jim waterson

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can you tell us the story of when you gordon brown?

Do you remember in the EU ref when David Cameron realised he was losing Labour voters and sent Gordon Brown to Leicester to make a *Jim Waterson voice* Major Intervention™?

Much was my rejoicing, for Leicester is five minutes by train and we had never before been blessed with one of Gordon’s Interventions™.

It had the full range of Gordon staples - pacing, nerd jokes about George Brown and Lula, insulting Michael Gove, the lot. He also made a reference to ‘my-’ *wry grin* ‘-great friend, Peter Mandelson…’ which got a big laugh.

When the press got to ask questions one of them asked him about a thing he’d said and he got FURIOUS and denied having ever said the thing and insulted the journalist so I have now actually watched Gordon Brown in a rage and it’s both intimidating and oddly pitiable. Like when kids with anger management issues go nuts.

The weirdest thing is that Gordon Brown is not a huge amount taller or broader than average but he manages to project a sense that he is. He radiates a sort of compressed energy. He seems to take up twice the actual space he does. Ali Campbell feels imposing because he’s a genuinely enormous bastard but idk how Gordon Brown manages it.

Anyway it was a great day and his hair looked very nice.