jim just leans over and ever so slightly pokes the tip of his nose

Joe Sugg imagine || Artist ||

Anonymous said:

Hi i was wondering if you could do an imagin where you are really into drawing and painting and Joe is vevry facinatet by your work. (Sorry for my bad english im from Denmark)

- - -

Dragging the pencil across the paper in your sketch book that was slightly thicker than regular paper, you were biting the inside of your cheek, watching as the lines you’d created were connecting together.

You glanced up, toward the television in your flat for a brief moment, before looking back to the paper, using the back of your hand to push your glasses up the bridge of your nose.

“Yeah, that’s alright…” You said to yourself, nodding approvingly and setting the pencil down.

You’d just been absently drawing on this lazy Sunday afternoon, rain tapping against the large window in the living room, rumbles of thunder in the far distance. 

“(Y/N), I’m home!” You heard Joe’s voice as the door unlocked, opened and closed quickly. “About time, I was about to call the police, thought you got lost in Tesco.” You muttered, getting up, putting the sketch pad on the coffee table and taking your headphone out, that was lowly playing We the Kings as background music whilst you’d been drawing.

“Oh, ha, ha…” Joe looked up, grinning from the hallway taking his shoes off and hanging up his jacket. Two bags on the floor beside him.

“I’m serious.” You teased him, picking the bags up quickly, “yeah, you look worried.” Joe rolled his eyes, catching you quickly before you walked toward the kitchen, you kissed each other quickly.

“Guess I don’t need a shower today.” He ran his fingers through his damp hair.

“… Somehow, I don’t think rain water is a substitute for a shower, Joe.” You were laughing, heading into the kitchen, putting the bags on the small island, and opening the fridge, putting the milk away.

“Why not, it’s water innit?” He pointed out factually going into the living room.

“… Yeah, but last time I checked, it didn’t rain soap as well…” You trailed off. “Oh didn’t you hear? There’s these clouds now, they rain the finest of soaps.” Joe said in the most smart-assed tone imaginable.

“Okay babe.” Shaking your head, you laughed, finishing putting the few bits Joe had picked up away.

Coming back to the living room, you tilted your head; “Whatcha doing?” You asked watching him holding your sketch book, “You’re so talented.” Joe said not taking his eyes off the paper.

“It’s just… Some random flowers.” You waved him off, you thought nothing special of your drawing and painting abilities, you’d seen much better, even though everyone told you, you were incredibly fantastic at it.

“Babe.” Joe said darkly, “you are amazing at you this.” He gestured to the sketch book, “and that!” He pointed at the easel that housed an almost finished painting you were doing for Jim and Tanya’s bedroom. “You’re an artist!” He exclaimed standing up.

Your cheeks had gone a soft red, you heard it almost every day from Joe that you were talented, but it got you every time, making your blush and your heart flutter ever so slightly.  

“Thanks.” Was all you could manage to say, “I’m serious.” Joe had stood up, putting the sketch pad down, “why can’t you see what everyone else sees?” He didn’t understand it. 

“I don’t know?” You admitted, unable to help it. “Can you stop making me blush now?” You wanted to laugh. 

“Never.” Joe teased, “my little artist.” He put his hands on your shoulders, “My damn amazing little artist.” He corrected, looking into your eyes. You shook your head at him, “you’re ridiculous.” You admitted, smiling. “I love you.” You added, giving him another quick kiss. 

“I love you, too.” He smiled after your kiss. “I’m going to cook supper for us, you keep doing, you…” He gestured behind him to the desk in the living room that housed art supplies…

… After Joe sent you back to your world of Art, you stood in front of the canvas, brush in had as you added a second coat of paint on certain places in the painting for Jim and Tanya, you weren’t sure how long you’d been standing there in your own little world, doing your thing, mumbling to yourself.

Slowly you turned your head, and lean away slightly in surprise seeing Joe standing not far behind you with his arms crossed watching you.

“Hello…” You said uneasily, even though you’d been with Joe for a long while, you still did a lot of your artsy stuff alone, you didn’t like people seeing the process, only the finished product.

“Hi.” Joe zoned back into reality himself. “Sorry.” He added, rubbing the back of his neck. “How long have you been standing there?” You wondered, putting your brush down. “Not sure… I just love watching you work, it’s so fascinating.” He admitted.

“Joe…” You muttered, “it’s not finished, I know, I know.” Joe said what you were planning to say before you had the chance. “Babe, I can’t help it – you’re such a talent… And watching you work… It’s amazing.” He shrugged. “I know, you hate when people watch you do your thing… But, well… Like I said, it’s fascinating.” He had come to stand in front of you, wrapping his arms around your waist. 

“And you’re so good at it.” He placed a quick and light kiss on the tip of your nose. “Jim and Tan haven’t even seen this yet.” You cocked your head toward the painting. “I promise, I wont tell them.” He winked at you and you shook your head.

“Are you mad at me for watching you like a creep?” He wanted to laugh, but he really wasn’t sure.
You stared at him, blinking as silence took over between you both, “No.” You laughed, shaking your head, “but…” You dipped the tip of your finger into a moss green colour and ran it down his nose, “you better not ruin the surprise for them.” You warned, laughing.

“Hey!” Joe said, bringing a hand up, touching his nose the paint coming off onto his fingers. “Oh, now you’re going to get it.” Joe took his paint covered fingers and poked you in the cheek, leaving dots on it.

“Joe!” You laughed. “What?” Joe said doing it again on your other cheek, laughing himself with a huge grin on his face. “Okay, okay – stop it!” You tried pushing his hand away from your forehead now. “Nope, you started it!” He wiggled his fingers at you. “Joe!” You squealed a little, bloating from the living room down your hallway toward your bedroom.

“Oh yeah, run away!” Joe said following behind you. “Joe, no!” You were laughing trying to hide in your bedroom with no place to hide. “I think, I’ll paint you a nice blue!” He came into the room, catching you around the waist as you struggled a little, trying not to break down into fits of laughter. “No painting me!” You warned him. “Back off, I have … GLITTER!” You warned, grabbing a small jar of silver glitter off your dresser, flashing it in his face.

Joe let you go, putting his hands in the air. “Whoa… Look, I don’t want any trouble…” He said, looking between you and the glitter.
“Uh huh…” You said walking closer to him as he backed his way out of the bedroom. “You better quit it.” Your lips twitching as you kept trying to hold back a grin.

“COUCH IS THE SAFE ZONE!” Joe yelled throwing a towel at you from the basket in the hallway as he ran toward the living room. “JOSEPH!” You swatted the towel away, chasing after him…