jim le

And his fancy that he was being followed? What of that? What of the shadow he never saw, only felt, till his back seemed to tingle with the intensity of his watcher’s gaze; he saw nothing, heard nothing, only felt. He was too old not to heed the warning. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John le Carré

characters not based on the movie, just drew them how i pictured them while reading! except bill… i’ll draw colin firth anytime. 

When Os & Ed finally team up with their murderous master plans in Gotham. Those extra drama queens will have a bloody Team Rocket kinda monologue every time they walk in somewhere! And Jim and co will be all like Ash & co like duuudes okay yes, yes we know…yes you will protect the world…yes we’ve seen those cane spin tricks. 
And oh man will they be angry if Jim interrupt them before they are done!

Os & Ed: Prepare for trouble…and make it double! To protect the world from devastation. *dramatic twirling with umbrella* THE PENGUIIN!! *even more dramatic twirling with cane* THE RIDDLEER!..SURREND…
Jim: GCPD!!
Os & Ed: HOW DARE!?!
Jim, Harvey & crew: le sigh *sits down for coffee letting extras finish*


Jim Carrey: I need color

Resulta que a Jim Carrey le gusta pintar, esculpir, etc y este es su estudio.

No me canso de repetir lo mucho que me gusta Jim Carrey como actor y más como persona. Él y Keanu Reeves para mí son ídolos.