The Signs as Canadian Things
  • Aries: Cash Cab, Bob & Doug, garburators, basketball
  • Taurus: Ogopogo, Nanaimo bars, Jolly Jumpers, Canadian Tire Money
  • Gemini: The Terry Fox Run, Colo(u)r, The Dionne Quintuplets, bagged milk
  • Cancer: The Tim Horton's Double Double Visa, Peggy's Cove, Corner Gas, Hinterland Who's Who
  • Leo: The Calgary Stampede, Michael J Fox, toonies, Much Music
  • Virgo: ketchup chips, separatism, Ryan Gosling, eves-troughs
  • Libra: The Robertson screwdriver, John A MacDonald, Angela Anaconda, lacrosse
  • Scorpio: Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, toques, Banff, Bonhomme du Neige
  • Sagittarius: Degrassi, Stephen Harper, The Klondike Gold Rush, not having pennies
  • Capricorn: Maclean's, Jim Treliving, Heritage Minutes, freezies
  • Aquarius: McIntosh toffee bars, Drake, Molson, The Bay
  • Pisces: Boston Pizza, Holmes on Homes, Timbits, The Roughriders

*me on Dragon’s Den*

Jim Treliving: what idea are you pitching to us today

me [standing in front of them in knights armor while clutching a spear]: i have greatly misunderstood this situation

Always do something. That’s the one thing that sets successful people apart from not-so-successful people- the ability to actually make a decision. Unsuccessful people freeze in the face of choice. Why does this happen? It’s fear of the unknown that keeps us stuck. Or fear of making the wrong decision. Sometimes it’s easier to continue doing things the old, familiar way, even if that way is all wrong. But a big change will take you to a whole new place in business, and in life.
—  ~Jim Treliving in his book Decisions, also one of the dragons on the popular TV show Dragon’s Den. (I thoroughly enjoyed his book and highly recommend it!)

Dragons Den Alternative Universe: Little Dragons 1

Jim’s baby sitting infant Robert and showing him one of his favorite toy cars.  His bib says “mother’s boy’ in Croatian.  Who knows what thoughts are running through that little head as he sets his sights upon that shiny new toy.

I know the fish pattern’s off on his jammies, but I was stupid and didn’t realize it until I was done doodling them on.  Oh well.