jim suptic

When I heard Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic from the Get Up Kids were starting a pop-punk band with a dude from the Anniversary, I was obviously pretty stoked about that.  But I couldn’t hear it in my head.

Turns out?  It sounds like early Get Up Kids within the mold of that mid-tempo pop-punk I’ve grown to love.  I’ll be playing this one all summer…

Get into it.  There’s a 7-inch to pre-order!  Hopefully there’s a full-length on the way.

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The get up kids was surprisingly good given the lack of James Dewees and some guy who looked like Shaun Cooper filling in on keyboards, despite the lack of i’ll catch you and coming clean had a good time with some Brisbane pals in town for comadre and met tumblr folk Josh.I was also surprised at how different Rob Pope looked from last time i saw them with saves the day in 2004, i guess joining a indie band like spoon will do that to you.  Live shots are by Nicole Goodwin as my phone is a retard.