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Can you do a McKirk AU, in which Leonard is deaf but has like the most hilarious comments in sign language (and also complains a lot)? Your writing is awesome!~

  • So Jim knows sign language. A car accident left his roommate permanently deaf, and when he got back to the dorm, both of them learned sign language together so they could keep communicating together. Though college had been a couple of years ago, he still recognizes that sign language anywhere. And when he’s having lunch in the park, he watches some teenager on a skateboard ride into this man. The man doesn’t yell, but he uses his hands to wildly gesture, and then “watch it, you clumsy, ponytail wearing ass-hat” and Jim just laughs out loud because that’s ridiculous. Coincidentally, the man looks in his direction, catches him staring, and he continues to wildly gesture a “what are you staring at?”, to which Jim raises his hands and gestures: “You, scaring away that punk”, and he nods in the boy’s direction, who makes a swift escape. The man looks just dumbfounded at the reply, and slowly makes his way over. Jim shifts to allow them to sit together. “Did that kid hurt you?” Jim asks and the man shakes his head. “Only my pride.” Jim chuckles, then introduces himself. It takes a little bit of repeating before he catches the other man’s name. Leonard
  • They exchange phone numbers, and Leonard’s as vivid in his sign language as he is in his texts. It’s all ‘Gdi I can’t beLIEVE they shut down my favorite Deli WHERE AM I GOING TO GET MY BAGELS NOW’ and it’s fascinating, mostly because the next time Jim sees Leonard, his whole sign language thing is just as wild as before. Guess this guy really is like that all the time. They sit together in a coffee shop, and Jim orders them lunch and coffees. And Jim’s like “So what do you do exactly?” and Leonard replies “I’m a motivational speaker for the blind.” Jim is stunned. “Wow, really?” “No, of course now. How am I gonna talk to the blind? Idiot.” But Leonard grins, and so does Jim - even though, yeah, he should’ve seen that one coming. “I’m a medical research scientist.” “Impressive” Jim replies, and Leonard shrugs. “You?” “Sales” Jim replies, “On Wall Street” “So you’re an asshole, then,” Leonard says, and Jim raises his eyebrows. “So you’re a nerd, then” he replies, and Leonard’s lips tug into another small grin. 
  • And people stare at them a lot. Because when they decide to cook dinner at Jim’s home, they’re in the supermarket, and somehow end up in a heated discussion about which tomato sauce to buy. Jim’s gesturing wildly for a generic brand because “it’s cheaper and it has the same ingredients!” and Leonard’s all like “It has lots of conservatives and it’s not as healthy as making it from scratch.” “That takes too long,” Jim gestures wildly. “What are you in a hurry for? Your stocks crashing?“ "Shut up,“ Jim replies, “I prefer eating, not cooking.” And he gestures so vividly he nearly hits someone in the face, and it’s the first time he’s heard Leonard laugh out loud. That’s a sound he’s willing to chase. 
  • Spending time with Leonard reminds him to get in touch with his old college friend. And spending so much time around the deaf significantly improves his own sign language, which is very necessary because for the longest time he calls Leonard “Lion-nerd” since it’s easy. It’s also hilarious to see him roll his eyes at Jim, every time. “Someday you’re gonna insult a deaf person real bad. I feel it in my bones.” And Jim calls him Bones from then on.
  • Jim doesn’t even know how they get closer, but they are. Leonard has such strong opinions about the world, and he’s definitely not shy, it’s just that no one is there to understand him when he’s signing at the next moron who crosses his path. Jim is often at the receiving end of Leonard’s insults. Because Jim is reckless. Because he is unintentionally smug. Because “Aw I lost a 5k bet today I guess I won’t be going out to dinner tonight.” and Leonard’s just like “Shut the fuck up you rich piece of shit”. Sometimes he even says it out loud, though his intonation is off. Jim still gets what he means. 
  • And there is something about their relationship that Jim enjoys. They’re not together, sure, but they can talk about everything and it doesn’t matter. No one understands them when they’re taking the subway (ugh, Jim hates it, but Leonard insists he shouldn’t be one of those snobs taking taxis everywhere). No one knows what they’re talking about when they’re wildly signing insults at each other in a restaurant, only to laugh it off afterwards. And there’s a lot of eye contact involved. Jim sometimes likes to speak his phrases while he signs them. Because Bones is a good lip reader, and when Jim’s drunk the signing gets a lot harder. 
  • After Jim takes them out to some place ridiculously expensive (“Who pays 50 bucks for a SMALL pizza, Jim?” “Who cares, though? Was it tasty?” “I hate you.”), Jim walks Leonard home. Like a true gentleman, even though neither of them would admit to it being an actual date. “If you could change anything in your life, would you? I mean, besides being deaf?” Jim asks, and Leonard huffs. “I don’t mind being deaf. At least I don’t have to listen to you talking shit all day.” Jim stops in front of Leonard’s apartment, and Leonard does, too. Neither of them are saying goodbye just yet. “Rude.” Jim signs, and Leonard shrugs. “Actually, I don’t mind being deaf. The only thing that sucks is that I never get to hear you laugh.” Leonard says, in all earnest now, and Jim’s expression is stuck between a frown and a smile simultaneously. It’s sweet. He doesn’t know how to respond to it, other than: “sound is overrated. Sight is more important. At least we get to watch the stars at night.” “In New York? Don’t be an idiot. Those are planes.” Jim rolls his eyes, and when Leonard sits down on the stairs that lead up to the entrance door to his building, Jim sits down next to him. “You suck at being cheesy.” Leonard says. “Really? How about yourself, then?” Jim replies. Leonard straightens up a little, and signs: “I don’t need to look at the sky to see the stars.” and Jim just… stares when Bones gestures at Jim’s eyes. Did that really fluster Jim? Yes it did. And Leonard grins smugly as a result. “Shut up” Jim gestures, and Leonard’s like: “I’m not saying anything”, but Jim grabs both Leonard’s hands, and he leans in to kiss him. Leonard’s hands pull away from Jim’s, slowly sliding around Jim’s shoulders to keep him close. Jim slowly pulls away, far enough to be able to sign a quick “want to come upstairs?” “Are you inviting me over to my own house?”  Leonard laughs, out loud, and he grabs Jim’s hand to take him inside.
Imagine meeting Jim at a bar.

