time, and honestly that really makes living here worthwhile. Because I know he’s receiving all the love he deserves, even if she doesn’t love me. It wasn’t always like this though. Mum used to care about me, up until I was nine - something changed. I don’t know what it was and I don’t think I’ll ever find out but even through it all, I know I do still love her - I mean she is my mum so how could I not, and really, I just want her to love me again.


Commission for @baepsaetan of their fanfic “A Breath Isn’t Far Away“ in which Yoonmin are a delinquent couple and Jimin receives some choking for being too beautiful :) It’s poetic, it’s kinky, I recommend uvu

Want a little excerpt? 😊 here you go:

He’s beginning to smile when Yoongi kisses him, and the satisfied grin splinters into a surprised sound under Yoongi’s demanding mouth. Jimin tastes like gin and peppermint, curtesy of the empty glass sitting on the bedside table in their room, and he responds smoothly to the silent need of his boyfriend, his lips falling open wider. Arms tightening, pulling him closer, Yoongi presses their mouths together harder. He relishes the rough contact, the warmth that blooms between them in marked contrast to the chill of the night air. After a few moments Jimin exhales softly and breaks the kiss, leaning back just enough to breathe, their noses almost touching.  

He tilts his head, the familiar motion making a different kind of pressure build in Yoongi’s chest, so much so it’s almost hard to focus on his boyfriend’s teasing question. “I guess you’re in a better mood?”  

Yoongi grunts, tries to scowl and ends up smiling instead. “Fuck you,” he says simply, and fills in the gaps a moment later. “But yeah… I might be getting there.”

Jimin’s runaway daughter. pt.5 Finale

Jimin’s DaughterAU!

Genre: Angst

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.4] [pt.5 Finale]

Warning: Sensitive Content (mentions of abuse; read at own risk)

Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan

I woke up the next morning hearing a knock on my door.

“Pumpkin, your mum’s staying home today to look after you okay? Come out and make sure you have breakfast and don’t do anything silly. I want to be able to see you when I get home so don’t coop yourself up in there for too long, it’s unhealthy. I’ll be back late, but I’ll be back tonight. So stay up and wait for me okay? Let’s talk about a few things. I love you, see you later my princess.” After dad’s small speech, I heard his footsteps grew more faint with more steps he took away from my door.

After half an hour, I decided that I needed to get up and out of my room before she comes charging it down and use it as another reason to hit me. Not that she needs a reason because she’d do it anyway, she’d hit me for the hell of it, for fun. I crept downstairs and saw that she was at the kitchen table with her laptop out in front of her, the sound of her long nails tapping at the keys; she was doing work, which meant I should be safe. For now.

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Love Alone

Originally posted by clairelions

[Here’s your request @meluvsalldatshit 😝💕💞]




Pairing : Park Jimin / [FEM] Reader

Genre : Fluff, Angst, Smut

Words : 10k

-Y/N’s P.O.V-


He turned around as soon as he heard his name, a smile immediately lighting up his face. Before he could say anything I flung my arms around his shoulders, engulfing him in a hug. He hesitated a bit before wrapping his arms tightly around my waist, returning the hug. I pulled away from the hug after a few seconds, the smile on my face stretching from ear to ear.

“We did it! We’re graduating!” I all but squealed out, unaware of the effect my smile had on Jimin.

He smiled softly, letting his hands hang at his sides as he took a step back to put some distance between the two of us, “Yeah I can’t believe it. It’s been a rough four years.”

I groaned before rolling my eyes, “Tell me about it. I think Ms. Kali had it out for me, she almost failed me.”

Now it was his turn to roll his eyes as he reached forward to pinch my cheek lightly with his index finger and thumb, “She almost failed you because you never did your homework, you were too busy focusing on other things.”

I tsked as I pushed his hand away, about to say something but was interrupted as I heard my mother calling out to me. I turned to her quickly, waving with my hand to silently tell her that I was going. I looked back to Jimin with a small frown, relieved to see the understanding smile on his face. Without hesitation I ran over to my family, unaware of the lingering stare he gave me. His eyes only left my figure when he heard his friends call him over and even then he was hesitant to take his eyes off me.


I sighed heavily as I tried carrying my books back to my apartment. I may have overestimated my strength as I thought it was a good idea to get the books I needed for the semester all at once. I struggled as I walked down the steps one by one, careful to not fall over. I was barely halfway down the stairs when I felt the books taken out of my hands. I looked over to see who had taken the books from me, frowning at seeing his smiling face that greeted me.

