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Imagine confronting Jim about his flirting

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It had weeks, no months of endless flirtation between the extremely charming Captain and yourself. But it was at a current stand still, because neither of you really knew if the other was truly interested. Or the flirting was just platonic fun. But for you, it was far from platonic. Jim was adventurously fun, extremely kind and well, the man was looker.

So feeling fed up with the entire situation and with a little liquid courage from Chekov, you waltzed into the turbolift and headed to the Bridge. Once the lift doors opened, you looked over to the Captain who was sitting in the command chair.

“Permission to come aboard, Captain.”

Jim looked over his shoulders and smiled when he saw you standing there, he granted the permission and asked what he could do for you. Oh, the things you wished you could tell him.

You walked over to his side and he smiled up at you. “Everything okay, Commander?”

Taking a deep breath and let’s face it, a leap of bravery, you spoke. “No, franky everything’s not okay.”

Jim shifted in his seat, his eyes blinked in panic. “What’s going on? Are you hurt? Is everything okay down with Scotty?”

He attempted to rise from his seat, but you held out hand to stop him. “I’m not hurt and everything is fine with Scotty. It’s just, well.”

“Tell me,” he smiled softly at you.

“Well, Jim. It’s just we’ve been doing this back and forth flirting for months now. And I really do enjoy spending time with you, I think you’re a great person.” You paused for a brief moment to a get sense of his disposition. The man was just smiling contently, nodding his head to your words. You gazed around the room and lowered your voice before speaking again. “And I understand you’re the Captain and you might not want to mix business with pleasure. So if that’s the case, then for the love of god stop flirting with me.”

You gripped at your red uniform dress and waited for a response from your Captain. Jim chuckled and stood up from his seat, “Are you done?”

“Yes,” you replied with fake annoyance.

“Well,” he stepped toward you, filling in the space that separated you from him. “I was just telling Bones this morning that it was about time I asked you out on a date. He had graciously offered to give me a few culinary tips for the meal I was planning to cook.”


“You do like chicken? There are a few benefits when it comes to being Captain. I had a mini kitchen set up in my quarters. Sometimes a home cooked meal is needed.”


Jim laughed and smiled toward the ground before looking up at you. “So, what do you say? Dinner tonight?”

Your heart beated fast and your hands were a little sweaty, but his blue eyes beamed at you and that was all you needed. “God, yes.”

Jim smirked and reached for your hand, giving it a light squeeze. “Tonight, then.”


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I like to think that the senior crew just fell into an impromptu cuddle pile in the lobby of Yorktown’s central plaza right after Jim, Bones and Spock landed.

It probably started with Jim dropping his weight by Bones’ side so that Bones sneaks his arm around him. Then it was Spock holding onto Jim’s shoulder and joined by Nyota who stepped into their circle, face close and breathing in Spock’s air with one hand slipped into Jim’s and the other clutching at Spock’s jacket.

Pavel would have walked exhaustedly towards his seniors and then faceplanted, still standing mind you, into Bones’ free shoulder. His bruised hand reached across to latch on Jim’s jacket. Hikaru would have taken a moment to lean on Pavel’s other side with one hand in his friend’s hair and the other stretched to rest on the side of Jim’s face. He can spare a minute of this with his siblings before running out to the civilian shelter to find his husband and child.

And then Scotty would come in a slight jog with Jaylah trailing behind, all security matters dropped to the Yorktown Commander. He slotted himself between Nyota and Jim, one arm around each of their waist. A bit of a snug fit, but it’ll do. Jaylah hesitates before Nyota reached out and pulled her in, Scotty shifting so that she can fit without it being too stifling for her. She doesn’t touch, doesn’t feel free enough to do it, but she basked in their warmth.

It’s pretty weird. You’re an officer running to and from the wreckage of the Franklin, but you slow down your manic sprint to stare a little at the huddled crew in the middle of the hall.

It’s weird, but no one bothers them. It’s a bubble of peace and relief amidst the bustling of emergency respondents and panicking civilians.

