My second set of PB&J drawings. Been trying out a lot of new techniques like backgrounds and even animating (kinda) and each drawing has been it’s own unique challenge, but I’m pretty proud of how they have all come out. Planning two more pieces for Season 2 (enough for a calendar!). Thank you for following me and sharing my work, the response has been so unexpected and great!

[links to each drawing 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ]

[the first compilation]

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What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Jim wrote Pam a Christmas card telling her how he felt in season 2 and was too afraid to give it to her then but kept it for 7 seasons and gave it to her in season 9 when he needed to prove to her how much she meant to him wow I’m actually not fine.


JK: This was actually the first time, Jenna, that we had to get into sort of a fight. Like our two characters actually get mad at each other. And I remember you were so upset about it.
JF: I really was.

JF: I remember after we shot this, because this was our first little tiff, I came up to you afterwards and said, “Um, John? Will you please give me a hug so I know that you, as John Krasinski, are not mad at me today?” And he said, “Yes.”
JK: I said, “Sure.”
JF: And then we made up.
JK: Made out?
JF: Made up!
JK: Made up! Right, right, right…
JF: That’s a different episode, John.