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Pavlovian Boner

Characters: Bones x Reader

A/N: based on the conversations started by @bkwrm523 and @medicatemedrmccoy about how “Lee” prompts an unwanted boner.  Sorry it’s a little short, but i can definitely do a sequel… ;) enjoy babes

Warnings: it’s all sexual references and boners


tags: @annalisehartmann @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl

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ok but what if bones might have traveled to other planets before starfleet since he’s one of the best doctors, and spock might have visited earth several times with his family, but neither of them have actually experienced snow yet and of course jim’s gotta fix that

spock doesn’t like to wear gloves since he wants to feel the snow and bones just has to be bundled up (he loves snow but gets cold easily) and jim is just patting himself on the back because he’s def a++ boyfriend material (x)


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Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 2724

Warnings: MAJOR ANGST (self-image issues, insecurity, self-loathing), brief description of injury, swearing

A/N:  I’ve been feeling not so hot for the past few days so I thought writing about it would help things out. This fic is intensely personal to me, so I hope you guys enjoy it. 

More than anything you were glad your quarters didn’t have a mirror outside the bathroom. You weren’t sure you could handle looking at yourself right now, especially not in the skin-tight uniform top and the short skirt that came with it. You’d convinced Scotty a long time ago to let you wear coveralls instead, but the Captain had called you up to the bridge for briefing on an away mission, and you hadn’t been able to convince him to let you keep the coveralls on. Normally, you’d just pop on a pair of tights underneath and call it a day, but your last pair had torn where your thighs rubbed together and you hadn’t gotten around to fixing them yet.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one where Moriarty and Sherlock are out in love with you and play games trying to win you over?

Originally posted by sheldedlex

Reader x Sherlock, Reader x Moriarty

You opened your door, watching as Moriarty walked inside.

“Y/N.” He gave you a quick kiss on your cheek. “Did you miss me, love?”

“Jim, what are you doing here?” You closed the door and the two of you walked further into your apartment.

“Oh, you know.” He shrugged his shoulders and took a seat at the kitchen table. “Just wanted to see how my favorite girl is doing.”

“That’s it?” You crossed your arms over your chest.

“That’s it.” He confirmed.

“No games with Sherlock.” You pressed on.

Moriarty placed his hand on his heart and gasped, taken aback.

“Y/N, I would never.” He reassured you and stood up, putting his hands on your shoulders. Slowly, he began to turn you in place as the two of you walked to your living room.

You jumped at the sound of the doorbell.

“I wonder who that could be.” You shrugged Jim’s arms off and shot him a look before opening the door.


Sherlock cut you off, running right past you.

“No, please do come in.” You muttered out loud and shut the door behind you. With a sigh, you joined the two masterminds in your kitchen.

“Jim.” You began.

“Starting now I would never.” He told you. “I didn’t get to finish before.”

“You!” Sherlock pointed at Moriarty. “You tricked me!”

Jim rolled his eyes. “It was just a gaaaame, Sherlock. Calm down, you’re just not good enough.”

“What game?” You asked.

“Sherlock thought he deserved you, so we started a little game.” Jim winked at you.

“No.” You blurted out.

“But I-” Sherlock began but you cut him off.

“No, and sit down, Sherlock.” Leaning across the table, you glared at both of the boys. “No games. The last time you two played you little games, London was destroyed.”

“It’s just a little game, Y/N.” Moriarty told you. “Nothing to worry about.”

“If you play your little game, I will throw you a little funeral.” You told them both. “Got it?”

Jim grabbed your hand and placed a kiss on it. “Criminal looks good on you, Y/N.”

Sherlock stood up and wrapped his arm around your waist. “Y/N is not a criminal.”

Jim shot you a wink and mouthed, ‘pick you up at eight.’

“I saw that! I can see you!” Sherlock said, frantically.

“Oh what, did you deduce it?” Moriarty asked, sarcastically.

“Yes, yes I did.” Sherlock crossed his arms, growing more agitated with his nemesis.

