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Hi! I saw your post about the flowers, I was wondering if you could do a brief explanation of the different personalities??

Hey there! Did you mean like the MBTI personalities? I’ll do my best!

ENTJ - Logical, decisive, strategic. Natural leaders. Probably your boss. Not always a dictator. See also: Bill Gates, Jim Carrey, Alexander Hamilton, Princess Leia (Star Wars)

INTJ - Theoretical, driven, systematic. Natural innovators. Probably your class valedictorian. Not always a nerd. See also: C.S. Lewis, Isaac Newton, Jane Austen, Bruce Wayne (Batman)

ESTJ - Analytical, efficient, straightforward. Natural organizers. Probably president of something. Not always a control freak. See also: Henry Ford, Michelle Obama, St. Paul, Frank Sinatra, Dwight Schrute (The Office)

ISTJ - Factual, thorough, steadfast. Natural problem solvers. Probably a math whiz. Not always antisocial. See also: Queen Elizabeth II, George Washington, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

ENFJ - Enthusiastic, loyal, sociable. Natural diplomats. Probably your mom. Not always psychic. See also: Martin Luther King Jr., Johnny Depp, Nelson Mandela, Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

INFJ - Insightful, compassionate, committed. Natural visionaries. Probably your fairy godmother. Not always impossibly rare. See also: Thomas Jefferson, Carrie Fisher, Adam Sandler, Atticus Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird)

ESFJ - Conscientious, sympathetic, responsive. Natural caregivers. Probably your teacher. Not always overly energetic. See also: Pope Francis, Andrew Carnegie, Anne Hathaway, Wendy Darling (Peter Pan)

ISFJ - Caring, practical, responsible. Natural nurturers. Probably the mom friend. Not always uber-traditional. See also: Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, Louisa May Alcott, Winnie the Pooh

ENTP - Clever, confident, outspoken. Natural questioners. Probably your local mad scientist. Not always a living meme. See also: Tom Hanks, Nikola Tesla, Alfred Hitchcock, Dr. Emmett Brown (Back to the Future)

INTP - Curious, speculative, original. Natural theorists. Probably extremely witty. Not always robotic/immune to feeling. See also: Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Meryl Streep, Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)

ESTP - Observant, spontaneous, energetic. Natural doers. Probably athletic. Not always midlessly active. See also: Eddie Murphy, Winston Churchill, Lucille Ball, Merida (Brave)

ISTP - Adventurous, independent, adaptable. Natural craftsmen. Probably a lone wolf. Not always apathetic. See also: Tom Cruise, Steve Jobs, James Dean, Han Solo (Star Wars)

ENFP - Expressive, imaginative, gregarious. Natural communicators. Probably the quirky nerd that everyone loves. Not always the physical embodiment of sunshine. See also: Dr. Seuss, Robin Williams, Mark Twain, Genie (Aladdin)

INFP - Empathetic, harmonious, sensitive. Natural idealists. Probably a dreamer and a bookworm. Not always crying over everything. See also: William Shakespeare, Mr. Rogers, Helen Keller, Kermit the Frog (The Muppets)

ESFP - Vivacious, playful, easygoing. Natural entertainers. Probably an actor, comedian, etc. Not always 24/7 partying. See also: Marylin Monroe, Elvis Presley, Pablo Picasso, Penny Hofstadter (The Big Bang Theory)

ISFP - Peaceful, understanding, realistic. Natural composers. Probably a nature lover. Not always an artist. See also: Paul McCartney, Princess Diana, Rihanna, Princess Buttercup (The Princess Bride)

Okay but Alexander Hamilton as Jim Hawkins, a boy who grew up reading adventure stories and believing that there is more to his small world and wanting nothing more than to prove himself and become someone that will make his mom proud instead of being a disappointment and constantly getting into trouble and letting his mom down.

Alexander finding the map to treasure planet and knowing this is his shot to be something and promising his mom that this is their chance and that he’ll come back home, unlike his dad, and rebuild their life with the treasure he finds. He’ll finally become someone that people will respect.

And Aaron Burr as a sort of interpretation of Long John Silver, a few years older than Alexander and part cyborg and he’s everything Alexander wants to be; clever, respectable, driven, and well-liked. He’s got knowledge of sailing and has stories of all of his journeys that make Alexander’s eyes go wide when he tells them to Alexander while they clean the deck or make food for the crew or when both of them can’t sleep at night.

Alexander confiding in Aaron about his insecurities and Aaron teaching Alexander everything he knows about sailing or sword fighting. Alexander trusting Aaron despite the weirdness of Aaron’s other crew members and the warnings he’s heard about cyborgs. Both of them growing closer and closer, Aaron boosting Alexander’s confidence and giving him advice, seeming fond of Alexander’s enthusiasm and his passion.

Alexander overhearing Aaron talking to the other crew members about needing to wait to start their mutiny, and hearing Aaron convince the crew, who has grown suspicious, that he doesn’t have any feelings for Alexander, that all the time they’ve spent together was just to make sure Alexander didn’t suspect that they were pirates. 

