Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. James Moriarty stands accused of several counts of attempted burglary, crimes which, if he’s found guilty, will elicit a very long custodial sentence and yet his legal team has chosen to offer no evidence whatsoever to support their plea. I find myself in the unusual position of recommending a verdict wholeheartedly. You must find him guilty.

The moment you understand how fucked up the Sherlock Holmes stories are: When you realize the nice, oh-so-eccentric-and-lovable middle class guy defending a corrupt, bourgeois and horrific British Empire isn’t THAT much better than a mastermind criminal who stole a few paintings and just wanted to make some money on the side.

Hey, at least Moriarty was upfront about being a corrupt dick. I’ll give him that. 

Sherlock, meanwhile, was still living under the delusion that the Victorian government he adored were all sunshine and fucking rainbows. 

Yeah, all things considered, Moriarty was probably the smarter of the two.

anonymous asked:

Hi Jenna, so I was rewatching HLV and I just noticed that Janine says she hadn't told Mary she was going out with Sherlock, but then after shooting him Mary knows Sherlock was "going out" with her, and I don't think John told her because he didn't have time to do it. So what you think about that?

Hi! There’s quite a few folk here who share the theory that Janine is actually Moriarty’s sister- her Irish-ness, and the fact that she is one of the bridesmaids at Mary’s wedding seem a bit suspicious. So, I’d say that Janine and Mary are in cahoots, and Mary knew well before John that Sherlock was “going out” with her.

I like to think of Janine saying she’ll “surprise” Mary with her and Sherlock dating, and John replying “Yeah, you probably will,” as dramatic irony: John and Sherlock don’t yet know that Janine (and Mary) are very much going to “surprise” the both of them when they visit Magnussen’s office!

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What's your favourite fairy-tale?

“Hard to tale.” *winks*

“I think it would be The story of the youth who went forth to learn what fear was. It’s hilarious, creepy but funny as hell, one of my fav line is (when the youth were supossed to play nine-pins bowling with dead men’s legs as bowls and two skulls as bowling balls, he stated that the skulls are not quite round enough): Then he took the skulls and put them in the lathe and turned them till they were round.”

“Hilarious, isn’t it?”