Enneagram 9

The Nine in Profile

Healthy: Deeply receptive, accepting, unselfconscious, emotionally stable and serene. Trusting of self and others, at ease with self and life, innocent and simple. Patient, unpretentious, good-natured, genuinely nice. / Imaginative and creative, attuned to nonverbal communication. Optimistic, reassuring, supportive: have a healing and calming influence—harmonizing groups, bringing people together. A good mediator, synthesizer, and communicator. At Their Best: Become self-possessed, feeling autonomous and fulfilled: have great equanimity and contentment because they are present to themselves. Paradoxically, at one with self, and thus able to form more profound relationships. More alive, awake, alert to self and others.

Average: Become self-effacing and agreeable, accommodating themselves, idealizing others and “going along” with things to avoid conflict. Have a “philosophy of life” that enables them to quiet their anxieties quickly. Submerge themselves in fulfilling functions for others. In their reactions, they are unresponsive and complacent, walking away from problems and “sweeping them under the rug.” Become passive, disengaged, unreflective, and inattentive. Thinking becomes hazy and ruminative, mostly about their fantasies, as they begin to “tune out” reality, becoming oblivious. Emotional indolence, unwillingness to exert self (and stay focused) on problems: passive-aggressive and indifferent. / Begin to minimize problems to appease others and to have “peace at any price.” Become fatalistic and resigned, but also stubborn and resistant to influence. Practice wishful thinking and wait for magical solutions. Inadvertently create conflicts with others by their denial and obstinance.

Unhealthy: Can be repressed, undeveloped, and ineffectual. Do not want to deal with problems: become depressed and listless, dissociating self from all conflicts. Neglectful and dangerously irresponsible. / Wanting to block out of awareness anything that could affect them, they dissociate so much that they eventually cannot function: become numb, depersonalized. / Becoming severely disoriented and catatonic, they abandon themselves, turning into shattered shells. Multiple personalities possible.

Key Motivations: To have serenity and peace of mind, to create harmony in their environment, to preserve things as they are, to avoid conflicts and tension, to escape upsetting problems and demands on them.

Examples: Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Grace of Monaco, Walter Cronkite, Walt Disney, George Lucas, Garrison Keillor, Sophia Loren, Kevin Costner, Keanu Reeves, Woody Harrelson, Ron Howard, Ringo Starr, Whoopi Goldberg, Janet Jackson, Nancy Kerrigan, Linda Evans, Ingrid Bergman, Perry Como, Jim Henson, Marc Chagall, Norman Rockwell, “Edith Bunker,” and “Marge Simpson.”

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The level design in Gears of War was often built with a singular focus of either directing the player towards the next objective, or acting as an arena for combat. However, the player will often receive updates via spoken dialogue over their earpiece, which can go on for extended periods. Rather than build longer levels or empty hallways to fill the player’s time, the game neatly sidesteps the problem these conversations present by greatly decreasing the player’s movement speed while they are going on.

James “Jim” Perry Muri (19 October 1918 – 3 February 2013)

In the early morning of 4 June 1942, during the Battle of Midway, a Japanese aircraft carrier force was spotted approaching the island. Muri’s unit received no specific training nor any pre-flight briefing. He only knew the location of his target for the 2,000-pound torpedo that his B-26 was carrying—the area of the aircraft carrier Akagi. On the way to its target, Muri’s formation was intercepted by 30 Japanese Zero fighters. He was forced to make his attack at 200 feet above sea level, but his only chance to get out of the fighters’ line of fire, and the carrier’s outward pointing guns, was to fly along the Akagi flight deck. Following the encounter, he and one other B-26 pilot were able to land their planes safely on Midway Island. Muri’s torpedo had missed its mark and his unit, as part of the first attacking wave, did little damage. However, the ensuing three-day assault was successful as the Akagi had caught fire after being attacked by a group of Douglas SBD Dauntless aircraft during the battle. The carrier was later ordered to be scuttled by fleet commander Isoroku Yamamoto.

