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Meeting the Ipliers

When you get transported to the world of where all the Ipliers of the Universe meet and you meet the Ultimate

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Guys I know we’re all excited about Mark bringing back the egos but pause for a minute and think about how Chica must be feeling.

She has like 10 dads now she must be so excited.

The Egos and Pizza Toppings

Wilford Warfstache: Pineapple and Ham pizza. Literally because he’s chaotic and loves it because Mark can’t stand it. But also because he always has to eat something sweet. The man practically runs on sugar.

Bing: Super Rad 4 Meat pizza, broski. So sick! Freaking bacon and ham dude. Check out this sweet kick flip!

The Googles: Vegetarian pizza, with spinach and mushrooms. Although Oliver picks off everything and just likes plain cheese pizza (especially with stuffed crust).

Bim Trimmer: Pepperoni deep dish pizza all the way. He also prefers a darker brown crust and slightly burnt cheese that reminds him of the times he’d get pizza after recording a late night for the old game show network he worked for.

Ed Edgar: Barbecue Chicken Ranch pizza. Just like his momma used to make! A dash o’ spice and savor with a lot of flavor. He’s a sucker for anything with ranch on it.

The Host: Supreme pizza. He enjoys being able to recognize all of the different flavors and components of a well made pizza and discern them for himself. But he absolutely hates green pepper.

Silver Shepherd: Sausage and stuffed crust pizza. He can’t help but enjoy pulling the cheese out of the crust and eating it first.

The Jims: Half Sausage, Half Pepperoni pizza. Those two boys can never seem to agree on anything, and that doesn’t change when it comes to pizza either.

King Of The Squirrels/Yandere: Extra Cheese pizza with stuffed crust and golden brown edges. These two are little kids at heart and love any and everything with cheese. And when given the chance, share with Oliver, because he hates the vegetarian pizza the other Googles like so much.

Dark: Nothing..? He refuses to admit he actually eats or partakes in humanesque activities such as gluttony, but he secretly has a soft spot in his heart for a warm slice of supreme pizza with extra olives.


Antisepticeye: Pinepple Ham Bacon pizza. Anti has been known to kick in every now and then when it’s pizza night for Sean and Signe. He can’t help himself. He usually hates mortal food, but that damn pizza is fantastic!

What music would the egos listen to?

I’m having a very hard time figuring out what music the other egos (Bim, the Jims, Yandereiplier, King of the Squirrels, Silver Shepherd, Dr. Iplier, Ed Edgar), but I thought these were good and I wanted to post them. So i hope you enjoy and suggest some genres for the others! 

Dark: So Dark is sophisticated and eloquent, so I think Dark would listen to classical music. Anything from Beethoven to Tchaikovsky and he will sit in his office and listen to it as he does his work. The other egos get annoyed that when he has control of the aux cord (which is becoming less and less often because of the genre of music he listens to) he plays his classical music.

Wilford: While Wilford is very sarcastic and impulsive, his music does not exactly correlate to his personality. He is very into the “bubble gum” pop genre of music. His pink aesthetic is representative of the kind of music that he listens to. Favorite artists include The Archies, The Monkees, One Direction and Britney Spears. When Wilford has control of the aux cord, the other egos are able to tolerate the music coming through the speakers, but not for long, especially Dark.

The Host: The Host is blind, so he is very dependent on his hearing. His personality suggests that he would listen to something along the lines of My Chemical Romance, but he is more likely to be listening to classic rock. He is similar to Dean Winchester in the sense that he enjoys Led Zeppelin and Motley Crue. If anything, the other egos tolerate his music taste the most because he is very flexible when he has the aux cord, and his taste in music is very likable by all of the egos, including Dark.

Google: He is very technical, and he appreciates the skill that goes into music, but he is also a HUGE FRICKEN NERD, so he really likes video game soundtracks. He listens to anything from 8-bit Mario themes to the Undertale soundtrack. But, along with that, he is also fascinated by the “light show” music  videos on YouTube. When he has the aux cord, the other egos immediately hand him a pair of headphones as the video game soundtracks remind them of Mark.


Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (2012) #1 (of 9)

“I go to all the trouble to rescue you, and you two are in here making out? You’re prisoners. Prisoner don’t stand around making out with each other. Do they?”

