In the SPNFamily, we are:

 As loving as Jared Padalecki.

As strong as Jensen Ackles.

As free-spirited as Misha Collins.

As sassy as Mark Sheppard.

As innocent as Alex Calvert.

As spunky as Richard Speight Jr.

As protective as Jim Beaver.

As jubilant (and Fandom Dedicated) as Osric Chau.

As smart as Felicia Day.

As pure as Rob Benedict.

As elegant as Ruth Connell.

As fearless as Katherine Ramdeen.

As tough as Kim Rhodes.

As no-nonsense as Jeffrey Dean Morgan. 

As sexy as Sebastian Roché.

As tender as Matt Cohen.

As hopeful as Briana Buckmaster.

As adorably cuddly (in an evil way) as Mark Pellegrino.

And we are ALL Family.

This was me all of last week during finals week…I suffered just how dean suffered when he was stuck in hell Incase y’all were wondering.