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Fics Masterlist

I decided to make a masterlist of my fics in chronological order. My fics, while being stand alone pieces, are all tied together with small details here and there, and do follow the canonical AOS timeline. 

Academy Era: 

You’re a Casualty I Can’t Forget (Learn to Trust Me)

Summary: Jim has wormed his way into Len’s life after that fateful shuttle ride and a few shared drinks. He also hates doctors. Len doesn’t quite know why. One accident, two injuries, and an involuntary confinement later, he finds out. Mentions of Tarsus, mentions of past abuse, minor descriptions of medical treatment. 

If You Need a Place to Crash (Let Me Catch You When You Fall)

Summary: Jim’s roommate is a dick. Bones is there to help. Close quarters means finding out stuff about the other person, and not all of it pleasant. Jim doesn’t sleep on his back for a reason. Mentions of past abuse, canon character death. 

You’re One of Us (You’re Here To Stay)

Summary: Thanksgiving at the McCoy house, complete with Len, JoJo, Mama Bones and Jim. There’s food, and pie, and with a kid and a bigger, older kid (Jim) running around, something was bound to get broken eventually. Jim’s not used to normal family dynamics, and overreacts a little. Mentions of past abuse, minor medical treatment. 

Star Trek 2009:

These Ghosts Are Not My Own

Summary:  Post-Narada and Jim isn’t coping. He hasn’t eaten or slept, he’s beat all to hell and his head is full of memories that he’s pretty sure aren’t his. He’s pretty sure he’s having a panic attack, and he can’t seem to breath. Of course Bones is here to witness it all. Wonderful. Mentions of Tarsus, mentions of past abuse.

And It’s Never Enough (But God Knows I Tried)

Summary: Jim doesn’t feel like he did enough to prevent the aftermath of Nero’s devastation. Awaiting Starfleet’s decision about his probation, he sits alone watching the news and drinking. They’re spouting the same old stuff: hero of the federation, golden boy of Starfleet. He thinks it’s all a bunch of bullshit. Bones thinks otherwise. Can be read as an interlude between chapters 2 and 3 of “These Ghosts…”

Star Trek 2009- Pre Into Darkness: 

By Any Other Name (The Man is Still the Same) 

Summary: Spock does not understand. Kirk has been, thus far, immensely successful as captain, well liked and respected by the crew, despite his multiple ongoing breaches of Starfleet protocol. He simply refused to call anyone by their proper title, and it perplexed Spock to no end. Minor violence, mentions of past abuse. 

How Jim Learned to Keep a Shirt On

Summary: A sunburn can really teach one a lot of things. For example, Jim is pretty sure he’s dying. Bones does not seem to agree. This has taught Jim that Bones clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about, medical degrees or no. Mentions of past abuse. 

Post Into Darkness: 

If He Should Die Before He Wakes (I Pray the Lord My Soul to Take)

Summary: Bones sits at Jim’s bedside after the events of Khan and the warp core. Jim won’t wake up. Bones needs him to. Mentions of past abuse, minor medical treatment. 

Just Leave Your Problems On the Shelf (We’ll Be Alright)

Summary: A few months into the 5 year mission, Jim, in a fit of frustration, says something insensitive. Bones doesn’t react well, and a long overdue conversation is had. Discussion of canon character death.