jim uses his last bits of strength to smile at spock

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a prompt: spock standing close to the captains chair + accidental touching

the working title of this fic was “touchy touchy” if that tells you anything ghfjdks

Loud and Clear (read it on ao3 here)

“Hey, Spock? Could you come over here and look at this report for a second?”

Spock turned promptly from his station at the sound of his captain’s voice, catching sight of Jim’s bright smile before anything else. Spock nodded once and briskly walked over to stand at the side of the captain’s chair, placing a hand on the back of it yet still hyper-aware of making sure he did not touch Jim. However, Jim immediately leaned back, his bare neck resting against the knuckle of Spock’s thumb. He could not find it in himself to move away.

“So, see, it says here that Kollona is a desert planet, right? And I know we’re still a few days away from it, but I was doing some reading up on it and read that it has an extensive rainforest? Which would not make sense at all, obviously, but…” Jim’s voice faded out in Spock’s ears as he suddenly got a bright flash of thought through their skin to skin contact.

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OH My gosh, please write 12 for Spirk!

12. We were pretending to be lovers but I’m not pretending anymore and I have to know if you feel the same way

hoo boy

It was Jim who had the idea. The old man was sick, and dying slowly, Jim had said. It would be logical to give him some peace and act like he’s succeeded in getting us together, Jim had said. 

Spock had been inclined to agree; there was nothing his older self missed more than his Jim Kirk, Spock knew that. So, when they were invited to spend two weeks leave at Selek’s house, Jim had made the suggestion and Spock had, for some reason even he couldn’t name, agreed. It started out innocent enough, Jim told Selek to just give them one room instead of two and when they ate dinner together Jim sat closer than usual and bumped his knee against Spock’s. Selek had been overjoyed. 

A week into leave, Spock wished he had stayed on the ship.

Vulcan kisses, contrary to popular belief, were not so innocent. They were… well, they were personal, and special. Jim’s way of doing those was messy and warm and gave Spock a strange tingling sensation in his gut. Maybe those were what had done it, made him get addicted to Jim’s touch. 

He’d dreamed (dreamed, ugh) of Jim’s hands last night. 

This morning, as he sat in meditation with Selek, he had to work to keep his focus on himself. Jim was disrupting his meditation now. Great. 

“I must say,” Selek was saying “It pleases me to see that you are so comfortable around Jim at such a young age. He is- was- always illogical when it came to displays…” The old man smiled the tiniest bit “I always felt them unessesary, at least when we were young. You have become quite tempered to them however.”

“Jim is a very tactile person.” Spock muttered, and Selek made a noise not dissimilar to a chuckle. “Agreed.”

Selek was, at the end of the day, not a fool. Spock had a feeling he wasn’t as convinced as Jim thought. 

But Jim was happy. And Spock, for some reason, cared about Jim’s happiness perhaps more than his own dignity. So the first time Jim grabbed him by the collar and kissed him on the mouth, Spock kissed him back. 

Selek was pleased.

That evening, they went to their shared bedroom. Spock had offered to sleep on the floor, but Jim had insisted that they just share the bed. Jim was warm, Spock slept well, and no one suffered. 

well, Spock did. But Jim couldn’t know that. if he deveolpoed romantic feelings for his very straight very your a pointy eared bastard captain, it was none of Jim’s buisness. Mostly because Jim would probably have him court martialed. 

They left Vulcan, Spock got his bed back, and the feelings did not go away. Spock felt a little sick. he was dstracted, and afraid. he wished he could call Selek, but it would ruin their act if Spock called his counterpart and said we lied to you but now im not lying Jim makes me feel things help me. 

He manages to keep his work up to standard, despite the fact that Jim is right there feet away from him and Spock knows what his lips taste like now and he’s like an addict craving his second hit. 

Perhaps that’s why he requests to join the next landing party even though the planet is cold, because he just needs to be away from Jim for a while.

Three days in a jail cell, and he supposes he’s gotten his wish. the three other landing party members are dead, having been unable to survive the torture. They were being punished as invaders, and the aliens didn’t speak english. Through a haze of pain, he waits for the Enterprise to come for him or death to come for him. 

Another torture session, and Spock is back in his cell. His ears are ringing. 

He swears he hears engines, and phasers.

he’s probably dreaming when he feels those hands that he dreams about constantly now hoist him up. he knows he’s dreaming when he hears Spock Spock Spock please I need you to stay you have to stay please wake up you have to be okay Spock Spock please Bones help him-!

