jim steel


“Slipknot Evolution”

1 and 2 - “Slipknot”

3 and 4 - “Iowa”

5 and 6 - “Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses”

7 and 8 - “All Hope is Gone”

9 and 10 - “.5: The Gray Chapter”


”Invaders from Mars, creatures on the loose, mad scientists and giant robots… bogeymen, hiding under beds and in closets… I’ve always tried to show you that there’s   n o t h i n g   to be afraid of…

          That    f e a r   was in your mind. 

                          But then you showed me that the   g r e a t e s t   threat to   h u m a n i t y…

                                                            is in your   h e a r t s…. “

                                                                                                        -Superman: For Tomorrow