I love Tommy so much, even if it’d be nice to get a kiss after such a tender moment.

Imagines- Ego Outing

So I came up with this idea last week when I went out with family and just imagined all 17 egos going out somewhere together. What a sight that would be, but it never does go as planned…

All 17 of them together is a rare occurrence, but they do go out on group trips from time to time just to escape from the stress of trying to take control again.

Ed, looking like a cowboy wanna be as usual, would act as the dad of the group. He has to keep everyone in line and make sure they’re all aware of where they’re going.

Silver still insists on wearing his costume and acts as the mum, staying at the back of the group to make sure no one is left behind and if necessary, offering support when one of the egos, usually king or bop since they never look where they’re walking, trips and hurts themselves.

The googles are the satnavs. Google walks beside Ed and helps him navigate whilst the others check for points of interest or search for places to eat when everyone starts to get hungry, which is usually looking for ice cream shops in Oliver’s case.

King and Bop are the kids, despite the fact that King is one of the oldest egos. They’re constantly wandering off and getting distracted by the littlest of things. Bing is the unfortunate one who has to be responsible for them and constantly runs off to see where they’ve gone to. Usually he’ll find King running around with squirrels whilst Bop is singing to himself. Bing always informs Chrome when he’s leaving so no one will think he’s gone missing, like the time they lost Will and everyone panicked, but they found him a few streets away in a pet shop playing with puppies.

Bim sticks with the Jims, chatting about how beautiful the day is or how he wants to buy that gorgeous but expensive suit he just passed. They usually hang back if the others go into a shop and prefer to sit somewhere quiet and spend time together. Bim hates crowds is he’s in the middle of them. When it’s a crowd in the audience of his show, he isn’t as bothered, but being trapped in between people in a shop or on the street is a nightmare, so the Jims make sure they stand either side of him to act as a barrier against other people.

The Jims are responsible for planning. Jim2 look ahead at the weather forecast, always predicting it correctly to be able to plan the perfect activity for the day, whilst Jim1 allows his visions to become clearer so he can makes sure nothing disastrous will happen. He also gives the egos traffic updates if driving is involved.

The Host holds onto Dr Iiplier. Although he can ‘see’ relatively well with his narrating, when in public he prefers the extra support and guidance from someone he trusts with his life. The doc describes little things that Host wouldn’t necessarily pick up on, like a single flower growing away from the rest or a ladybird that had just landed on the Host’s bandage. Even if The Host could already ‘see’ these things, he appreciates and relaxes to Iplier’s calming voice.

Dark hates group outings. He cares deeply about the egos since they’re basically his brothers (doesn’t mean he likes them though), but he hates normal people. Anyone who even looks at him or his fellow egos the wrong way will feel a dark, heavy aura wrap around them. If it wasn’t for the fact that Will often holds Dark back whenever he tries to lunge at someone or prevents his aura from controlling anyone by emitting his own pink aura to counteract the effects, the demon would have an army of zombified humans under his influence walking behind him.

Yandere is also like a child, but with a twist. He can pull of the innocent act quite well, but if any ‘normal’ person tries to approach Dark, not only will Dark start to snarl, but Yan will ready himself to hunt down and kill said person. Dark isn’t Yan’s senpai, but Yan looks up to Dark and treats him in the same way. Rule one with Yandere: touch his obsession and you’re going to heaven (more like hell once he’s finished)

Will just loves being outside with everyone, although most of his concentration is focused on Dark and Yandere, making sure they don’t kill anyone. Will always thinks to himself ‘who’ll watch me if I want to kill someone?’ but he knows that, as the leader, he has to set a good example for the others and make a good impression on anyone who sees them. Out in public is the only time Will ever accepts that he needs to be responsible because he knows that if anything happens, the blame will fall on him automatically. He does, however, take the time out to sign autographs and pose for pictures when his adoring fans approach him.

In the end, they finally reach wherever they’d panned to go to and later on, head somewhere like a park or the beach to sit down and enjoy the ‘human’ world before heading home.

etc-please  asked:

I absolutely love how you draw the egos(art style and dialogue) I've all ways imagined an slice of life story or comic with the egos but people are always so focused on angst and Dark being abusive(so I guess this is the closet I'm gonna get lol) if not sure if you take recommendations but you should totally put mark in one of your short stories I wanna see how'd he'd react to all of the stuff they get up to. Also Good luck with you Mark and dark comic you're making :3

Imma post it on another thing because my laptop is freezing…. but thank you!

