jim prime

Okay so imagine Spock Prime in the days after Nero destroyed Vulcan.

After all of the chaos settles and people start to mourn and plan how to move forward, Spock Prime is (illogically) blaming himself for the destruction of his planet and the billions of lives that were lost. Deep down, he knows that the blame rests with Nero, but he is also acutely aware that his actions played a role- starting with the Kelvin. He is partially responsible for this version of his friend/brother/t'hy'la growing up without a father. So, he starts looking into this reality’s Jim Kirk, because there will never be a universe where he does not care about him. He is devastated to find out that he still was on Tarsus. He had held out hope that by one horrible tragedy happening, another could have been avoided. After all, the death of his father would have been more akin to a tidal wave than the flapping of a butterfly’s wing. He digs farther and farther, finding new information and grieving for the young man that will shape his counterpart’s life (that had shaped his life). A police report about a boy driving a car off of a cliff, an (unresolved) notice of George Kirk Jr.’s disappearance, Starfleet logs about the aftermath of Tarsus, and then… nothing, nothing for years until suddenly there are outstanding aptitude scores with a rap sheet to match. Then, the official Starfleet cadet headshot, and glowing remarks from professors (with demerits and discipline records to match).

When he reaches the end, he feels as though he had lost his world again. He mourns for the young boy who would never be the same man he knew (he thinks my fault, my fault, my fault), and it sinks in that, for the first time in his life, he is truly and completely alone in this universe.

Okay just imagine.

Spock brings Jim to New Vulcan (as friend) for whatever reason. Some Vulcans are insulting Jim since he’s human (Vulcans gave Spock a hard time for being half human so just imagine how they would react to a human.) which upsets Spock because Jim is his friend cough and future boyfriend cough. But Jim speaks the current language of the Vulcans and Old High Vulcan (”I got bored with modern Vulcan.”) and knows exactly what they are saying about him. 

The insults don’t bother him so he just shakes his head at the Vulcans and plays a dumb blonde human since he likes people underestimating him. (All the while Spock Prime finds the whole situation humorful. Vulcans, in arrogance, are calling his younger self’s t'hy'la dumb when their arrogance makes them blind to fact Jim knows exactly what they are saying.) Then some Vulcan decides to insult Spock and Jim tells them off and insults them back much to everyone surpise (excluding Spock Prime). 


This is  James “Jim” Lake Jr

He’s a responsible, caucasian teenager with black hair who lives in the suburbs. His mother is an overworked medical worker who works late nights, his father is not in the picture. One day he stumbles across a secret and dives in way over his head.

Who does that remind me of?

Bonus: Glowing blue, destiny artifact thingy. 

EDIT: Watched episode 3 and found out his mom’s a doctor. Figured I’d correct it to “Medical Worker” since evidence points to him slugging me in the face.

i, personally, would like to thank the abramsverse for giving us such hits as:

  • the worse outcome of kirk on tarsus iv, in which he had no one to return to after the massacre and was forced to fend for himself alone (AS A KID)
  • leia!spock, who watched his home planet get destroyed before his eyes, has more emotional outbursts as a result, but likely will tap into his human side sooner on than spock prime did, and work to reunify vulcans and romulans earlier on in his life 
  • an uhura and who finally was successful in her attempts to flirt with spock, and ended up in a relationship with him (where their music though?)
  • a bones who could cure death and somehow wasn’t immediately removed from the enterprise and placed in the top research facilities of the world (maybe this happens post-assignment when he’s finally able to gtfo of space?)
  • a scotty who discovered the very equation he was famous for much earlier on in his life, and thus could spend even more time developing new equations and warp technology
  • a sulu who got a chance to be captain earlier on in his life than sulu prime, and therefore would likely get promoted and have his own ship earlier on
  • a chekov who’s bright-eyed and optimistic and doesn’t annoyingly insist everything was invented in russia, unlike that bowlcut-bearing russian grump bear from tos 
  • a carol marcus who probably never got it on with kirk, never had david as a result, and could’ve potentially spent more time developing the genesis device so that it could eventually be successful
  • and finally, one of the most heartbreaking star trek stories ever told–spock prime. almost every one of this lines is a reference to the prime timeline, to the life he once had, to the friends who once made him happy, and to the man who changed him in ways he could only dream of. i mean, we were all fine with crying over spock when he came back in tng, but this was just an extra level of not okay

avengersaremyforte  asked:

AU where Aos Kirk somehow getting stuck in TOS world. And he spend a lot of his time following the Spock and Bones there because he misses his Bones and Spock. Bonus if AOS bones and Spock come to his rescue.

