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Spirk! shapeshifter au ;D

Okay, this is slightly NSFW-ish, I guess??

  • Spock’s in love with Jim. It’s stupid. It’s illogical, and Spock knows it. But he loves Jim Kirk, so much. The brave idiot, nonchalant genius, beautiful human being, who just loves his crew so much. Who doesn’t think he can ever be in a relationship with anyone. Who loves strangers for a night, never more than that. So on their next shore leave, Spock makes a move. Not as himself, though. The moment he steps into the bar, he’s just a beautiful stranger.
  • And it’s odd to pretend to be human, lying feels unnatural to Spock. To laugh at Jim’s jokes, which really aren’t that funny when he’s drunk, but somehow the fact that he thinks he’s hilarious and smooth is just the best thing. So when Jim asks if he wants to get out of here, Spock easily accepts.
  • With everything Jim’s amazing at, he can hardly also be a great lover, right? Except he is. Spock spends God knows how long pinned against the wall of Jim’s quarters, arms around Jim’s shoulders and legs around his waist and it’s so easy to fall in love with his captain even more.
  • He goes back to the same bar, as a different stranger. And now he has Jim pressed down on his back, fucking him into the mattress.
  • “You’re positively glowing, Spock,” Jim says when they meet up the next day to go through their reports together. He pats Spock’s shoulder and sits down next to him, ever so casually, like they didn’t just have sex two days in a row. Though, to Jim, they hadn’t. 
  • It’s highly illogical to keep this up. It’s wrong. Spock isn’t shy. And the lying feels wrong. But he still does it. Changing his appearance to what he thinks is to Jim’s liking, though his captain doesn’t seem picky. He really just seems craving affection, and at this point, Spock is no different. But by the time Spock makes it back to Jim’s quarters and his lips are pressed against Jim’s neck. Jim grunts a stupid comment and Spock mutters a brief “That’s illogical, Captain.” Jim freezes, and so does Spock. “Excuse me?” Jim starts, and Spock sits up straight. “Spock?” the captain presses, until Spock shifts back into himself, Jim looks absolutely stunned. “What the f-” “Jim,” Spock starts carefully. “I’m sorry. I can explain.” “Did you seriously use your wacky shapeshifter powers to sleep with me?” Spock grits his teeth. “Yes.” He expects Jim to be really angry. Upset, maybe. Instead, Jim laughs in disbelieve. “That’s messed up. And you can’t break character when you do that. You’re not even good at it!” “Excuse me,” Spock says, “I’ve managed the last two nights just fine.” Spock isn’t sure if Jim looks terrified or amazed. Possibly a combination of both. 
  • Jim isn’t angry. But he’s adamant on teasing Spock about it. They don’t have sex, but Spock lies down on bed with Jim anyway, just to talk, Jim says, but they don’t talk much. Jim falls asleep pretty quickly, and it’s the first time Spock actually sleeps and stays the night, too. 
  • Spock wakes up the next morning, Jim’s arms tightly around his waist. And Jim’s awake already, because Spock feels Jim’s lips over his neck and he shivers. He tries not to let Jim know he’s awake, but Jim knows. “Good morning, Spock,” he says softly, voice humming against his neck. “I gotta say, I like this a lot more than some stranger.” Jim says, angling his hips just lightly against Spock’s, and Spock lets out the smallest moan. “Plus,” Jim adds, slowly shifting to straddle Spock’s hips, “you’ve been pretty intimate with me and I haven’t with you. I think it’s time I get to know your body, too.”

I thought the memory of you was gone-

I thought it buried underneath the years.

But now it rises, bright as Vulcan dawn,

And I remember you, and Earth, and tears.

Your tears were falling like the rains of Earth;

You were the storms and roses of Earth’s spring.

You could not know that, almost from my birth

The rites of Vulcan bound me to T'Pring.

I could not break those ties; I had no choice-

Returned to space, left you and Earth behind.

But still I heard the echo of your voice,

Found rain and wind and roses in my mind.

You told me that you loved me, and you cried.

I said I had no feelings. And I lied.

                                                    - by Shirley Meech.

My favorite AU (that I made up)

AU where amanda grayson died in labor and Spock never learned standard because sarek never became a diplomat to earth. and Spock goes to starfleet academy but only speaks rudimentary standard and meets a human named Jim Kirk who is illogically beautiful and does not know Vulcan. And so immediately Jim tries to learn Vulcan and Spock tries to learn standard and they have a really awkward first date where they’re communicating with really basic levels of both their languages and Spock brings Jim a cauliflower head because he read that it is traditional to give flowers to your desired in terran culture but the translation messes it up and reads florets and it is all very awkward and blushy. and then for their second date Jim drives Spock out to the california desert because he knows that vulcan is a desert planets and he figures that Spock might be homesick.

and then years later when they get married/bonded, Spock says his vows in standard and Jim says his in vulcan