The Ipliers

So, correct me if I’m wrong, but Bim Trimmer and the Silver Shepherd are the only ones that were seated at that table that are the least sinister in any way. Ed was selling children (including his own son), Dr. Iplier is just a tad sinister (he knows that death and stuff is happening when he has no way to know of them), The Host is not the least sinister person (Danger In Fiction Part II.), Darkiplier doesn’t need an explanation, Googleplier wants to destroy humanity, and Warfstache has murdered multiple people. Mark has other egos that aren’t evil but they weren’t seated at the table (Jim and Jim, the King of the Squirrels). I just found it interesting that out of 8 “main” characters, 6 were sinister.

Dark with a dog

Okay, but imagine Dark with a dog like Chica. Like a big fluff ball that he is in charge of and like instead of training her to kill, he trained her to be this sweet, innocent puppy. Like, the other egos see Dark with the dog and they’re all terrified that they’re going to get eaten by the dog, but the Host is the only one with the sense to go up to her and pet her and she just cuddles up to him and licks his face.

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (2012) #1 (of 9)

Back when the Young Avengers was really taking off on tumblr a few years ago, I was a little confused on where they had come from. I was familiar with Young Justice over at DC but since I had been spending so much time with DC stuff it was like, to me, the Young Avengers just appeared out of the blue. 

So I didn’t know where to start to catch up so it was actually this limited series that was my first real introduction to the team. That might seem fairly random (and it is) but as such this story has kind of held a special  place for me as one of the reasons I began getting invested in Marvel again after years of having gone turncoat in aggravation and sticking with DC instead. 

But let’s talk about this cover: this is like, basically a movie poster. They could not fit more dynamic character poses into this if they tried. And while there’s definitely some math problems so far as even rep for girls and boys, I do like that Kate and Cassie get like actual poses instead of just busts out looking vaguely sexy. 

Wanda gets the short end of that particular stick. Her head’s not nearly as big and menacing looking as Steve and Tony’s!

Carol’s.. there. Much like her role in the comic itself. But we’ll get further into that.


Can someone write a Darkiplier x reader where the reader is so in love with him, they can’t see that he’s just using and manipulating them. He acts like he cares for her and loves her dearly, but it’s all a show, that they can’t see. And all the other egos kinda feel bad for the poor, hopelessly in love reader. Idk, I just wanted something sad and messed up XD. Thx. If you’ve written it out, please notify me_____________ Finished: http://melissatreglia.tumblr.com/post/163686066882/you-give-love-a-bad-name-nsfw

Out on a Limb

It’s the chapter you’ve all been waiting for. The resolution to the climax and the finale to a fic I never imagined would get so huge. What started out as a silly oneshot idea became a beast all its own, and though it’s been a hassle to wrangle at times, I don’t regret letting it grow to its full potential- wild and crazy as it might be.

It’s kind’ve a tree pun get it cause… nevermind.

The support and love for this fic has been astonishing and appreciated. I never thought so many people would be into it, or into the King’s shenanigans, so count me (and him) happily surprised! As one of Mark’s oldest egos, he really deserves more love, and hopefully I’ve sparked a little something in the community by writing this. Let’s never forget our nutty monarch.

I have to give a final thank you to @angstphilosophy for putting up with me and all the horrible things I did to his favorite ego, and of course @alcordraws for all the inspiration and support. If you aren’t following them yet, go.

So here it is, everybody. Hope you enjoy it, and I’ll see YOU, in the next fanfic. Buh-bye~

AO3 Mirror

Chapter 13: a brand new court

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Mark’s Birthday

So here’s a little thing I wrote at 8:30am about the egos celebrating Mark’s birthday since today is the day! Markimoo is 28

Mark hears a knock on his door and walks over to find 16 versions of himself standing in the doorway. He panics and quickly pulls them inside, not wanting to draw attention to himself with his alter egos.