  • When Jim wakes up, things are instantly different. His bed feels harder, the colors of his room are funky and it’s definitely not last night’s secret stash of Romulan Ale. Although this should be his room, it just isn’t. He gets up and walks past the sliding doors of his quarters, looking around suspiciously. Definitely a Starfleet ship, and Jim walks through the hallways with interest. It just looks outdated, funky. The crew is wearing very similar, yet very different outfits, and they throw him odd looks as he makes his way to the Bridge.
  • The bridge just looks odd, makes funny noises, and the crew looks like themselves - but older. “Spock?” He asks carefully, and when Spock turns around, Jim frowns. “What’s with the eye shadow?” “Captain? You look younger.” "Where am I?“ “The Bridge,” Spock says, “Captain, are you well?” “I don’t know,” Jim says, running a hand through his hair. “I suggest you visit the doctor,” Spock says, and he goes back to work. Just like that.  
  • And Jim can blindly find med bay, despite the ship looking so different - it’s also exactly the same. And when Bones turns to him, Jim just doesn’t know how to react. “You’re so skinny,” is all he manages to say, and Bones raises an eyebrow in that typical, angry way he’s used to from Bones. “What did you just call me?” “Your arms,” Jim says, “Anyway, I just-” “You look like an infant,” Bones says, and Jim scoffs. Bones is definitely still himself, just older. And Bones takes his time scanning Jim’s vitals to figure out how he’s suddenly lost a few years off his life and doesn’t remember this ship that feels like the Enterprise, but also really isn’t the Enterprise. Bones has no idea either, mumbling something like “I’m a doctor not a wizard” and that’s mostly it.
  • But clearly these two men are missing him, or their own version of him, too. Jim recognizes Spock as Ambassador Spock, too, so obviously he’s traveled somehow forward and backwards in time simultaneously because these men are older than Jim is, but not old enough for Spock to be dead. It’s complicated - Jim doesn’t even try to understand that anymore. Instead, he just follows these two guys around and watches them interact with mild interest.
  • Bones is playing chess with Spock, and Spock is clearly winning. Exactly like his own Bones, this guy doesn’t have the patience nor temperament to deal with Spock’s longer decision-making time. Jim watches them bicker - glad to see they’re still friends for many years to come, but it’s also making him miss his own two guys. After Bones leaves, Jim plays chess with Spock for a while. This Spock’s definitely better at it than his own, having years of experience over him. Jim still wins, though, and he shoots Spock a cocky grin.
  • Despite Spock’s protests, Jim still sits down in the Captain’s chair because, technically, he’s a captain. And everything works pretty much the same, it just looks different. He assists in an away mission to a near-deserted planet save from a few researchers, and when they beam down Jim finds out the female researcher is one of Bones’ ex-flings. “You never told me about Nancy,” Jim says, “remind me to ask my Bones about that.” “I wouldn’t do that even if it were possible,” Bones says and Jim snorts. Definitely the same person.
  • He later catches both Spock and Bones trying to figure out ways to get their own captain back to their ship, and Jim realizes even more so that they must be missing him, too. So Jim decides to help out where he can and they finally build some sort of portal that connects to the transporter room. It doesn’t go exactly as planned, but the other Jim Kirk does show up. So do his Bones and Spock, though. “Jim!” Bones says, and Jim lets out a relieved sigh when he feels his own Bones’ hands on him, checking him out before unnecessarily scanning his vitals. Spock, too, touches Jim’s face an his arms, as if to make sure it’s actually him. “I’m so glad to see you guys here. You guys are not as fun as older men.” He jokes, which basically earns him a glare from everyone in the room - except maybe his older self, who recognizes a joke when he hears one. Thankfully, someone with a sense of humor in the room. Unfortunately, that someone is himself. 
  • Spock quietly speaks to Spock Prime. Jim can’t tell what they’re talking about, but they both look so intense and interested. It must be good for Spock to be able to talk to his older self one last time. Two doctors are just terrifying, and Jim tries to avoid them at all costs. He’s not sure which is the grumpiest, they’re both a terrifying force to be reckoned with. Especially now that they’re in the same room, cornering Chekov for a necessary hypo. The boy doesn’t stand a chance.
  • “Do you still love them as much as you used to?” Jim asks his older self. It feels weird to be talking to himself, in a way. He feels so different from him, while the others are almost each other’s mirrors. This Jim is calm, collected, and casually handsome. “More than ever,” the other replies, and Jim cracks up a small smile. “Are you ready to go home to your own dimension?” The other continues, and Jim nods. “Yeah. Your ship’s fun, but I miss my own crew.” “I understand. Hey, do me a favor, though. Ten years from now, do not forget Bones’ birthday. He’ll never forgive you.” He continues, and Jim laughs. “Noted.” “Anything you’d like to know before you leave?” “Yeah, anything I should know on how to remain a good captain?” Jim asks, receiving a grin from the other. “Keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll do just fine.”

