jim ockert

Mr Jim Ockert of Khakis of Carmel has a deep passion for clothing!
Carmel-by-the-Sea often simply called Carmel is a city in Monterey Country, California. Carmel is known for its natural beauty and rich artistic history. Today Carmel will reward it’s visitors with some of the unique scenery’s, historic sites, art galleries and many other attractions.No exploration of California‘s central coast is complete without a sojourn to Carmel-by-the-Sea.
This city is well known for an Honorable gentleman, the Mayer & world renowned film legend Mr client Eastwood. This town is proud of its fine art gallery‘s fine Restaurent‘s shops, admired and appreciated by tourists and locals. No wonder this city proudly hosts one of the best men‘s Haberdashery’s in America, KHAKI‘S of Carmel started by Mr Jim Ockert & Mrs Connie Ockert serving the distinguished clientele over 25 years. A fine oasis for fine tailoring and hand picked garments combined with finest customer care to satisfy the discriminating taste. Welcoming travels and towns inhabitants Khakis of Carmel has become the hub of gentleman‘s styles, whether on business or pleasure. This establishment demonstrates that to be fully clothed is really to immerse one‘s culture, where every conscious need can be satisfied creatively.