S'chn T'gai Spock secretly enjoys it when:

- Bones calls him darlin’
- Uhura sings along with his harp-playing
- Jim drools on his shoulder in his sleep
- humans find his actions amusing even though he never jokes. Never.
- whales
- his mother gets in the last word with Sarek
- he has people in his life who love him absolutely and will risk their fucking lives and careers to bring him back from the dead

Prompt: “Bones request of being Jim’s sister who is Scotty’s second in command and when they dock on a planet and every gets some free time the reader goes out with an old friend and Bones can’t hide his jealously and Scotty and Jim call him out on it but also threaten him if he hurts her??” - Anon

Word Count: 2,379

Author’s Note: Not really anything momentous to say about this one, it was fun to write :) Enjoy my dears!

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Imagine trying to tell Jim a secret.

You walk slowly toward the Bridge, nerves filling your veins. Haltering at the door, you look over to Jim.

“Captain, may I have a word?” Your voice tighten with fake calmness.

Jim looks over his shoulder, a wide smirk on his face.


He stands up from his seat and walks over to you, Uhura raises her eyebrow at you. You mouth “later” to her and she nods with a smile. Jim follows you out of the Bridge and into the corridor.

“Have I told you today how beautiful you look?”

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do you ever die thinking about spock just stroking jim’s shoulder when jim is stressed like on the bridge or the elevator or wherever. he sends Calm Thoughts to his boyfriend and looks at him softly


the mark of angor rot is permanent. after all, blinky calls it a “fate worse than death,” which means it must have some other side effects besides just allowing angor rot to control daylight (sword.) after all, it doesn’t seem to effect his shield or dagger-boomerangs that had been unlocked by the birthstones. needless to say it’’s a very dramatic claim made by blinky to have said that if there wasn’t more to it.

as i’ve already prosed in replies before, i think it’s marked jim’s soul – as magic related/tied to the soul seems pretty ingrained with angor’s schtick, being able to imprint, bind or effect another’s in some way is most definitely worthy of the claim ‘worse than death.’ after all, even when angor rot dies, it will always be there. a gold blemish on an otherwise untainted heroic soul.

i think post death of angor, it poses very little threat because i doubt there are trolls potent in magic enough to wield the same kind of power as angor did, however should jim come across someone who was able to, i.e the witch who had granted angor his power in the first place, they most definitely could harness the mark.

weaker magic users would be able to detect the mark upon him, but if anything it serves as, well, an actual mark. a magical sign that pretty much says “this is angor rot’s hunt.” ironically this might actually serve to deter lesser foes going after jim, at the expense that, oh yeah, angor rot is hunting him. not exactly the best payoff.

i’ve also already mentioned in passing, but the mark actually burns jim when in use. not any physical pain; it more or less burns his soul. he is always in a state of constant pain when in the vicinity of angor if he decides to activate the mark. it’s a slow, torturous pain than anything deliberating. 


Jim cast you a brief sideways glance, his phaser trained on the man in front of him. “You okay?” he asked, keeping his voice level and authoritative.

You nodded, panting softly as you struggled to catch your breath. You stumbled over to stand beside your captain, holding your side. “I’ll survive,” you grunted, your fingers sticky with blood. You were injured, yes, but nothing Bones couldn’t fix once you got back to the ship.

Jim turned his full attention to the criminal, pulling out a pair of Federation handcuffs, “You’re under arrest for kidnapping a officer of the United Federation of Planets,” he announced, moving forwards to apprehend him. The alien let out a snarl, whipping out his weapon and firing wildly before Jim managed to stun him.

“[f/n]?” Jim called as he made sure the criminal couldn’t move. You let out a groan, splayed out on your back in the dirt, clutching at the hole scorched in your shoulder. Jim sprang to his feet, darting to your side and whipping out his communicator.

“Kirk to Enterprise, requesting immediate medical transportation. [f/n] is hurt, repeat, [f/n] is hurt.”

“Understood, preparing for transport,” came the crackling reply.

“Stay with me, [f/n],” Jim’s voice was tight with concern as he pressed his hands over the wound, hoping to slow the bleeding. You hissed in pain at the pressure, gritting your teeth.

“That’s gonna leave a scar, huh?” you grunted, forcing a tight-lipped grin.