“Now who let you carry these books all by your lonesome?” He asked teasingly, the smile never leaving his lips.

“I’m fine to carry those on my own,” I snapped back, reaching out for them only to have him move away and start to walk down the stairs.

I sighed heavily and hurried to catch up, grabbing at least one book from the pile to lighten the load for him. He tried to take the book back but I simply moved it away from him, going up a step as I put the book behind my back. He tried to reach around me but I wouldn’t let him have it, leaning back with the book extended out so he couldn’t reach it, especially with the books he already had in his hand. I stared into his eyes, challengingly, the frown still on my face as his eyes moved from one of my eyes to the other. I hadn’t realized how close our faces were until I noticed the little scar above his eye, knowing that it wasn’t visible unless you were standing close enough. But that didn’t cause me to move away, watching as a blush started to run up his neck and spread to his entire face. I smirked at that, knowing how easily flustered he would get. Jimin rolled his eyes before moving away, turning on his heel and continuing his trek down the stairs.

“Your instructor will kill me if he knows I let you carry all that. You’re straining your muscles…” I said, still trying to reason with him.

“And your mentor will kill me if he knew I let you carry all these books on your own and possibly hurt those delicate and beautiful fingers of yours. I mean how else are you going to make music, with your toes?”

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Jimin’s runaway daughter. pt.3

Jimin’s DaughterAU!

Genre: Angst

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Warning: Sensitive Content (mentions of abuse; read at own risk)

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Dad went to work early this morning and so did mum, I was left alone in the house and I was actually glad to be by myself - with no one else around me. Now, I wouldn’t mind if it were dad keeping me company, but his schedules were always so full that it was rare for me to be home with him and only him. Usually, it’d be mum and I here - she’d finish work at your regular five o’clock and be home by six. That’s the time I dreaded the most, nothing’s worse than being home with her, alone. Dad never gets back until late, if he even bothers returning at all for the night. Sometime’s he’d practice until ungodly hours and just end up staying with his members at the dorm because he didn’t want to come back at four in the morning and wake us all up. I’d see him less during comeback times because he’d be so busy, not that he’s not busy near enough all year round but I could end up going days without seeing him because he just couldn’t find the time to stay at home. For that, I missed him a lot and that was also the reason why he would never believe me when I say that mum hates me.

Sometimes it’d get really lonely, I’m homeschooled because my mother decided it was best for me to stay and learn from home so that I wouldn’t attract unnecessary attention that could damage dad’s reputation, but really she only started keeping me away from the outside world when she started beating me, the real reason why she doesn’t want me out there was because of the injuries I would have, which would of course attract attention. My mother was awful, but I can’t deny that she’s smart. She’d only hit me if she knew dad wasn’t coming up that night, so she doesn’t end up risking being caught.

The dreaded time of day was inching closer and closer by the second, mum was going to be home any minute now and it’d be the first time I was alone with her since running away yesterday. I remembered her words, or more so ‘threats’ so clearly, the amount of venom I felt from her voice surprised me because I didn’t die then and there after she had whispered in my ear. She beats me so badly, sometimes I wonder why she doesn’t just kill me altogether. Why she doesn’t just take out a knife from the kitchen drawer and aim it directly at my heart. I assume that the pain the knife would bring, would be easier to handle than the constant punches, the kicks, the hair pulling and the scratches. Because the aftermath of her beatings are mentally traumatising, but if she killed me with a knife, I’d be dead and wouldn’t even have to think about anything else after. If you can’t tell already, I’m obviously an optimistic person - please note my sarcasm. I used to be a bright child, people always thought I was a smaller version of my dad because of how much of a ‘sunshine’ I was, knowing that my father was part of the sunshine line of BTS. But when the day came where my mother told me she no longer loved me, I knew I had changed.

I was currently in the kitchen, cutting up some onions for tonight’s dinner as I heard my mum walk through the front door, with a few clicks of her heels as she took her shoes off to heavy footsteps coming my way. I held my breath as I heard her come closer, tears already brimming my eyes because I was so petrified of her.

“I’m home, bitch.” I turned slowly and faced her, but not once could I look her in the eyes, I was simply too afraid to do so. “I get back and you don’t even know how to greet me, did I not teach you your manners? Is this how it is after you’ve called me a bitch in front of your dad?” She taunted me, she knew very well where my breaking points were - because she’s my mother of course she’d know, and that’s what always gives her the upper hand.

“Welcome home mum.” I say as I placed the knife down on the side of the cutting board, walking over to her to greet her properly. I didn’t need her to tell dad that I was now being rude to her, she probably would anyway, but I didn’t want to risk the little chance I had of him even believing me.