“Yeah well deduce this!” Jim stuck his middle finger up at Sherlock, before walking over to you and placing a kiss on your forehead. “Dress warm, love. I’ll see you soon.”

“Y/N is not going!” Sherlock yelled after Moriarty. “This isn’t over!”

You closed the door behind the two idiots and sat at your kitchen table, wondering what would happen when eight o’clock rolled around.

Secrets - Moriarty Version

Requested by anon:  Any Pairing: Reader x ?. I’ve got an idea where (Y/N) is hiding something and acting strange but when her boyfriend questions her about it, she avoids answering. This continues until he accuses her of cheating and during their argument she blurts out she’s pregnant (or something).

Pairing: Jim Moriarty x reader

Word count: 934

Warnings: None, I think.

A/N: I’m still utterly concerned about my Moriarty buuuuut I hope you guys like this.


Originally posted by imaginingsherlock

“(Y/N)!” Moriarty exclaimed as he stormed into the fancy flat he and his girlfriend, (Y/N), shared.

“What is it, Jim?” She asked as she walked out of the bedroom and into the living room where Jim was.

“I heard something and I really, really, really, really need you to tell me if they are lying or not.” Jim spoke, changing his voice in each word. He was nervous, trembling, trying to contain his fierce anger. “If they are lying, I will kill them. If not…”

“You don’t scare me anymore, Jim.” (Y/N) spoke, “Go on, and tell me.”

Jim took a deep breath. How would he ask her, the one and only, his muse, his enchantress, his whole wide world, the reason why he killed so consciously now, his reason not to explode with his victims if the rumours he had heard were true?

What if the rumours were true? On his way home he had decided to kill her, but now that she was standing in front of him, so beautiful and charming, he couldn’t imagine himself pulling the trigger; and hiring someone to do it would be vulgar. Definitely not the kind of death a goddess like her deserved.

If he wasn’t jealous, or impulsive… He used to think his only weakness was that he was extremely changeable, but then she arrived – and she was a weakness on her own – and showed him a world he hadn’t seen before. She had shown him so many flaws in his persona, but she had also showed him that they could be loved.

He didn’t want to believe the rumours, she was too good; a gift from the gods, as an attempt to make him a better man. She couldn’t be spoiled like that.

“People saw you having tea with Sherlock Holmes.” Moriarty finally spoke.

“Yes, and?” (Y/N) lifted her eyebrow.

“You’re not denying it.” Moriarty mumbled.

“Why would I deny something that is true? Unless of course it will drag you out of jail, there’s no need to lie.” (Y/N) replied.

“Why were you taking coffee with him? He is my archenemy!” Jim exclaimed, (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

“You two are real drama queens.” She said, “It was a business coffee.”

“There is no such thing as business coffee!”

“Just like there is no such thing as Consultant Criminal!” She snapped back and Jim’s mouth fell into a big, gasped O.

“HOW DARE YOU?” He was about to cry, “I can’t deal with you right now, not after dishonouring the name of my profession!”

“For God’s sake, Jim!” She exclaimed, dragging him to sit on the nearest couch. “Allow me to explain.”

“Is there really anything to explain?” He inquired dramatically, “You are seeing Sherlock Holmes behind my back… That’s basically cheating!”

“Ugh, shut up and listen for once in your life!” She ordered and Jim obeyed. In spite of being a real anarchist, he would always obey to her because he was too enamoured to try and destroy her wild soul – which was what got him in the first place. “It’s business, just to keep him out of our way for the next nine months.”

“Right, because we have something more important than crime in the next nine months!” Jim fumed, getting up from the couch.

“We do.” She said, pushing him back to sit.

“No we don’t.” Jim argued, getting up again.

“YES, we do.” She insisted, sitting him again.

“NO, we don’t.” Jim continued and got up again.

“Jim, honestly, haven’t you noticed something off about me?” He huffed.