Setting the shot glass down triumphantly on the bar, you smiling widely at the handsome blue eyed man next to you.

“What is that? My third one?”

You gloat pushing a shot toward him.

“Don’t get so cocky. Cheers, beautiful.”

He held up his shot in the air, before taking it with a straight face. The two of you laugh, as you call out for another round to the bartender.

“So we’ve been sitting here together for 30 minutes now. Any plans to tell me your name? I told you mine. Or are we going to play this game all night?”

Jim muses, raising his eyebrow up with a seductive smirk. You lean into his shoulder, your mouth barely grazing his ear as your hand is firm on the bar.

“Oh, Jim. I could go all night, that’s not a problem. I just have to be leaving real soon. Got a big date with the big black sky in the morning.”

You quickly take the two shots that the bartender set down, before placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I believe that’s 5 shots now, I guess I win. I’ll be seeing you around, Jim.”

Releasing your grip from his shoulders, to pull out a couple of crumpled up dollars bills and slamming them on the bar.

“Drinks on me, handsome.” You whisper into his ear, Jim smirks in astonishment.

“You can’t leave without telling me your name.”

His blue eyes smile right through you.

“It’s more fun this way. Don’t worry, I’ll think about you when I’m up there.”

You place a small kiss on his cheek before quickly making an exit, bursting out in laughter as the cold air hit your face. It was time to go home and get ready for a year long mission on the Enterprise. You heard Captain Kirk was a great leader and that you’d be working with a Doctor McCoy in the Med Bay. And as you walked the few blocks home, a thrill tingle insides you. Anxious for a new adventure and hoping maybe one day, you’d meet the handsome Jim again.

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Two Rings to Bind Him - theidiotwithnoname - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Leonard can’t really remember when and how and from whom he had gotten the rings, he just knows that they were there from the start.
He can never take them off, only others can. And even those who take them aren’t really aware of that fact.
Leonard should find that curious, maybe he even had, once, but now he is just tired of it all.
The shuttle leaves in an hour and if he shows up like a drunk hobo, nobody will bother him. Best to stay away from all those bright eyed juveniles who are barely old enough to order at a bar. He’ll stand out like a sore thumb already, no matter what he does. At least this way, they’ll leave him be.
Which is, of course, exactly what doesn’t happen when he boards the shuttle. Just his luck. Yay.