Will is the first to approach Mark with his neatly wrapped present. The wrapping paper is obviously pink, and so is the bow on top.
“Happy birthday Mr Markiplier,” he wiggles his moustache and beams at Mark.
Inside the gift is a new fake, pink moustache and a pair of pink socks with pink moustaches on them. A laugh erupted from Mark’s throat as he looked down at the simple little gifts that Will clearly thought hard about.

Ed and Silver approached next. Silver’s hands were behind his back and Ed was holding out a plate of chicken and dumplings.
“We know you like this stuff, so Sil and I took a stab at making ‘em for ya,” for the first time, Ed’s expression was soft and caring.
Silver nodded as he nervously smiled, the egos shy nature kicking in around so many people. Mark started to feel emotional. He’d left some of these egos behind for years and yet here they were, making an effort just for him.

King offered Mark a jar of his best peanut butter.
“Can I please spend the day petting Chica,” he asked politely.
Mark of course said yes and accepted the jar too. He knew how much King loved his peanut butter, so such a gesture meant a lot to the wacky ego. Watching his run off and pull Chica in to hug as she started to lick the peanut butter off of King’s face made Mark’s heart swell.

Google walked over with his little group of search engines; the four googles and Bing. They all lined up behind him, Google standing dead centre, with his eyes and G glowing brightly. Each android followed, their own eyes lighting up and the symbol on their chest illuminating.
“As long as we are here today, I can assure you that you will have faster WiFi and no technical issues with your computer, games or any recordings will occur” Google spoke, his voice still cold and emotionless but his small smile showing that the robot could feel something.
The others grinned, even Bing, who was proud of himself for being useful.

Everyone spreads out, some heading to the living room to sit down whilst others ran off to explore a house they’ve never physically been in. Will admired everything he saw with Mark’s logo on since it did, after all, have his iconic moustache which had adopted the name of the Warfstache.

The Jims and Bop came up to Mark later on after everyone had finally found somewhere to sit or something to do.
“We don’t have a gift,” Jim1 spoke, “we simply wanted to thank you for bringing us to life.”
“If it wasn’t for you,” Jim2 added, “we wouldn’t even be regarded as alter egos.” 
All three were thankful for their new life. Bop sang ‘happy birthday’ in his own, unique assortment of mouth noises, and The Jims added the lyrics over the top. Everyone else slowly joined in as they heard. The three cheers that followed shook the house as 16 men with deep and powerful voices all yelled ‘hip hip hooray’.

Yandere found Mark in the kitchen when he was preparing a few snacks for everyone.
“Mark, I insist that you let me help you. This is your day,” Yan grabbed a knife and started chopping the carrots.
Mark tried to conceal his smile when he saw the younger ego so eager to help him out despite that fact that underneath the innocent schoolgirl look, he was in fact a coldblooded killer, although so was half of the group.

Mark brought out a few plates of snacks, ranging from the healthy alternative of carrot sticks to the extremely unhealthy option of rich, chocolate brownie pieces. There was more than enough to feed the hungry egos, and Mark even brought out the chicken and dumplings from Ed and Silver to share with the group.

Dr Iplier handed Mark another present after the snacks had been devoured. Bim also handed over a similar present. Both were small, neatly wrapped, and had ‘To Mark’ written on a label. Inside the docs was stethoscope.
“I thought it would be useful for any of your sketches where you needs props,” Iplier stated.
Meanwhile, Bim’s present had two small plant pots. They were shaped like people, a male and female figure, one with a drawn on pink moustache and the other with coloured in blonde hair.
“It’s you and Amy,” Bim excitedly exclaimed, “so you can both have your own special friend. They won’t die either, trust me.”
Bim winked and giggled, happy he could finally hand this gift over after months of planning and practicing his abilities to ensure whatever was planted would live as long as Mark did.

The Host was the last of the egos to speak to Mark, right at the end of their day together once everyone had left. He handed him a leather bound book with the words ‘The story of Mark Edward Fischbach’ imprinted on the front.
“The Host wrote this for Mark. He knows that sometimes Mark doesn’t feel like he’s done enough or doesn’t believe he deserves the fame and popularity he has, but The Host insists that everything here is well deserved. In this book, The Host has written about Mark’s life, including every detail he could possibly imagine, accompanied by handwritten notations from all of us. Some of the notes are there to tell you that a particular event or scenario shows why deserve this life, whereas others are simply funny comments to make you smile. The Host hopes you enjoy it.”
Mark didn’t realise he’d started crying until he felt The Host’s hand gently wipe away a few tears. He didn’t deserve such kindness from any of them, but every ego had turned up and spent the day with him just because Mark had been alive 28 years. He opened the book to a random page to see a glittery pink note above a circled sentence. The sentence read ‘This video became one of a short series about the strange reporter, including a couple of videos following his murderous antics’ and the pink note above read ‘Wilford Warfstahce was born!’.