Do you realize what the Spock Prime/AU Kirk mind-meld in the first movie means?

It means that when Kirk sacrificed himself inside the radiation chamber in the second movie, he knew exactly, in very detailed terms, what Spock Prime meant by “we were able to defeat him, but at a great cost.” He knew about all of the events of Spock’s sacrifice in the prime timeline, he felt all the after-effects of the pain of the radiation poisoning through the mind-meld, likely hypothesized how it would feel to really go through with it, and decided he could take it.

Okay, so what does this all mean? 

Look, I’m not a big fan of Into Darkness. They militarized Starfleet, amped up the misogyny and racism to the max, and made one of the most incredible supervillains in cinematic history into a white/British emo otter. But all the implications of the mind-meld from the first film carry over into the second one, and add a lot of conceivable depth to Kirk’s character. When Spock Prime apologized for “lack of emotional transference” during the meld, I think he really meant that he was holding everything back to limit the pain for Kirk (sorta like an all or nothing scenario in terms of emotional control), rather than meaning it was impossible for Vulcans to transfer emotions through mind-melds. We’ve seen it happen to Vulcans before (Spock started crying during his mind-meld with Picard, for gods sake). 

Filling in the gaps of the Tarsus IV massacre in AU Kirk’s timeline (yes this is all fanon, but it’s very extensively researched and likely that most of it happened), we know Kirk has a huge hero complex and makes brash, irrational decisions because of it. Take that, and add a Vulcan mind-meld with all the events of Spock Prime’s life leading up to that point. This includes watching his older, prime timeline self cry as Spock fell to the ground inside a radiation chamber to save the Enterprise, believing he was going to die and Spock telling him it was impossible because he was never alone, and feeling enough of what Spock Prime felt for his prime timeline self to get an idea of what he meant to him–what he could mean to somebody in his own timeline. When it came time to save the Enterprise, the poor guy probably thought he owed it to Spock Prime to keep AU Spock safe, even if it meant having to die himself. When Kirk said “you would have done the same for me” to AU Spock, HE WASN’T KIDDING. He knew that somewhere in another universe, Spock had done the same for him, which when compounded with the events that took place on Tarsus, became manifested in an “I don’t deserve to live over anyone else” mindset that prompted his sacrifice.

Daily Doux: 6 Fictional Prime Ministers

Francis Urquhart - House of Cards 

Murdered his way to Number 10, but still more popular than every real Tory Prime Minister since Churchill. 

Jim Hacker - Yes, Prime Minister 

As Prime Minister, Hacker regularly battled the true enemy of any elected official - the Civil Service. 

Harriet Jones - Doctor Who 

Everyone, even the Daleks, knows who she is. 

David - Love Actually

Danced around Number 10 to the Pointer Sisters, fell in love with his tea lady and stood up to the Americas. That last part being the most unrealistic part of the entire film. 