He’s on a shuttle, but it doesn’t look like one of the ones from his ship. It’s close but not exact.

“Oh good, your awake.” comes a voice, and Spock turns his head-

Jim Kirk has hazel eyes, and his uniform shirt is a different shade of yellow from the Jim he knows. He smiles a bit “How do you do, Mr. Spock?”


“Sh. don’t try to talk. Save your strength. you’ll need it when you wake up again. To answer your question; no, your not dead. Only mostly dead.”

Spock blinks, and Jim grins “The princess bride? No? fine. thanks for taking care of my husband, I was worried about him when he came to your universe.” He sighs then “that kid loves you, you know. your captain. You two have a shot, and you’ll get more years than me and my Spock got so…” His eyes were sad “Don’t waste it? please? and tell Spock- my Spock- that I said hello. And that i miss him. And that I’m waiting for him.” He grins again “Say there’s logic in the universe, He’ll get it.” 

Spock nodded once, closed his eyes, and he swore he felt Jim Kirk kiss his head before he

Jim was sitting next to him, chin on the edge of the bed. Spock blinked when he turned to look at him.

“you’ve been in a coma for 17 days and 3 hours.” Jim mumbled.”I counted them all. Don’t do that to me.”

“I think I might be in love with you” Is what Spock says “Since we pretended for Selek. Since you kissed me. I think I enjoyed it.”

“Oh. good.”


“… Can I do it again?”

“That and more, please.”

Jim grinned “It took you long enough.”

He vulcan kisses him in that messy, warm, scandlous way that would make his grandmother cringe, and Spock is content/

Despite being old and sick, Selek lives another few months. When Spock recives his things, there is a small note in the box.

I knew you two were lying. It says I appriciate the effort. I hope, more than anything, that you find true happiness with him. I will be in my true happiness, with Jim.

There is logic in the universe, young one.

Spock reads the note twice, closes the box, and goes to find his husband for Jim’s birthday party.

this got really out of hand sweet christ enjoy lissy

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Maybe some more of your mcspirk cyberpunk au? (maybe with some hurt/confort??) Ps. Your headcanons are the best ;3

Ok let’s continue where I left off the last one then. I recommend you read part 1 first: here.