I felt my cheek sting, she slapped me across my face and as I looked up at her - she showed no remorse. Instead, the devilish smile she wore tainted my life. It was an image that’d cause me to wake up because it haunted me in my nightmares, something that was so mentally scarring and no matter what it is I tried to do, or how hard I tried to remove that image, I couldn’t.

“Does it hurt, my child? I hope it does. I told you you’d be punished for what you’ve done, and here’s your punishment right now. You told your dad everything didn’t you? That I abuse you, that I don’t love you? It’s just too bad he’ll never believe you, isn’t it?” She hit my head after every single question she asked, her force stronger with every hit but I couldn’t retaliate. She kicked the back of my legs, causing me to tumble forwards. My knees hit the ground as I yelped.

“Don’t think for a second that you’re going to get away with this. Don’t bother screaming either, because no one will help you. Not even your own dad believes in your words and he’s not going to come home any time soon, so it’s just going to be me and you. Like the good old times, where I get to take my anger out on you because you’ve been a terrible daughter, and you can enjoy it.”

Her words didn’t quite end there, as she would beat me she would yell nasty names at me. Call me a useless child that she wish she would have aborted years ago. A child she shouldn’t have had, that dad doesn’t love me, that he’s only doing this because the fans would question him if anything would have ever happened to me. I didn’t want to believe in her words, but it made sense. Everything made sense. When she got tired, she left me there as she continued to finish off the cooking I had left. Was she mentally sane? I doubted her sanity, but then again - I was doubting my own. Knowing that she was done with me, I struggled my way into my room locking the door behind me. I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw all the cuts and bruises forming as I cried at my ugly self. Her beatings no longer hurt, like people would say - if something happens so much and so often, it becomes a regular routine that your body just gets use to and for me, the abuse was the regular routine that my body was accommodated to. The closer I looked at the injuries, the more I’m convinced that my mother was smart. All the areas that were hurt, they looked like injuries I would get from falling. She knew exactly what she was doing, and that was something I was afraid of. Because it’ll always be her word against mine, and nobody would listen to a child. A child who has a wild imagination like me.

fam(ily) - four | pkjm

parent!au: park jimin
A single father of twins show you the true meaning of family and what it takes to love like a parent, even if they aren’t your own.
word count: 2,652
genre: fluff// future angst? ??
warnings: explicit language

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“That was their mother’s aunt. Don’t worry about it, (Y/N).” Jimin rubbed the back of his neck out of nervousness. He tried to smile to reassure you that things were going to be fine, but he could hardly get himself to.

You stepped towards him and hugged him. Your wet hair clung against his shirt, soaking through the cloth. His familiar sweet strawberry scent hit his nose, but for some reason, it smelled better on you. He pulled you in closer, to the point where your torsos were touching and your warmth from the shower wrapped him as well.

Jimin has never felt such serenity in his life. Embracing you calmed his waters, like all his worries suddenly vanished. That was what you did. You did that, his solace. 

You pulled away and merely blinked at him. He couldn’t read your expression — possibly a mixture of emotions. Confusion. Compassion. Sympathy. You were searching him, finding any way to understand what had happened. “Bad blood?”

“Something like that.” Jimin shrugged, dropping eye contact and still holding you in his arms. He was afraid to let go, thinking you might never come back to him.

“I won’t push it.” You smiled. That incredible, infamous smile. You didn’t need the explanation, you just simply understood and he loved it. He wouldn’t know how to tell you, maybe when the time was right. “I got your shirt wet..”

He looked down at his white tee and laughed at the water patches. Jimin grabbed the ends of his shirt and pulled it over his head. He was use to walking around the house without a shirt, so it didn’t occur to him how strange it may have been for you. His eyes landed on your bright pink cheeks — a notable signature that you had — and your wide eyes.

“You’re really cute.” He chuckled, and pinched your hot cheek lightly. He walked to his room to grab another shirt, leaving you stunned at him in his living room.

You had moved back into your apartment and Kim was finally back. You weren’t sure how many more days you could last without strangling Ingrid. Your uncle’s vitals were stable and he was recovering quickly. Kim was glad she was back too. 

She was back on her feet after two hours of settling back in, it was extraordinary. You aspired to be someone like her. She was admirable and you were proud to be related to such a strong woman. 

You and Jimin contacted frequently after you moved out, he texted you often and invited you over for dinner almost every night. After leaving the small family, you realized how much you missed them.

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