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That Would Be Enough (Jim Kirk x Reader)

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Pairing: AOS Jim Kirk/Reader

Rating: PG for some language and also ANGST ANGST ANGST

For: Anon

A/N: Normally I’m not the angsty type (casually brushes a certain Gotham fic under the rug) but this one spoke angst to me, so let’s see how this goes. Hope you enjoy!

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Written In The Stars
Nathan Fillion and Busy Phillipps
Written In The Stars

Written In The Stars

Cactoid Jim:

One summer day a cowboy strayed

way from his lonesome trail.

Where by a stream he spied his dream,

a cowgirl fair and pale.

The Red Plains Rider:

There in his eyes she heard the sighs of crying steel guitars.

Sweet music swelled,

and then they fell


Twas written in the stars.

Cactoid Jim: 

The leaves turned brown and tumbled down

when lo their paths did twine 

“Since summer’s passed”

The Red Plains Rider:

The cowboy asked,

Cactoid Jim: 

“Does your heart beat as mine?”

The Red Plains Rider


Cactoid Jim:

Said she,

The Red Plains Rider:

“There’ll never be

a love as true as ours”


So take my hand, for it was planned 

Twas written in the stars.

The Red Plains Rider: 

Through hoary snow and wind did blow

their hearts knew not the storm.

Hand in hand cross wintered land,

twas true love kept them warm.


In sooth it seemed they lived a dream

and wiled away the hours 

It wasn’t chance nor happenstance,

twas written in the stars.

There by that stream where all is green

there stands a tall oak tree.

They carved a heart into the bark for all eternity.

Fate sends a sign when Earth aligns

with Jupiter and Mars,

Beyond our mortal soul’s control,

it’s written in the stars.

Our story ends,

but fear not friends,

romance forever flowers.

Young lover’s eyes gaze to the skies,

it’s written in the stars.

It’s written in the stars

Music and Lyrics by Andy Paley

From The Thrilling Adventure Hour #70: “The Piano Has Been Thinking”

Sparks Nevada Quotes: Best Space Western Hero
Cactoid Jim: Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars, you are the best space cowboy that ever was. Hands down. No contest. In all of history, anywhere. In any medium. That’s not the right word, but, even if it were, it be true. Sparks Nevada, best Space Western Hero, all time, ever.  Sparks Nevada: And you are… a super close second. – Nathan Fillion as Cactoid Jim, saying the delightful (and erroneous!) things that The Bens put in his mouth The Thrilling Adventure Hour #184 // Sparks Nevada Marshal on Mars // “The Once and Future Thing"

ok but like musicians!au mckirk: x

  • Leonard McCoy is a down and dirty blues singer. He’s had the same old beat up guitar since he saved up for it at sixteen. He made a living for himself and is on the rise, staying humble while reaching for the stars. 
  • Jim Kirk is a classically trained violinist. Raised by a single mother, he was pushed to his limits by her, and now he holds a top spot in a world renowned orchestra. However, his heart just isn’t in his music like it was before.
  • Leonard is dragged to the symphony by his agent, Nyota, because her boyfriend Spock is a cellist. Leonard is all grumbles, because classical always puts him to sleep but Nyota raves on and on about this new violinist that even has Spock green with envy. 
  • Leonard almost dozing off until a young blonde guy, who is younger than even McCoy himself, steps into the spotlight and delivers a stunning solo. His notes rise above even the the rest of the orchestra, and they make McCoy ache from within, like he’s heard the song in a past life.
  • Leonard McCoy meeting Jim for the first time and they hit it off almost immediately. They compare calluses, talk about their instruments, and play for each other every once and a while. 
  • Leonard writing a song about Jim. Jim weaving a beautiful melody about Leonard.
  • They re-find what makes them love to play music within each other. Jim finally finding that spark that makes him move crowds to tears with a stroke of his bow.
  • Jim buying Leonard a new guitar, and it being the only other one that Leonard will ever use. 

anonymous asked:

would you write a mckirk thing? where jim and bones are at a party for an ambassador and bones really hits it off with the ambassador, who's flirting up a storm with bones and asks him to go back to his quarters later. it really depresses jim after bones leaves and he excuses himself. he doesn't see bones until the next day and bones confronts him about being so emotionally flat and jim confesses he's been trying to win over bones' heart for years and the ambassador did it in an hour

“I don’t like it.”

“Captain, there is nothing here for you to dislike." 

"Bones is supposed to be at my side, griping about the food or making sure I don’t have an allergic reaction.” Jim spots a waiter with a purple looking hors d'oeuver on it and gets an idea. Definitely something in that that’ll make his throat sieze.

“Captain,” Spock says, as if he can read his mind. “I do not think that is wise.”

Jim takes another gulp of his champagne. “You’re probably right.”

But Bones has hit it off with Ambassador Llenga, a beautiful exotic woman with deep set purple eyes and almost sparking freckles. Jim didn’t know Bones was into it but apparently the Ambassador has charmed his CMO as Bones has laughed more in the last two hours than he ever did at all these past events combined. 

Jim sighs and then notices the the Ambassador and Bones are coming over and he downs the rest of the champagne, much to Spock’s dismay. 

“Hey,” Jim says, trying to keep his hands relaxed at his side and his brain from making his mouth blurt out something inappropriate. Don’t start another diplomatic incident just because you’re jealous, Kirk. 

“We were thinking of heading out early. You okay here?” Bones asks, his eyes running over Jim in the way that he always does, like the mother hen that he is. 

“Fine. Have fun.” He nearly winces at how flat his tone is or how Bones looks a bit taken back but neither he nor the Ambassador say anything as they walk away, her beautiful green dress trailing after her as she touches Bones’ shoulder. 

He goes to find another flute of champagne before leaving, not giving a damn how it looks. 


He’s only slightly hungover the next morning and uses this as an excuse to not answer Bones when he chimes in Jim’s quarters. 

“Fuck you,” Bones says when Jim mumbles something and at first Jim thinks he’s kidding but when he looks up into Bones face, there is no humor in his eyes. 

Bones is mad. Generally angry. 

“What?” Jim demands, with a little more heat than intended, plopping down on the couch. 

“You going to tell me what that was about last night?”

Jim shrugs. 

“Don’t be such an asshole. I actually find someone to spend time with and you act like a fucking Vulcan. You know I used to tell Uhura that you weren’t as emotionally constipated as you seemed, that there was some hope for you. But I was wrong.”

Jim’s brow furrowed, unsure where the hell this was coming from. Where the fuck was any of this coming from? He tapped his fingers against his pajama clad knee and made a decision. 

“I was jealous.”

“What?” Bones asked, making a face Jim wished he had a camera to take a holo of. 

“I was jealous of you…and the Ambassador. I didn’t want to see you go off with her.”

“Because you wanted her? Christ Jim, you could have just said something.”

Jim let his head collapse into his hands and he groaned. “No. Because I want you, jackass.”

Silence. Here it goes. The end of an era. 

“For how long?”

Jim peeks up at Bones from between his fingers. “I don’t know. For a while now.”

Bones licks his lips. Nods. And then fucking laughs. Throws his head back and laughs and Jim is just done, because Bones saying something in anger? Stomping away? Slamming the door? That was a reaction he had considered? Laughter? No. 

But then Bones crosses the distance between them and kneels in front of Jim and picks Jim’s head up from where it is now useless against his hands. 

And then Bones leans forward and kisses him on the corner of the mouth. “I’ve been in love with you for longer.”