  • Something is wrong with Jim. He doesn’t notice it, but Leonard does immediately, and so does Spock. Initially built as a sex robot, it isn’t unlike Jim to come home excited, shoving either Leonard or Spock against the nearest surface for a heated makeout session. But something is different when he comes home. Leonard’s sitting on the kitchen table, just focusing on the wiring in Spock’s arm. Jim opens the door to their apartment and slams the door shut. Leonard looks up. “Hey, you okay?” He asks, and it takes Jim a few seconds longer than usual to reply, but all that comes out is a simple: “Yes”, and he sits down behind Leonard’s laptop.
  • “I should go visit Pike, he’s been requesting my assistance regarding a large android haul,” Spock says, and Leonard nods. He quickly fixes the wiring in Spock’s arm and patches him up. “Be careful,” Leonard warns him, smiling faintly as Spock leans in over the table to kiss Leonard briefly. “Always,” Spock replies, and then he’s out the door. Leonard focuses on Jim instead. “Hey, what are you doing?” “Work,” Jim replies, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. When he slides down on the couch next to Jim, Jim closes his laptop and puts it down at the coffee table instead. And Jim’s hand moves to Leonard’s thigh. “Why don’t we go to bed?” He asks. “It’s early,” Leonard points out, but Jim leans in. “Not for sleeping,” he explains, kissing Leonard. A bit rougher than usual, arms sliding around his waist and he pushes Leonard down until his back hits the couch. Jim straddles his lap, lips brushing against Leonard’s. His hands push up his shirt a little, caressing hot skin. He brushes up over his chest and his shoulders, finally settling on his neck, and he finally closes his fingers around his neck. Leonard instantly gasps for air. “Jim” Leonard breathes out, his fingers clawing at Jim’s arms to try and get him away. “Jim, I can’t–” he gasps, but Jim doesn’t respond. He just stares Leonard down, those otherwise bright eyes looking surprisingly dark. He tries to reach out for his laptop, hoping to hit Jim hard enough to knock him off, but he can’t reach it. Only when his vision starts to blur and he starts to feel lightheaded, Jim suddenly lets go. Spock drags him away from Leonard and fights him on to the ground. Leonard sits up straight, gasping for air and watching Spock turning Jim on his stomach, twisting both his arms behind his back. “Leonard,” Spock warns, and Leonard stumbles over to the two of them. He presses his fingers on the back of Jim’s neck, finding the small switch to turn Jim off. When he does, Jim’s body completely stills.
  • “How is he doing?” Spock asks. Leonard has been sitting in his lab for hours on end. Jim is lying on his table, naked, wires attached to Jim’s skin. Leonard’s checked all that internal wiring, and now he’s just tirelessly scrolling through the data stored on Jim’s drive. “It just looks like his hard drive was rewritten, or something,” Leonard says, running a hand through his hair. Spock stands behind him, running his hand over his back slowly. “And how are you?” Spock asks. “Fine.” “Leonard.” “I’ll be fine once we find out how to fix Jim,” Leonard says, flinching lightly when Spock’s fingers brush too close to his neck. “Take your rest, Spock. You need to recharge.” Leonard says, and Spock nods. “You do, too.” “I’ll come soon.” Leonard says, but they both know he won’t. Not without Jim being fixed.
  • He turns Jim back on two days later. It doesn’t go nearly as well as Leonard hopes. Jim’s aggressive, writhing and trying to go after Leonard, and it takes quite a bit of Spock’s strength to stop him from actually doing so. “Hey, hey. Jim. Try to remember us,” Leonard says as Spock holds him. “I know your memory is still there, you just have to try and access it, okay?” But Jim doesn’t seem to understand. Instead he struggles, fights in Spock’s arms until Leonard powers him down again.
  • They try at least three more times over the next week, to no avail. Every time, Jim’s aggressive and non responsive. “Maybe you should think about powering him down permanently,” Pike suggests, resting his hand on Leonard’s shoulder as they look at the body on the table together. “No,” Leonard says, shaking his head. “He’s in there. I can see his data but it’s being blocked somehow.” Pike sighs, rubbing his temples. “If you need anything, let me know, okay? Whatever we can get out of him, we can use to protect the others. And also for Jim. You’re not the only one who cares about him.” Leonard sighs, running his hand through Jim’s hair softly. “I know.”   
  • Spock tries to infiltrate the corporation Jim last tried to expose. Leonard repeatedly warns him not to, but Spock doesn’t listen. He comes back barely alive, several parts of his body damaged, wiring clearly visible through the gaps of his skin. “Fuck, Spock,” Leonard groans when Spock returns home, “I told you not to get involved.” "I had to go and see if I could find anything that would help Jim progress,“ Spock says, and Leonard makes him sit down. “Did you find anything?” He asks, and Spock nods. “I’ll upload it to your laptop.” Leonard nods. “Okay, thanks. Now, let’s get your fixed up.”
  • With Spock’s new information, he powers Jim up again. This time, he’s not aggressive, but definitely disoriented and confused. “Jim,” Spock says, kneeling down in front of him, “do you remember us?” “Of course,” Jim says, voice malfunctioning just a little, and Leonard lets out a relieved sigh. 
  • It still takes Jim a while to get back to his old self. His body doesn’t always react the way it should, and it takes Leonard many nights of rewriting data to fix most of it. What also seems to help is just holding him at night; Leonard’s curled up against Jim’s side, one arm around his chest, Spock has an arm around his waist. Them being in his personal space and trusting him definitely helps Jim make the necessary progress a little faster.
  • “I’m sorry I hurt you,” Jim says one evening, fingers tracing Leonard’s neck, following the long faded bruises he once caused. Leonard tilts his head just lightly. “It’s fine.” “It’s not.” “It is, Jim. It’s not your fault. We’ll bring down the corporate who did that to you.” Leonard promises. “Pike’s getting a team ready so we can actually do that. Spock’s gonna lead that team, and then we’re going to lay low for a little while.” Jim nods slowly, and Leonard smiles when he finds that spark back in Jim’s eyes he’s missed so much over the last few weeks.
  • And Jim watches Spock sit on one of the dining table chairs, reading up on his tablet quietly. Leonard’s at the table as well, quietly tinkering on a small gadget. And for the first time in a while, Jim feels good about himself again. He gets up, sliding both his arms around Spock’s shoulders, hands sliding down his chest, and he kisses Spock’s cheek. Leonard looks up with mild interest. “How about we continue tinkering in the bedroom?” Jim asks, and Leonard huffs. “Tinkering, really?” “Yeah, I think Spock and I are due some internal maintenance.” Leonard laughs and shakes his head. “That’s the corniest thing you’ve ever said.” He says, but he definitely joins them to bed.