Patti Smith at Jim Morrison’s grave by Claude Gassian, Père-Lachaise cemetery, Paris, 1976


Jim’s grave

Jim died a sad July 3rd of 1971. The morning of the 7 of July, he was buried at Pére Lachaise, on the zone reserved for cheap graves. Pam paid for the ceremony and coffin, 878 franks, 50 dolars of today.

In August of 1971, the autorities putted a wooden plaque with the wrong name (Morisson), but then was stolen. On 1972, they putted black metal plaque, mispelled again “Morisson, James Douglas”, this plaque was stolen too.

On 1973, they putted a little rock plaque but it was stolen too, so they left the grave unmarked.

On July 2nd of 1981, a Yugoslavian artist sculpted the Jim’s bust on white marble. After being painted, broken and destroyed was finally stolen on one night of August of 1988.

On 1998, Morrison family instaled a stone with a metal plaque, written James Douglas Morrison, 1943-1971. With the famous greek inscription KATA TON DAIMONA EAYTOY. This is a curious phrase, because it has different translation. It means “Faithful to his own spirit” but also means “By his own demons”.