Michael Callow - Black Mirror 

Had sexual relations with a pig, something no British Prime Minister would ever do. Well, not while in office, that is.

Baldrick - Blackadder: Back & Forth 

At least he has a plan. 

List of things that made me cry in STB
  • The camera roving over Yorktown with the music playing and how that was the very heart of Star Trek right there
  • How Sulu’s face lit up when he saw his family
  • When the Vulcans gave Spock the bad news about Spock Prime
  • When the Enterprise blew up
  • When Spock found Spock Prime’s photograph and the TOS theme started playing
  • When everybody celebrated Kirk’s birthday
  • The “Space, the Final Frontier” speech
  • In loving memory of Leonard Nimoy
  • For Anton

-WHERES THE BLOODY TITLE YEEZUS (at the end that’s where)



-scruffed up kirk

-“ripped my shirt again”

-“you look like crap”

-spock and kirk coordination


-artefacts always cause trouble when will people understand that

-damn snow globe in space.

-kirk being all grown up and thinking about his dad





-spock gave uhura a necklace aww (i’m sorry but i’m team #spirk all the way)

-“when a girl says it’s not you, it’s me, it’s definitely you”



-jim always thinking of spock.

-“we make a pretty good team.”

-jim and kirk fumbling over their words


-evil alien lady screw off please i hate you


-i’m trying to be chronological here

-dammit when they tore the enterprise apart, i could literally feel scotty’s pain and I was gasping and close to tears beside my friend when those bastard ships tore it in two.

-i swear i was so worried when they took sulu in his pod. dammit woman keep your feels in check.

-my tiny golden space heroes kirk and chekov

-my blue smol and tol beans stranded together and being all illogical and random and looking after each other aka spock and bones being besties


-classical music

-“what’s your favourite colour?”

-spock : *agonised yelling/screaming*

-“horse shit”

-spock having a deep respect for bones

-spock being transported halfway and leaving bones alone

-bones being transported after



-dammit uhura sacrificing herself was like JIM YOUR CREW LOVES YOU CAN YOU SEE THAT

-when they got captured by krall. dammit so agonising.

-the disc of the enterprise. jesus. i wanna kill all those evil bastards. precious ship :((

-scotty and jaylah friendship though :D

-jaylah has an A-grade taste in music

-jaylah is badass af omg

-krall is one scary sonofabitch

-the crew finding the USS FRANKLIN

-“my house”


-scotty is amusing as hell. a rock ain’t gonna do much damage laddie.

-shit that ancient relic is scary as hell

-sulu being a worried father and husband omg omg omg protect him

-“can you fly this thing?”

-“are you kidding me?”





-the old starfleet uniforms and jackets omggg

-jaylah is really cool let’s face it

-MUSIC SAVED THE DAY (partially)


-CHULU INTERACTION. chekov side-eyeing his crazy helmsman buddy sulu awww

-dorks in love.

-“you gave your girlfriend a radioactive rock”

-“you have your girlfriend a tracking device”

-spock clearly not thinking his gift choices through.



-bones can’t fly. he isn’t a pilot. but he does a good job at faking it.

-bones doesn’t know how to land

-bones holding spock’s face because he thought he was unconscious

-kirk is a happy camper





-kirk being in life and death situations again (quit scaring everyone you bloody arse)

-bones and spock saving his arse

-space husbands

-kirk’s birthday

-“you’re a sensitive guy”

-spock in civilian clothes

-kirk and bones in leather jackets omg

-kirk and spock and their “more or less”

-jaylah and her high alcohol tolerance

-chekov sharing that scotch was made in russia


-i’m crying help.

-too perfect

-the rebuilding of the enterprise

-“written by simon pegg”

-kirk is pansexual or so I’ve heard??

-spock and that damn necklace he gave uhura

-“for Anton”

-classic artefact causes a glitch cliché

-spock is illogical

-i was so scared during various points in the movie it was nerve-wracking good lord

-but a beautiful, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching piece nonetheless and it makes me so proud to be a Trekkie :))

-rip leonard nimoy and anton yelchin ❤️