A Big LGBT Thank You to President Obama


A big LGBT thank you to President Obama

Chris appears at 3:22


Darius Clark Monroe (bottom) served three years of a 5-year sentence at the Jim Ferguson Unit prison in Midway, Texas, for bank robbery. Last year, he completed Evolution of a Criminal, a feature-length autobiographical documentary executive produced by Spike Lee. The film, which the New Yorker called a “terrific movie,” explores the various influences that pushed Monroe to rob a bank at age 16, like the fact that he grew up in a home with parents who struggled financially and whom he wanted to help.

11 formerly incarcerated people who are now changing the world


Sean Astin supports his friend Jim Ferguson’s Kickstarter for his art book Making a Scene 2013. Jim did the Goonies drawing rewards for Sean’s Kickstarter last fall. There are 2 Goonies prints in the book, and others featuring Sean’s movies. :-)