jim kirk is beautiful

I thought the memory of you was gone-

I thought it buried underneath the years.

But now it rises, bright as Vulcan dawn,

And I remember you, and Earth, and tears.

Your tears were falling like the rains of Earth;

You were the storms and roses of Earth’s spring.

You could not know that, almost from my birth

The rites of Vulcan bound me to T'Pring.

I could not break those ties; I had no choice-

Returned to space, left you and Earth behind.

But still I heard the echo of your voice,

Found rain and wind and roses in my mind.

You told me that you loved me, and you cried.

I said I had no feelings. And I lied.

                                                    - by Shirley Meech.

This episode really exhibits the profound love that Kirk, Spock, and Bones have for each other. Each of them is willing to suffer and die to spare the other two, even though he must endure agonizing torture. I know they’ve always cared about each other, and they showed it in quiet little ways, but this is a powerful and moving demonstration of their bond.