“Except for your adventures with Sherlock, no.” He replied.

“That is exactly why you aren’t a detective.” (Y/N) snapped angrily.

“Right, because you are into detectives now.” Jim rolled his eyes.

“No, because I’m pregnant and your foolish head can’t see it!” Jim’s eyes widened.

“A… You’re…” (Y/N) nodded effusively.

“Yes, I’m pregnant and it’s yours.” She said before Jim could suggest that it was Sherlock’s.

“A criminal baby then!” Jim cheered, “I… I will teach him everything I know!”

“Or her.”

“Better if it’s a her, women tend to be better criminals.” Jim muttered, “Imagine the possibilities!”

“I would love to keep the baby away from jail until he or she can make their own decisions, if you don’t mind.” Jim laughed loudly.

“Yes, anything you want my lovely muse!” Jim left a rough kiss on her lips before carrying her over his shoulders and to the bedroom. “Now rest, my love,” he chanted, “this baby must grow like the super human he or she is.”

“Jim!” She giggled as he set her carefully over the silky sheets.

“I shall be your slave now, my dear,” he continued, “whatever you wish for will be granted.”

“You were already my slave, Jim.” She mentioned, and Jim’s sudden poetic outburst stopped, being replaced by a cheeky, yet shy, grin.

“For you, I would even stop being a criminal… But please, don’t ask for that, you know how much I enjoy it.”

“Wouldn’t dare to.” She winked, and Jim jumped in on the bed, crawling to be right by her side.

Maybe a child of the Napoleon of Crime himself wasn’t a good idea, or maybe it was. Jim would change so much in those nine months, and even more as the kid grew up. Maybe it was for the better. Whatever it was, (Y/N) was happy to see how supportive and excited Jim was about the whole situation. Contrary to the common belief, Jim Moriarty was a lover, and he was ready to give all of his love to (Y/N) and the baby.

| Sherlock Version | John Version |


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Unprofessional - Moriarty x reader

Originally posted by sherlockjw

AN: This is my first time writing Jim smut so be kind. I’m not sure I like it and I might change it but for now enjoy!

Summary: You’re the copper who is in charge of Moriarty and after he’s announced as innocent and let free he pays you a little visit

Word count: 1,480

Warnings: Some strong language, unprotected sex (wrap it up kids), teasing, it’s pretty tame because it’s my first time writing smut with this character

You thought they were joking when they assigned you to Jim Moriarty. The man who tried to steal the crown jewels, broke into the bank of England and turned off the security at Pentonville prison all by himself. 

You were normally given the small criminals, the one’s that anyone could deal with, not the world’s bloody biggest criminal mastermind! 

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Drunk (Joe Sugg Imagine)


A/N: I came up with this when I watched Alfie’s vlog, ‘TWO SUGGS IN MY BED.’ (link below - I do not own the video at all, just the idea for this imagine) tbf, I don’t really know where the idea came from, but I do hope you guys like it! Let me know if you do! Enjoy!

Link to Alfie’s vlog - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFBmiXt7VbY&t=42s

You rubbed your eyes as you looked at the time on your phone.


Who the hell was texting you at 4 in the morning?

You opened your text messages and saw that you had a text from Zoe.

‘Come get your boyfriend. He’s third wheeling Zalfie!’

You frowned and sent a quick text back.

'He’s not my boyfriend, Zo. But I’ll be there in a min.’

You slowly got up from the bed that you shared with Joe, your best friend. You both didn’t mind sharing. You always did so it wasn’t weird or awkward.

You slipped your shoes on, and grabbed your phone and key card and left the room.

You made your way to Zalfies floor and to their room. You knocked on the door and waited patiently.

“Oh, that must be room service,” Alfie said from inside the room. “I’ll go get that.” He jumped up from bed and ran down the stairs. He opened the door and saw you there. “Oh, hey, Y/N!” Alfie exclaimed and hugged you.

