jim pranks dwight

Imagine Hide playing a prank on Kaneki. Like Hide wears a brown wig and it’s pretty realistic and on pretty tight so it looks real and won’t come off. Kaneki sees him the next day and is like “what happened to your Blond hair?” And Hide is like “What blond hair? I’ve always had brown hair.” And Kaneki is like nooo. You have blond hair from bleaching it. Hide is like I don’t know what you’re talking out and takes out his phone of the picture they took the day before and Hide clearly has brown hair in the pic and Kaneki is like “????” Kaneki asks another classmate what Hide normal hair color is and they say brown and Kaneki is even more confused and this goes on all day. Hide says he has to go to the bathroom and Kaneki waits for him outside, still thinking about his fucking hair like wtf and Hide comes back and has blond hair. Kaneki is at a loss for words but finally asks “What happened to your brown hair???” And Hide responds “What brown hair?”

dailyoverdoseofdoctorwho  asked:

What do you think is the best prank Jim played on Dwight?

These are my 10 favourite pranks in no particular order:

Vending machine

ID badge

Jim impersonates Dwight

Desk in the bathroom

Wrapping paper

Future Dwight fax

Red wire

How to correctly butcher a goose

Jim’s telekinetic powers