After the safe landing, an inspection revealed more than 500 bullet holes in Muri’s airplane, the left tire had been shot off, and all propeller blades and every major system had been damaged. Muri was allowed to cut the plane’s name from the fuselage to keep as a souvenir.

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AOT's characters in the real world that singers would be?

Mikasa: Aimer
Reiner: Eminem
Bertholdt: Enrique Iglesias
Annie: Fiona Apple
Eren: Zayn Malk
Armin: Chad Kroeger
Jean: Freddy Mercury
Marco: Jim Morrison
Sasha: Katy Perry
Connie: Michael Jackson
Historia: Ariana Grande
Ymir: Tarja Turunen
Levi: Brian Molko
Mike: Phil Collins
Erwin: Michael Bolton
Nanaba: Lady GaGa
Moblit: Frank Sinatra
Hanji: Joan Jett

The Best Place To Hide || Jim & Perri


Perri decided that hiding from the slut shamers was her best course of action. She wasn’t like her sister. Perri couldn’t march through the halls and ignore the hate. It was too much for her. So, she laid underneath the tables as far as possible into the library as possible. She tried to read a book but she kept reading the same line over and over as she scolded herself for going to that party.

Then she spotted a familiar pair of feet. “Go away. I don’t want to talk.” She said hiding her face in her book. “You were right. I was wrong.”


As Many of Joe Perry’s Guitars As I Can Find - as requested! 

Part 2: 
Gibson SG in Brown Natural Finish 
BC Rich Bich 
Fender Jim Servis and Joe Perry Left Handed “Frankenstrat” Stratocaster With a Telecaster Headstock
Gibson 1957 Les Paul Black Beauty Limited Run 
Gibson EDS - 1275 

Cornered || Hades & Persephone


Apparently, Eric’s after party was the talk of the school and Perri missed it. At the time, staying back at school seemed like the wise choice but everyone seemed to have a great time. Eric’s parties were clean parties, according to Jim. So, everyone was bound to have a blast. Except for Perri. Cause she missed it. 

Hung up on missing the party, Perri decided to venture down to Adamsville and check out what she could do for some fun. There happened to be a group of people that seemed like they were going to have fun. Jim told Perri not to go alone. So, if she made friends with them, she wouldn’t be alone. She’d be with friends. “Hey,” She played the innocent card, “I’m Persephone. I was wondering where are you headed?” The small group looked at one another and gave some sort of unspoken consensus. Perri just assumed they all agreed to take the cute little blonde along to observe their debauchery. 

They walked along the street, one of the taller guys had his arm slung around Perri’s shoulder and tried to make conversation. “So, have you ever been to the Underworld?”

“No,” She chuckled softly. “Is it a cool place?”

The man gave a dark chuckle and replied, “The coolest.”

Persephone didn’t know what to expect when they brought her into the club. She had only been to two parties, the one at Eric’s and the one Jim brought her to. The club looked a lot neater and more organized. Which made sense to the young witch. It was a business, after all. 

Things were going smoothly until they weren’t. Perri didn’t know what to think when whispers went on with her new friends. She was worried because occasionally they’d look at her and it gave her an uneasy feeling.

“I, uh,” Perri was done feeling uncomfortable, “I need to use the bathroom.” And she got up and hurried to the back. That was when she had the bright idea to run out the back. She checked her cool pack to make sure she could even do it and gave herself a mental thumbs up to run.

Perri took off behind the building and into an alleyway. She slowed her run to a fast walk as she got closer to the street. When hope was but ten feet away, her new friends rounded the corner. “Hey, guys,” Perri tried to play it cool but they didn’t seem amused. “The bathroom is not through that door apparently. So, uh, let’s go back inside?" 

"No, no,” the taller one that had his arm around her earlier stepped closer to Perri, “I think we’re right where we need to be,” He kept walking toward her until she was in the shadows of the alley, helpless and alone.