Asks so far

Reader is Harley Quinn and is pushed out of the window by Galavan- Finished

The reader is kidnapped by someone to get back at the Joker and he can’t find them and gets very angry- Finished

Heath!Joker is protective of the reader- Finished

Reader is usually calm but flips when someone talks bad about Joker- Finished

Reader is on the bus with her friend when The Maniax arrive and Reader tries to calm her panicked friend- Finished

Deadpool is sent to kill Reader but she kicks his ass and he follows her around afterwords trying to go on a date with her- Finished

Reader and her friend are on a double date with Spiderman and Deadpool (ReaderxDeadpool)- Finished

Reader finds Jerome’s mothers body and confronts him about it and he tells them about his childhood and the reader later helps him out of Arkham- Finished

Reader is sent to Arkham for being suicidal and is threatened her life but doesn’t care and Jerome notices- Finished

Reader finds out she’s pregnant and is hesitant to tell Jerome- Finished

Being Jim’s daughter and secretly dating Jerome would include- Finished

Reader dyes their hair and Jerome reacts- Finished

Reader introduces Jerome to their music taste- Finished

Reader admires Jerome but he ignores it and she moves on and Jerome doesn’t like it- Finished

Reader is Batman’s sister and sidekick but is secretly with Joker and Batman finds out and sends her out of Gotham- Finished

Jerome corrupts the readers mind but regrets it as the reader is mean- Finished

Reader is depressed after Jerome dies and becomes an escort- Finished

Reader is Wolverine’s daughter and is dating Deadpool- Finished

Reader is Jim’s daughter and dating Jerome but is kidnapped and they work together to get her back- Finished

Reader was friends with Jerome when they were kids and reunite in Arkham- Finished

Song Request- Secret love song- Jerome- Finished

You were with Heath!Joker before he was the Joker and left him because you were a rising villain and meet again- Finished

Reader is small, innocent, and quiet and Jerome finds it cute and tries to flirt with her- Unfinished 

Reader is Jim’s daughter and she has the flu so he cares for her- Unfinished

Reader is friends with Deadpool and he doesn’t know they were also in the Weapon X program until they are kidnapped and someone tries to kill the reader and they regenerate- Unfinished

The reader also taking by Joker and joins Jason but can’t kill Batman because he was like a father to them- Unfinished

Song Request- Baby I’m Yours- Jerome- Unfinished

Song Request- Jerome- Jerome- Unfinished

Song Request- Dream- Jerome- Unfinished

Song Request- I’m Yours- Jerome- Unfinished

Song Request- Hurts Like Hell- Jerome- Unfinished

Song Request- Haunting- Jerome- Unfinished

Song Request- Work Song- Daryl Dixon- Unfinished

Song Request- Set it Off- Jerome- Unfinished

The Fuck? Who Are You?- Deadpool- Unfinished

The Reader feels unwanted by Victor because he is close to one of his hench woman and he reassures her that he loves her- Unfinished

Daddy Jerome, Reader disobeys him- Unfinished

Heath!Joker, you’re a maid at a hotel he’s staying at and things turn dirty- Unfinished

You tell Joker you’re pregnant and he doesn’t believe you until he comes back a few years later from Arkham- Unfinished 

 Jerome and the reader are having sex when he starts singing ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ and the reader is laughing so hard that they have to stop and while their recovering Jerome pulls out a engagement ring from the bedside drawer- Unfinished

The reader and the Maniax do karaoke and Jerome hogs the microphone- Unfinished


Less than 24 hours till SLIPKNOT! So excited! And I will see Marilyn Manson for the first time too! I’ve seen the singer from Of Mice and Men before but not the rest of them. 4th and 5th time seeing the Knot, yisss. My second show is the day before my birthday! The shows on the 31st so next Sunday.

Jim Wilson’s “God’s Chorus of Crickets”

Composer Jim Wilson has recorded the sound of crickets and then slowed down the recording, revealing something so amazing. The crickets sound like they are singing the most angelic chorus in perfect harmony. Though it sounds like human voices, everything you hear in the recording is the crickets themselves. (x)