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Girl in a Coma - Clumsy Sky

Video directed by Jim Mendiola, who also made a movie called Pretty Vacant about a Chicana punk named Molly who makes movies and zines that rewrite punk history to include Tejano culture. I’ve never seen it, but it sounds awesome. Hopefully I can get my university’s library to order it.

#14: Pretty Vacant (1996)
Dir. Jim Mendiola

I discovered this award-winning short randomly in my university’s extensive media library, attracted to its title. Pretty Vacant comes from Jim Mendiola, a rock ‘n’ roll independent filmmaker. The film mirrors the life of its subject, a Chicana girl in love with punk rock. Being an entire rock music dictionary with a focus on zines and a touch of feminism makes Pretty Vacant the perfect cover girl for Rookie Mag…in a good way.

Check out my rating for Pretty Vacant.