Alexander confronting Aaron afterwards and fighting him while holding back tears because of the betrayal before running to the captain (Theodosia) and warning her about the pirates. All of them fighting and Alexander making sure he keeps the map away from Aaron.

Fast forward to when they find treasure planet, and Aaron and his other crew members surround Alexander. Aaron being the one to go to Alexander to talk to him and try to convince him to give them the map. Aaron telling Alexander that his parents were part of Captain Flint’s (King George?) original crew, and that they were murdered due to Flint’s greed to have the treasure to himself. Aaron saying that he’s been searching for the treasure for years to avenge his parents.

Alexander listening to Aaron and hating that he feels sympathy for him, but he still refuses to give him the map, angry that Aaron tricked him. Aaron losing his temper and threatening to kill Alexander, but even when he points a gun at him, he can’t do it. 

Both of them finding the treasure, but triggering the booby traps. Alexander falling and hanging on to the edge of a cliff and Aaron struggling to decide between holding on to the treasure he’s been searching for his whole life (also in danger of falling) or saving Alexander. Aaron choosing Alexander and letting go of the treasure.

Aaron and Alexander working together to get everyone off of treasure planet before it explodes. Both of them making it out and back on their original ship. Alexander searching for Aaron to thank him and finding him getting on a life boat in order to escape imprisonment. Aaron throwing caution to the wind and asking Alexander to come with him, to explore the stars and the galaxies together. 

Alexander having to refuse despite the temptation, saying he needs to go back to his mom and help her rebuild their lives. Aaron giving Alexander some of the treasure he managed to grab before saying goodbye.

Alexander returning home and going through the space flight academy so he can have his own ship and his own crew. Alexander exploring the galaxy. Alexander living the life he always wanted and owing so much of it to Aaron. 

Alexander tracking down stories and myths about hidden treasure, secretly wanting to find Aaron again, knowing that he’ll be looking too, but always seeming to be one step behind the legendary pirate. Alexander and Aaron meeting again, working together and against each other depending on the situation.

Legends being in the making about Alexander and Aaron, two treasure hunters, one a respectable captain, the other a calculating pirate. Stories being woven about the strange relationship between the two, neither one seeming to be able to win against the other. Tales being told that they had once been in love, and maybe still are.

Alexander and Aaron chasing each other across the stars.

Along with the headcannon that Jim can sing,
They absolutely sing Hamilton at any given chance

After the initial meetings (and the feeling of imminent doom has worn off) and Blinky is going on about how there’s never been a human Trollhunter before, this is a historical moment, and Toby goes “history has it’s eyes on yoouuu~” and Jim almost laughs and then joins in with “oh-oh-oooh-ooh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh” while the trolls look surprised and curious.

Toby and Jim are overjoyed to learn that Claire is as much a Hamilton nerd as they are. The songs are easier now that they have A third voice (and she can rap Angelica’s lines flawlessly)

Claire sings Congratulations with Jim as Hamilton, and by the end of it Jim is just “I know it’s just scripted Angelica yelling at Alexander, but now I feel like a terrible person”

Jim and Toby love to sing the back-and-forths between Hamilton and Burr, and who voices who depends on who sings first.

Two of the kids get into a mock duel to practice and the third stands to the side and goes “One two three four five six seven eight nine!” and the two stop facing off to sing “It’s the Ten Duel Commandments!”

I really just want Jim to sing Wait For It at full force with Toby and Claire singing backup vocals while the others listen in stunned silence

I can imagine that Blinky would be very curious about the concept of history told through a musical play (and if he decided to watch/listen, of course the kids would warn him that it gets pretty intense, with character deaths and powerful emotion)

And sort of a crack idea: AU where instead of Romeo and Juliet, Jim winds up cast in a school production of Hamilton. (making him Hamilton and Claire Eliza is too obvious, so how about Jim is Burr and Claire Angelica)

So here me out on this...

I’m a mega fan of Star Trek and Hamilton and I was recently re-watching Star Trek: Beyond when I noticed something. The station is called Yorktown so myself and my best mate had a revelation. 

The Enterprise crew as Hamilton characters.

Jim Kirk is obviously Hamilton.

Making Christopher Pike George Washington aka the father figure to Ham/Kirk.

Spock would probably be Burr the frenemy of Hamilton.

Uhrua has traits of Angelica but also Theodisa (cause you know Burr).

Doctor McCoy is Thomas Jefferson the southern loveable but grumpy character.

Chekov is Laurens and also Philip the youngest of the group.

Sulu is Layfette because “test me and you you will fail” (also French and Fencing)

Scotty as Mulligan the one who comes to the rescue and “gets the fuck back up again!”

Carol Marcus is Peggy and Maria Reynolds as she was small love interest for Kirk/Ham.

And Jaylah is Eliza, the independent women who can look after herself (also she’s look incredible in blue)

my brand-new sickness/whump blog!

