jim winks

ok but what if bones might have traveled to other planets before starfleet since he’s one of the best doctors, and spock might have visited earth several times with his family, but neither of them have actually experienced snow yet and of course jim’s gotta fix that

spock doesn’t like to wear gloves since he wants to feel the snow and bones just has to be bundled up (he loves snow but gets cold easily) and jim is just patting himself on the back because he’s def a++ boyfriend material (x)

Training Montage - Jim/Axel

Jim really should invest in a private gym. While many had forgotten his face, others have not. More than capable of taking care of himself, Jim would rather focus on training when he did it. Instead he must be constantly vigilant, in the event some little pawn of an agent wanted to score himself some points. Given the locale, and expense, of this gym, he expected some privacy. For their sake.

The equipment was adequate; general. What he needed was specialised but it was in the post. Going through his form and drills, Jim wailed on the punching bag, sighing oft times. He needed something sturdy; punching the wall would be more useful than the bag, hanging like a limp scrotum. Shirtless, and moist, Jim turned from the bag, sucking down water and wiping his face. Without trying, those around seemed to be distracted by him; such a curse he had to live with.

Giving a wink, Jim chuckled, rolling his head. One woman on a cross trainer turned away. Another tanned boy held himself, staring instead of quelling. Good. Jim appreciated assertiveness. A pair of balls firmly attached instead of left in a handbag. He smiled wider, flaring his brows before glancing at the bag. Sigh. Training will go far better when his dummy arrived. However, with multiple places of residence it was simple to use a gym instead of furbishing his own.

With a final glance, Jim segued to a cross trainer himself, giving the woman an innocent look as she left. Aw. Bless. Some people were just too lacking in confidence.


Here We Go Again // Open

Jim shot a wink at some passing seventh years, spinning around to talk to them even as he continued to walk away. “Hey there, beautiful,” he said flirtatiously, not addressing any one of them in particular.

They simply rolled their eyes and he gave a good natured laugh in return. “Another time then,” he called out to them before turning back around. Unfortunately, right as he did so, another student collided with his chest and sent them both to the ground. 

He groaned and rubbed the back of his head while sitting up. He looked over at his accidental victim with a guilty smile. “Uh, sorry about that.” Then, of course, being himself, he noticed how attractive said victim was and his grin turned flirtatious.