roswell s1e5: missing

“it’s funny how the world changes sometimes, how the streets you walked your entire life seem darker, colder. how the silence isn’t so quiet anymore. how eyes you’ve barely even noticed now look at nothing but you. how the walk home every night is no longer routine, but a victory. and then you begin to wonder… maybe it’s not the world that’s changed. maybe it’s just you.”

watching the Cry Your Name episode of Roswell is a death wish

“There’s been an accident.” - Jim Valenti

“I think we both know I loved you, too.” - Alex Whitman

“Can I go sit in his room for a while?” - Liz Parker

“I’m with Liz. There’s something not right about this.” - Kyle Valenti

“I know what I know. And I am gonna find out the truth. I owe that to my friend.” - Liz Parker