Hello ‘dere! I’m evie, and i’ve finally made a sideblog for this stuff - i actually only recently discovered that there’s a whole community of people on here who love sickfics and whump too! 10/10 v relieved, i thought i was the only one haha

anyway, please do message me any prompts of ficlets for me to write, or just general ideas or scenarios and stuff you want to share! i would honestly love that so much

here are some of the main fandoms i’m in, and the characters i like to whump:

  • voltron (lance)
  • yuri on ice (yurio, victor or maybe jj)
  • the infernal devices (will)
  • guardians of the galaxy (peter quill)
  • check please (chowder)
  • star trek aos (jim)
  • hamilton (i think jefferson atm?)

so yeah, feel free to send me prompts, or just come talk to me about stuff!

Oh, and real quick, i just wanna mention some of my favourite sickfic/whump blogs that have inspired me to make my own: @ya-nurse, @taylor-tut, @beloved-whumpage, @ithadtobesneezing, and @whumpdump!! honestly all these blogs are 10/10 perf and i would honestly bake them cookies if i had any idea how to bake

anyway yeah, thank you for reading, and i hope you enjoy!

6 Nations Round 1 - Facts & Figures


15 - Camille Lopez (France) (5 penalties)
14 - Ian Keatley (Ireland) (4 penalties and 1 conversion)
11 - George Ford (England) (1 conversion and 3 penalties)
8 - Leigh Halfpenny (Wales) (1 conversion and 2 penalties)
5 - Dougie Fife (Scotland) (1 try), Jonathan Joseph (England) (1 try), Conor Murray (Ireland) (1 try), Tommy O'Donnell (Ireland) (1 try), Anthony Watson (England) (1 try), Rhys Webb (Wales) (1 try)
3 - Dan Biggar (Wales) (1 drop goal), Kelly Haimona (Italy) (1 penalty), Greig Laidlaw (Scotland) (1 penalty)
2 - Ian Madigan (1 conversion)


1 - Dougie Fife (Scotland), Jonathan Joseph (England), Conor Murray (Ireland), Tommy O'Donnell (Ireland), Anthony Watson (England), Rhys Webb (Wales)


100% - Ian Keatley (Ireland) (5 successful kicks from 5 attempts), Kelly Haimona (Italy) (1/1), Ian Madigan (Ireland) (1/1)
83.33% - Camille Lopez (France) (5/6)
75% - Leigh Halfpenny (Wales) (¾)
66.67% - George Ford (England) (4/6)
50% - Greig Laidlaw (Scotland) (½)



17 Mike Brown (England)
16 Jordi Murphy (Ireland)
15 Peter O'Mahony (Ireland), George Ford (England)
14 Billy Vunipola (England), Robbie Henshaw (Ireland), Sergio Parisse (Italy)


93 Mike Brown (England)
91 Scott Spedding (France)
88 Stuart Hogg (Scotland)
70 Leigh Halfpenny (Wales)
60 Teddy Thomas (France)


2 Stuart Hogg (Scotland), Tim Visser (Scotland)
1 17 players


4 Yoann Huget (France), Jonathan Joseph (England), Mike Brown (England), Mathieu Bastareaud (France)
3 Stuart Hogg (Scotland), Robbie Henshaw (Ireland), James Haskell (England), Jordi Murphy (Ireland), Peter O'Mahony (Ireland), Tommy Seymour (Scotland)


4 Mathieu Bastareaud (France), Mark Bennett (Scotland), Sergio Parisse (Italy)
3 Yoann Huget (France), Teddy Thomas (France)


110 Conor Murray (Ireland)
77 Edoardo Gori (Italy)
64 Greig Laidlaw (Scotland)
61 Ben Youngs (England)
51 Rory Kockott (France)


16 Dan Biggar (Wales)
14 Camille Lopez (France), George Ford (England)
12 Ian Keatley (Ireland)
10 Conor Murray (Ireland), Ben Youngs (England), Rhys Webb (Wales), Stuart Hogg (Scotland)


26(0) Chris Robshaw (England)
24(0) Francesco Minto (Italy)
20(1) George Biagi (Italy)
19(0) Jonny Gray (Scotland)
17(2) Leonardo Ghiraldini (Italy), Bernard le Roux (France), Josh Furno (Italy)


3 Blair Cowan (Scotland)
2 Dave Attwood (England), Bernard le Roux (France), John Beattie (Scotland), Damien Chouly (France), Dan Lydiate (Wales), Finn Russell (Scotland), Wesley Fofana (France), Mathieu Bastareaud (France), Eddy Ben Arous (France)


6 Josh Furno (Italy), Alun Wyn Jones (Wales), Paul O'Connell (Ireland)
5 Dave Attwood (England)
4 Devin Toner (Ireland), Jonny Gray (Scotland), Yoann Maestri (France), Pascal Papé (France), Jim Hamilton (Scotland)

- Official match data delivered by Accenture. Follow @AccentureRugby on Twitter for all the latest stats and analysis

miles away from you // listen here

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