“Hey, Alfie,” you said, pulling away from him. Alfie moved to the side and you walked into the hotel room. “Zoe said that Joe was third wheeling and I had to come get him,” you explained, chuckling lightly.

Alfie laughed and said, “I wouldn’t say he’s third wheeling.”

I raised an eyebrow at him to say 'really?’

“Okay, maybe he is third wheeling a bit.”

“Well, I’m here now to take him off your hands,” you said, laughing. Alfie started going upstairs and you followed behind him.

“Joe!” Alfie sang. “You’ve got a visiter!” Alfie jumped back into bed while you stood near the end of the bed.

“Hi, Y/N!” Zoe exclaimed from her position in the bed. You smiled at her and Joe turned around from where he was stood near Zoe’s side of the bed.

“Y/N!” Joe shouted and ran-more like stumbled-to hug you.

“Joe, be quiet! It’s nearly 5 in the morning!” You scowled and lightly sat him down on the bed. He laid down on the bed, his head in between Zoe and Alfie’s legs.

“You should’ve been there, Y/N,” Alfie started, laughing. “Joe was off his nut at the party. It was pretty funny. Except for that one part where he bumped into the waiter and made him drop the dishes.”

You gasped and covered your mouth with your hand. “I knew I shouldn’t have left. Joe can never be on his own when drunk.” You saw Joe slowly get up and make his way to lie down next to his sister. Alfie had his camera out as he filmed Joe talk about a date he went on.

“I went on a double date to Winter Wonderland,” Joe started. You frowned as you listened to the conversation.

“No you didn’t. With who?” Alfie asked.

“I can’t say, of course. I’m being filmed.”

“Wait, but with who?”

“Two girls.”

“Just you and two girls?” Alfie questioned. Joe nodded. A weird feeling came into your stomach as you heard that.

Joe and two girls? You thought to yourself. You knew it shouldn’t have bothered you much but it did. Maybe it had to do with the fact that you were madly in love with him and have been for the past 16 years.

You lightly shook your head rid of the thought and looked back at the trio. You saw that they were all looking at you.

“Why’d you shake your head, Y/N?” Alfie asked you. His camera was facing you.

“Err…no reason. I was just thinking,” you quickly replied. Before anyone could question you anymore, you said, “right, well I think it’s time for me and Joe to go now. Come on, Joe.” You went over to Joe and lightly tugged him to stand up. He got up but suddenly fell into you. You quickly balanced yourself and him as he leaned into you. You made him throw his arm over your shoulder so that you could help him to your room. You slid your arm around his waist as you went over to the stairs.

“Bye, Y/N. Bye, Broseph,” Zoe said. “Don’t get up to anything naughty!” She winked and you rolled your eyes.

“Shut up, Zoe,” you scowled and helped Joe down the stairs. “We’ll see you guys in the morning. Goodnight!” You said as you got to the bottom of the stairs.

“Thank you for helping me, Y/N,” Joe exclaimed, grinning. “I don’t know where I’d be without my beautiful best friend!” Your stomach flipped when he called you beautiful but all feelings subsided when he called you his best friend.

Best friend, you thought. That’s all I’ll ever be to you, Joseph Sugg.

You made your way to the elevator with Joe stuck to your hip. You pressed the button to your floor as you waited. Joe’s head slowly started dropping and you quickly shook him.

“Joe, we’re nearly to our room. Stay awake a little while longer, will ya?” You uttered as the door to the elevator opened. You pulled Joe inside and made him lean against the wall for support. You let go of him and pressed the button to your floor. You stood next to him as the elevator chugged to a start.

“You’re looking hot in that outfit, Y/N,” you heard Joe say from beside you. You could tell he had a cheeky smirk on his face. You blushed as you remembered what you were wearing.

It was a white crop top with a pair of sports shorts. There wasn’t anything 'hot’ about it; it’s literally just what you wear to bed.

“Erm, thank you?” You replied, nervously. Joe laughed, deeply and you just blushed even more and looked away.