However, one ego hadn’t joined the rest of them.

After everyone went home, Mark was jumpscared by his demonic double. Dark’s grin was as menacing as ever and his aura drained the colours of the room.
“Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, old friend. See, I remembered your birthday…” his voice shook the room and the high pitch buzz echoed inside Mark’s head.
He realised why Dark was so annoyed. He had forgotten it was Dark’s birthday just over a week ago and hadn’t realised until he found the sea of posts on Tumblr about it.
“Why don’t you stop being edgy, sit down with me and we can play some games together, like old times.”
Neither man particularly like the other, Mark grinned as the ego sighed in defeat and joined him, picking up a controller. Dark’s present to Mark was allowing his perfect facade to drop, revealing the demon beneath. He showed his true nature, which on this night, was just a competitive child. He wasn’t trying to manipulate anyone. He just wanted a bit of fun and for once, he didn’t care about regaining the control he deserved. The greyscale man sat beside Mark, growling at every defeat and cheering at every victory, was acting like a real human, which was the best present Mark could receive.

You know what I want?

I want a five issue mini series, at least, of Billy and Tommy going on an epic adventure, settling once and for all who their grandparents are, and becoming closer as friends and brothers, maybe fighting some bad guys. Damn it Marvel, do it.

And I need this conversation. 

“Why did you leave?” Billy asked softly, almost a whisper. 

“Because I couldn’t stay,” said Tommy, “It hurt too much.”


Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (2012) #1 (of 9)

“And you think I have the power to do something like that… Because you believe Tommy and I really are the sons of the Scarlet Witch?”

“Here we go…”

“Tommy has doubts, but how else do you explain a speedster and a witch named “Thomas” and “William” who could be twins?”

What, it’s been months and Tony can’t be bothered to fork a few hundred dollars and have you two DNA tested? You’re going to tell me that at the very least the two of you still haven’t confirmed you’re twins? Or that SHIELD or Tony Stark himself doesn’t have a DNA sample for one of their longest timed members turned most feared mutant on the planet?

No one’s given anyone a paternity test?

But I suppose that level of thinking would also mean like… Tommy and Billy having to think of how weird it is to be on a team with a teenage version of their former kind of dad?

Nevermind, it’s okay, that’d be a weird thing to think about. Leave this giant plot hole in its place instead. 

I do love Billy calling out the Avengers on the hypocrisy of how they handle people though. I always love when heroes get called on these things because it’s like. At least the writer’s can admit that they’re making the characters contrived to justify what they’re doing. And you can feel that way and still love the characters on the receiving end.

Just look at how many Batman reviews I’ve given!


“the Host mutters, not bothering to finish his thought as Dr. Iplier sends him a sad look, his eyes clouded with worry.

“‘I’m sorry,’ the doctor starts, though the Host quickly cuts him off.

“’It’s not your fault. Don’t apologize for something you didn’t do,’ the Host says, frowning deeply. Why is Wilford missing? And who is doing this to them in the first place? He wishes he could say, but unless Dr. Iplier and explains to him in a couple of minutes, those are likely answers that he’ll have to seek out for himself.

After a few more moments of mostly silent walking, apart from the Host’s murmuring, the two reach a door that the chattering is emanating from. Dr. Iplier opens the door and the Host walks slowly inside, not surprised by the thick silence that falls over the room. The people in the room stare at him, and he can’t help but lower his voice until it’s very, very, soft.

“’You’re alright!’ the Jims shout at about the same time, rushing over to hug the Host, who accepts there hugs gratefully. They lead him over to a couch, where he sits down carefully. The couch is soft and comfortable, and he leans back into, releasing a sigh. He hasn’t been able to relax since he woke up in that mysterious realm with the giant spider. Not that he can spare time to feel relaxed right now, but it feels good to just relax for a second.

