Uncanny X-Men 271 (1990)
X-Tinction AgendaPart iV
Chris Claremont - Jim Lee - Scott Williams - Glynis Wein - Tom Orzechowski

This issue is in my top 5 all time X-Men comics. Logan, Betsy, and Jubilee get to Genosha, after the kidnapping of Storm and the New Mutants. They kick so much ass all throughout the story, but it won’t be nearly enough. Betsy diehards better than John Mcclane, too.

I love this panel.

This issue also colored my view of Havok ever since. His acceptance of the life as a Genoshan Magistrate, after his trip through the Siege Perilous, never sat right with me. He was given the life of a mutant who benefited from the subjugation of other mutants. He was the gestapo enforcer for a system that made people like him slaves, destroying their sense of self. The concept offends and horrifies me to no end. I wonder how and if, years later, Rick Remender worked it into his interpretation of Alex, leading him to talk about the M word.

This is a thread that I hope Guggenheim follows up on in his Secret Wars series, but don’t see that, based on what he’s said about it.


Dream a little Dream of illustrations by

01. Gabriele Dell'Otto.

02. Bill Sienkiewicz.

03. Frank Quitely.

04. Jae Lee.

05. Kelley Jones.

06. Chris Bachalo.

07. Jon J. Muth.

08. John T. Totleben.

09. David Aja.

10. Jim Lee.