After a few seconds of a calm, yet awkward, silence, you heard Joe shuffling. From the corner of your eye, you could see Joe reposition himself. He pushed his weight off the wall so that he was standing alone.

“Joe, are you sure you’ll be okay standing alone?” You asked him. He ignored you and suddenly pushed the 'Emergency Stop’ button. The elevator halted and you spun around quickly to face Joe. “What the fuck, Joe? What do you think you’re doing?” You half-shouted at him. He still didn’t answer you. Instead, he turned to face you.

He had a look in his eye that you couldn’t decipher. You’ve never really seen that look before. It was scary, somewhat.

“Joe,” you started off, “are yo-” he grabbed your waist and pushed you against the elevator wall. Your breath hitched in your throat as your brain tried to wrap around what was happening. His face was millimeters away from yours. His eyes looked in between your eyes and your lips. “Joe, what are you do-” he never let you finish your sentence. His lips smashed into yours and you froze.

A few seconds went by and you realised what was happening. You don’t know how it happened, but you somehow found yourself kissing him back. His hands stayed put on your waist while yours managed to find themselves tangled in his hair. Joe bit your lower lip, as if asking for permission to enter, and you opened your mouth slightly. You both fought for dominance but in the end, Joe won.

After that heated make out session, you both pulled away from each other, but still in each other’s arms.

“Joe, you’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re doing,” you quickly said and slid out of his arms. You turned around so your back was to him.

“I’m not drunk pshh,” he said and you could tell he was swaying in his steps. “And I do know what I’m doing, I’m kissing the girl I love.”

Your heart started to beat really fast when he said that. But you shook it off as just Joe saying things because he’s drunk.

The elevator started up again and next thing you knew, you were on your floor.

“Well, come on, we’re here,” you said and pulled Joe out of the lift and to your room. You pushed him in, lightly, and he stumbled a bit but soon regained his composure. He went over to the bed and flopped down on one side. You went over to the other side and laid down as well. You shifted so that you were facing away from him and turned the lights off so the room was dark.

“Night, Y/N,” Joe uttered, softly, from his side.

“Goodnight, Joe,” you replied back. It was silent for the next few minutes so you thought Joe had passed out. You decided to try sleep again. But you couldn’t.

After another minute, you felt Joe shift behind you and next thing you knew, his arm was wrapped around your waist and his face was nuzzled into your hair.

You didn’t mind.

Something did catch you off guard though. It’s what Joe said next,

“I do really love you, Y/N, more than a friend.” He kissed your head.

You heart stopped beating at that and you didn’t reply. You pretended you were asleep.

Joe obviously doesn’t mean it, he’s drunk, you thought.

Or does he?

It was 11:32am and you were awoken to the sound of banging on your hotel room door.

You groaned and slid out of bed and answered the door. “What?” You said, grumpily.

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning,” Marcus said as him, Alfie, Jim and Jim’s brother, John, walked into your room. They all took a seat on the couch.

“Yeah, sure, just come in, why don’t ya?” You replied, shooting daggers at them.

“We came to wake you and Joe up as lunch is being served in less than half an hour. We would’ve woken you up at breakfast but we didn’t know what you were doing,” Jim said, adding a wink to the end of his sentence. You fake laughed and flipped him the finger. He chuckled.

“Shut up, nothing happened,” you voiced and sat on the edge of the bed.

They ignored you and Alfie asked, “is he still asleep?” You nodded. The boys looked at each other and grinned. You raised your eyebrows, unaware of their plan. “I’d move out of the way, Y/N,” Alfie said. You quickly jump up from the bed and moved aside.

All the boys jumped up from their seats on the couch and ran to the bed. One by one they all belly flopped on Joe, piling on top of him. From beneath the pile, you could hear Joe groaning.

You laughed from the sidelines and watched as Joe tried pushing all of them off of him. He was losing by far.

Soon enough, they all got off of him. “There we go, now he’s awake,” Marcus said with a smile. “We’ll leave you to it.” And then they all walked out of our room like nothing happened.

