“I do not drink, take drugs, take pills, or smoke pot. I’ve been clean and sober for 12 years, since July 30th 2003. 12 years in a row. Mornings, nights, birthdays, weekends, holidays. When I first got clean, it was hard to stay sober for 12 minutes. I have to give myself credit, it’s hard to do anything for 12 years in a row every single day. But let me back up a little and introduce myself, my name is James Clement Greco Jr. People tend to call me Jim. Ive been skateboarding for 25 years. And this is a picture of what the past two years have been like.” - Jim Greco

tonativh asked:

Did you see the last video of Jim Greco "the way out"? If yes, what do you thing? If not, could you see it and tell us what do you think? Thanks bro!

He did some shit! I mean… That Might be the longest part in skating… Beat that!