Jim couldn’t help but let out an incredulous laugh, “Yeah, probably.”

You gave your best approximation of a shrug, “Better than dead, huh?”

Jim felt his heart leap in relief as he felt the familiar tingling sensation of the transporter, “Yeah, definitely better.”

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thinks about the time james lake jr electrocuted himself to kill the stalkling and must have fell hundreds of feet from the sky in a middle of a storm. 

thinks about the fact that during that time he was also slowly being asphyxiated from the thinning air 

thinks about how, up until this point the toughest fight he’d faced was draal twice and both times ended up in a massive beatdown before he won the rematch.

james lake jr is soft, and he’s very gentle. but he is not weak.

The captain’s breath beats a soothing rhythm against Spock’s shoulder.

This occurrence, Jim’s head lilting after a stretch of affable silence to bridge the narrowing gap between them and fall against Spock’s shoulder, has reoccurred for the past six nights. What awoke him that first night and urged him to the observation deck, Spock does not know; perhaps the captain’s heavy footfall in his adjacent quarters, or a lingering disturbance in his cerebral cortex from the heightened events of the previous morning. All he had known was a compelling desire to leave the confines of his quarters and seek the calming openness of space.

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bones throws jim a surprise party and at first jim can’t help but feel awkward. no one had ever celebrated his birthday before, not for real. his mother had kissed his forehead and tried to hide her eyes, red from crying; bones knew without asking that what jim needed most was a drink and some room to breathe. 

until now. bones throws jim a surprise party and he’s surrounded by his beaming crew and something dislodges inside his chest. he finds himself laughing even though he kind of wants to cry. 

i love you, he thinks, and he hopes every single one of them can somehow hear him. he hopes they know. his crew. I love you.

people begin to trickle away as the evening wanes until, eventually, it’s just him and bones left. they sit side by side on the couch and stare out at the skeleton of their ship. jim leans into bones’ warmth and bones slings an arm around his shoulders and jim is taken back to the first time they sat like this, way back at the academy, watching the stars from a rooftop and hoping, hoping, hoping. 

jim can hardly believe there was a time when he existed without bones by his side. bones pulls him closer and kisses the top of his head and jim never wants to exist without him again. 

“happy birthday, darlin,” bones says, and for the first time, jim thinks the words feel right.

I'm Still Here (Jim Hawkins X Reader)

Fandom: Treasure Planet
Pairing: Jim Hawkins X Reader
Word Count: 1,186 (SO SHORT I’M SORRY)
Prompt Given: Reader could possibly be a long lost daughter of John Silver who is a stowaway on the ship. Reader is a bit wild, fierce, and sassy but she gets along well with Captain Amelia because she’s quite a good shot. Reader is rather upset that her father treats Jim more as his son than her as his daughter (Silver probably just wanted a son) and all this time Reader has been trying to prove herself to him. She doesn’t really have a home because she’s been traveling from ship to ship in search of her father.

You grumbled to yourself as Silver walked by, his arm slung around Jim’s shoulders as they shared a joke about something that you “wouldn’t understand”. Captain Amelia raised an eyebrow at you, her eyes following your line of sight.

She sighed and clapped you on the shoulder. “Chin up, dear. You know he doesn’t mean anything by it. Jim’s just…a boy.”

You gritted your teeth together. “I understand that but,” You frowned. “I learned this,” You gestured to the knot you were tying. “All of it, for him. I grew up hearing these stories about my father and I did everything I could to be like him, and then when I finally meet him after sixteen bloody years, he treats me like I’m just another sailor.”

Amelia blinked in surprise when you suddenly wound your arms around her torso and buried your face in her chest. “There, there.” She tried to soothe, patting your back awkwardly.

“I’m sorry, Captain.” You said, pulling away immediately. “It just hurts. Do you mind if I take a break? I, uh,” You patted the gun at your hip, smiling at her even though there were tears in your eyes. “Feel the urge to shoot something.”

She shook her head. “Not at all. Take all the time you need.” You started to walk away when her voice stopped you. “And __y/n__?”

You raised an eyebrow at her.

“Maybe try talking to your father about this? And Jim? It might do you some good.”

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