“That was probably one of the best things I’ve seen this whole trip,” you voiced with a laugh. Joe grunted from his position on the bed; he was laying on his stomach, sprawled out. You went over and laid down next to him on your back. You pushed his hair away from his eyes and said, “it’s okay, love, a nice shower will help you.”

Suddenly, everything from last night came back to you. You were about to get up but Joe grabbed your wrist and said, “can we just lay here for a bit? We can be late to lunch.” You chuckled and nodded. You laid back down but this time you laid down on your side so you could face Joe.

It was silent, just consisted of you and Joe looking into each other’s eyes. It wasn’t awkward but you broke the silence by asking, “do you remember anything from last night?”

“Yeah,” was Joe’s simple reply.

“Oh. What do you remember?”

“A lot of things. Some things I regret,” he started saying. Your heart broke. Did he regret the elevator incident? Or did he regret admitting he loved you? “Some things I don’t regret,” he finished saying. He lifted one hand and stroked your cheek. You closed your eye and nuzzled your face into his hand.

“What don’t you regret?” You asked and opened your eyes to look at him.

“Well, I don’t regret getting so drunk that you had to come get me from Zalfie’s room. I don’t regret what happened in the elevator…and I don’t regret my confession,” he stated with a soft smile on his gorgeous face. “I really do love you, Y/N, more than a friend. Heck, I’m in love with you!”

You closed the gap in between you by capturing his lips with yours. It didn’t take him long to respond and soon he pulled you over him so that you were straddling him. You pulled away from the kiss and ran your hands down his chest.

“I’m in love with you too, Joseph,” you replied with a grin. You leaned back in and kissed him. His hands slid from your back down your sides to your thighs.

“You need to wear this outfit more often,” he mumbled into your lips. You smiled and you could feel him smile into the kiss as well.


Prompt: Hiii !! Congratulation for your 6OO followers! Are your 600 Follower Celebration close? If no, can I request something with Spock and 41. Is that…lipstick? and 10. “If you hear muffled screams, consider that a request for a rescue.” ? thank you ! ;) 😊 and congratulation again!  For the Enigmatic @elenawrit

Pairing: Spock/Reader

Warnings: NAH!

A/N: I had fun with this one. It took me some time to figure out what I wanted so I’m glad I landed on this. ALSO: one more till I’m actually done with these! Then back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Word Count: 529

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  • Jim: From now on we'll be using code names. You will address me as "Eagle One"
  • Jim: Barbara. Code name: "Been There Done That"
  • Barbara: ...
  • Jim: Lee is "Currently Doing That"
  • Jim and Lee: *high five*
  • Jim: Oswald is "It Happened Once In A Dream"
  • Oswald: *winks*
  • Jim: Harvey. Code name: "If I Had to Pick a Dude"
  • Harvey: *grins*
  • Jim: And Ed is "Eagle Two"
  • Ed: Oh thank god.
Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (20/20)

Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (20/20)
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1137
Series Warnings: Some swearing, mention of death, a few injuries.
Series Masterlist so you can catch up!
A/N: Thank you all so much for taking this journey with me! I have loved writing this series and I’m sorry to see it end! Thanks for sticking with me through all the twists and turns!

Originally posted by cindyctw75

Medbay. Again. Leonard brought you to his office and sat you down on the small couch. He disappeared for a moment and returned pressing a warm cup of something into your hands and the tricorder began talking to him as he scanned you. So this is what shock felt like… nothing. You eyes slowly lifted to look at him but you didn’t really see him. You felt detached, almost as if you were floating outside your own body. Leonard was speaking to you, but it was just muffled noise, not penetrating to your consciousness. He turned his head and said something to your right. A blanket wrapped around your shoulders and the cup was removed from your stiff hands. Leonard tucked the blanket around you and gently made you lay down on the couch. A hiss and sting at your neck. Darkness….  

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