“‘Doctor, what’s going on here?’ Bim asks, his voice fragile. ‘I thought he was dead….’ The Host can sense hesitation in his voice. Dr. Iplier glances towards the Host, prompting him to answer instead.

“‘I can’t really tell you that, dear Bim…,’ the Host responds. ‘I heard from Dr. Iplier that my realm was shattered, which… while unfortunate, wasn’t due to my death. Someone must’ve shattered my realm, though I don’t know why. I woke up only an hour or so ago in a realm quite close to this one. I wasn’t sure where I was in relation to everywhere else, but I knew that I was in a cave. There was no way I could’ve known I was in a figment’s realm; the only living creature I encountered there was a giant spider. It tried to kill me, and I only barely made it out to be honest. That’s all I remember. I don’t remember how I got there, or anything like that.’

“’And… Dr. Iplier, why is it snowing here?’ the Host continues, a hint of concern entering his voice. ‘I almost thought I didn’t know where I was when I first entered your realm due to the snow.’“

“Dr. Iplier seems to realize that the attention of the room has been shifted to him, starting with a bit of stutter in his voice. ‘I… as one of the few figments who enjoys keeping a facade of the earth in my realm… the weather tends to change with my emotions. What snow means in this case is up to your own thoughts.’ Dr. Iplier pauses, clearing his throat as he sits down in a chair.

“A business-like air coming over him as he starts to tell his story, the doctor cracks his knuckles and speaks. ‘The Host’s realm shattered almost exactly fourteen hours ago, and from what you said, it seems like you woke up almost exactly thirteen hours after your realm shattered. Wilford was reported missing five hours ago, when I first called for this meeting, though he could’ve been missing for much longer than that. His realm is still there. Ed Edgar declined attending, and most of the Googles have not responded.’

“‘Apart from me,’ Google Oliver pipes up, though he sounds downcast.

“‘Yes, apart from Oliver,’ Dr. Iplier continues. ‘Silver Shepherd also didn’t respond, and I have been unable to contact Dark. We haven’t tried contacting anyone else yet, so that’s the situation right now. The only people accounted for is everyone here. And Ed Edgar, I suppose, as he did actually respond. But that was several hours ago, and many things could’ve happened in that time, so-’

“Just then, a stern knocking was heard from the door, resonating through the meeting room. ‘I, uh, Oliver and I helped install an audio system, as well as a camera, from the door to here,’ Bim explains nervously to the Host. ‘Just so we know who’s there.’ The Host nods as a projection comes onto the screen. Who is at the door?”

Imagines- At a Meeting (Pt 3)

This is the final part. If anyone has any other ideas then feel free to drop an ask in, and yes, I will always add a gif to my posts, or at least an image. It’s more aesthetically pleasing that way

After the Meeting

Everyone files out carefully, Silver leading the way because he is closest to the door with the egos following in the order they sat, so Bim is last. Host, Iplier, Silver and the Jims wait until they’re all together before leaving the hallway, chatting about how pointless the meeting was and wondering why Will even bothered

Will and Dark hang back so Dark can give him the ‘that was unproductive and a waste of time’ look, grumbling to himself before leaving with Will

Bing usually pulls Chrome aside into one of the other, smaller meeting rooms so he can talk more about the meeting with KotS, Yandere and Bop, and the other googles leave him there, knowing it’ll be a good hour before Chrome finally comes back down to IT

Meanwhile, The Host knows where Will keeps the key to his secret sugar stash draw, which is hidden underneath the table at Will’s end. Once a week, The Host speaks to everyone to see if anyone wants anything, but he never agrees to take more than four requests, so there’s a rota for who gets to pick something. He’ll hide in a nearby room, which is usually his library since it’s only a few doors away, and goes on a ‘candy heist’ as Bim calls it. Dark even joins in from time to time, when it’s his turn to choose, and requests a bar of dark chocolate which he knows Will doesn’t like at all and only buys it to tease Dark. Once the deed is done, The Host locks the draw, replaces the key, and meets the others in his library with the requested sweets and treats.

Will is still oblivious to this because he’s usually on a sugar high when he’s restocking since he eats half of the candy he buys before even making it to the draw, so he never notices the depleting amount of sugary snacks