Jim : “Oh sure you can kill me but that’s not change the fact that me.. and her..”

Sherlock : “Shut up you little bastard”


Jim : “They all want me. Suddenly, I’m Mr Sex.”

[Y/N] : “Oh yes you are” 

Unfortunately you said it a little stronger than expected. Both Moriarty and Sherlock eyes rested on you. 

Sherlock : “You really do not help  [Y/N]”

You blush with the words of Sherlock while Jim’s eyes were always set on you with a slight smile on his face


“They all want me” said Jim, sure of himself.

“I don’t know who you’re talking about, but you shouldn’t mention a woman by putting her in the mass. I think she deserves a little more than this.” replied Holmes, clearly annoyed.

“Oh, and I think she deserves the best.”

“The best?…”


“Ah, of course. Women do like arrogance. Now shut up I’m trying to play.”

“I detect some jalousy in your tone, Holmes.”

“Could you both stop? I’m reading” you sighed, thinking about how hopeless they were.


You insert your key laboriously in the lock of your flat. Today was a particularly exhausting day for you. You thought of only one thing, slept. You slowly walked in the darkness of your flat, trying to hand the switch of your living room. When the small room was finally enlighten you did not believe what was before your eyes, or rather who was there before your eyes. Your blood skipped a beat, your heart beating at full speed. This could not be possible, it must be a bad dream. There was no other rational explanation.

[Y/N]: “It’s.. It’s not possible.. No…”

A tear trickled down your cheek, you walked towards the man. Towards Jim. The one you thought dead and buried. You put your hand on his cheek. Then after some minutes you hit her with all your strength.

Jim : “I think I deserve that”

A small smirk drew on his face until you crash your lips on his 


Jim : “Oh stop your drama darling we both know that you’re not going do to anything”


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