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I just finished watching Stranger Things on Netflix and oh boy, is it good.

There are many things I could say about the show, the photography, production, costumes,the CAST,  the MOTHER FUCKING WRITING!!

But what I want to mention right now is how the kids in the story where never underminded by the adults. 

The fact that they took things on their own hands was really impressive, but also something that a 12 yo would definitely do. So you didn’t have grown ups telling them it was impossible and they shouldn’t even try.

And whenever they ABSOLUTELY needed an adult to keep going with their investigation, they approached Mr. Clarke (bless him) and would ask him in a “theoretical” way. They disguised their very real, very important questions, with their interest in science; making his teacher help them and, at times, encourage them to keep going (unknowingly of course).

I LOVED the writing and characterization of the show. I think it’s in the second episode when they mention the the boys’ interest in science, it’s part of who they are. I specially loved the scene in the 7th episode when they explain everything to the grown ups, because they know SO MUCH MORE in comparison.

Joyce and Hopper know things thanks to acting on instinct.

Jonathan and Nancy knew stuff through observation and hypothesis.

But this boys, started throwing all this knowledge at them. AND EVERYONE LISTENED!

I mean, how many times do you see something like that? Most of the times you get; a) the kid asking for help and turning into the Adult’s sidekick, b) The kid asking for help, grown ups making fun of them/calling it imagination, the kids proving them wrong.

The fact that they didn’t underestimated the kids, and actually turned them into the smartest group of the show, is, in my opinion, part of the reason this show feels so fresh.

Hats off to the Duffer Brothers and the amazing story they created.


- You always say we should never stop being curious, to always open any curiosity door we find.
- Dustin…
- Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?

Stranger Things S01E07: “Chapter Seven: The Bathtub”.


Stranger Things S01E03 Headers.

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