Hey everybody! Say hi to Interrobang Studios’ summer intern, Scot.

(Hi, Intern Scot!) He’s helping Kevin Bolk and I pull together some amazing new stuff for you. Comics. Books. Art. OTHER MYSTERIOUS AND WONDROUS MYSTERY THINGS. You may see him around our booth at Otakon or Fan Expo Canada. You can DEFINITELY talk to him on his Tumblr Jimbosmash, his twitter @jimbosmash, or his FB fanpage 

Love him, because he makes you awesome things.

Photography Credit: Yenra Photography

Another Fantastic Jaycon~!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my table. I had a wonderful time! From chatting about particular fandoms to some customers geeking out over my button stock to Pokemon battles, I’d say this was definitely better than last year.

I met many new people and made many new friends. My table neighbors, Jellystick and Jimbosmash were lovely as well and I hope to see them again in the future~! After too long, I officially met Kevin Bolk and actually introduced myself. Took about a year but given how busy the man is as well as my own schedules, it’s no surprise. Better late than never! (Maybe next year my group and I can join the lot of you in adventures afterhours on Saturday~!)

A swell artist who goes by Jimbo who my friends and I met a while back sketched me this Megaman drawing when I met him in A-Kon! He is a very talented artist and he’s even making a really good webcomic series, you should check out! you should also check out his blog, he’s got some pretty cool drawings in there!

Thanks again, man!