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Not Without You

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Rating: Adult, Explicit, Mature

Characters: Jim Kirk, Reader, Spock, Uhura, Bones

Situation/Scenario: Reader is trapped on a shuttle that is about to fail/explode/fall out of the sky (I don’t know how to word that) And the crew is struggling to get her back on board. She is beamed out at the last second. Jim has already convinced himself she is going to die, she doesn’t, he proves how much he needs her.

Warnings: Almost death, Angsty, smut, romance, unprotected sex, AN UNEDITED HOT MESS

Author’s note: Sooo, I have not written smut since I had a kpop smut page. I apologize in advance, my skills are ruuustty.

tags: @yourtropegirl

Not Without You

“Y/L/N to enterprise!” You yelled into your communicator. “I don’t think the shuttle is going to make it!” You yell as you try to pilot the damn thing closer to the enterprise. The ship had stopped at a class m planet to assist in delivering medical supplies to a research team. Everything had gone well, till it was time to return to the enterprise. The team on the planet had their pick of some supplies, and you had the remaining on the shuttle with you. You were supposed to have another crew member go down with you, but you had done this very trip to this team a few times before and didn’t feel you needed assistance.

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If you want a writing prompt maybe kirk discovering a cluster of freckles on the nape of spock's neck?

ah hopefully this fit your prompt well enough!!

Constellations (find it on ao3 here)


The dark silhouette remained still, framed in the doorway to the fresher. Jim blinked, then reached out a hand, making his voice softer, more honeyed.

“Spock. Come on, sweetheart. Come to bed with me. Please.”

Spock finally moved, walking towards Jim and settling on the edge of the bed, keeping his face turned away. He took off his socks but made no move to remove the Vulcan robes he had been wearing during meditation. Jim frowned a bit, catching the end of one of the trailing sleeves. A few weeks into their relationship, Spock had discovered just how comfortable Jim’s old loose t-shirts were, and refused to wear anything else to bed. For Spock to not take off his robes to sleep… well, it certainly planted worry in Jim’s head. “Aren’t you gonna take this off?” He asked, keeping his voice soft in the dim light.

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Maybe a Mckirk friends with benefits au?

  • This wasn’t supposed to happen. This is the opposite of what friends should be doing. Leonard worries about it for minutes, thinking about quitting this - whatever it is - it has to stop before it really begins. But then Jim turn around, facing him, and he throws him a sleepy smile. “Hey,” he says softly, fingers running gently over Bones’ chest, “stop worrying.” “I’m not worrying,” Leonard replies, but Jim shakes his head. “I know you, I can tell apart those ‘grumpy, Jim’s pestering me’ shoulders, and ‘grumpy, Jim’s pestering me’ shoulders.” Bones huffs, though Jim grins. “See? I knew it,” he says, “what’s bothering you?” “We just had sex.” “Yes.” “Jim. We just… had sex.” “Yes,” Jim repeats. "Jim…“ “I heard you the first two times,” Jim says, “why does that make you worry?” “Because, relationships are messy, and we’re friends and-” “Wow, dude,” Jim says, sitting up straight, “who said anything about relationships? Can we just be friends who have great sex when either of us is dtf?” “Dtf?” Bones repeats, and Jim huffs. “Down to f-” “Got it,” Bones interrupts him, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Feelings get involved, and shit.” “C'mon, both of us don’t do relationships. We’re just two guys who enjoy a drink together every now and then, and then some great sex. That can’t be bad. What’s the worst that could happen?”
  • Jim is right, Leonard realizes a couple days later, just after he lets himself fall down on the mattress next to Jim. Jim turns around with a grunt, lying down on his back instead. “You have some pent up frustrations,” he laughs, breathlessly so, and he turns to look at Bones instead. “Listen, when you continuously avoid medbay when your checkups are due, I’m going to be a little frustrated.” “I’m not complaining,” Jim says, “Hell, if I knew I’d get this out of this, I would’ve skipped out of medical checkups a long time ago.” Leonard huffs, too, running his hand over Jim’s chest. “You always skip your medical sessions.”
  • York Town leaves little time for them to spend together, but it’s fine. Bones works in the medical department during the day, and Jim spends hours in meetings. They agree to meet up in their favorite bar, but instead, they end up just drinking in Bones’ quarters. Bones has a small balcony, and so they sit outside, drinking beers and watching people go about their own lives. “I have a lot of internal struggles,” Jim says, out of the blue after a few seconds of peaceful silence. The artificial sun is setting, coloring the sky all kinds of pastel colors that remind both of them of Earth. “How are you struggling internally?” Bones asks, “are you okay?” “I mean,” Jim starts thoughtfully, his hand reaching out to rest on Bones’ thigh, “you know that feeling when you’re conflicted, because on one hand they opened a great new burger bar and I really want a cheeseburger. On the other hand, though, I also want sex. So it’s like; do I want to do you, or do I want cheeseburgers?” “That’s your struggle?” Bones asks, frowning lightly. “You had me worried for a second!” “Take my struggles seriously!” Jim counters, and Bones grins. “Well,” he says, “the burger bar delivers. Think we can have a quickie before they get here?” At that suggestion, Jim gets up instantly. “Oh, I bet we can do more than one.”
  • For a long time, this actually works out quite well. They’re just them, the same Jim and Bones who enjoy watching sports games, drink in the bar while the Enterprise warps through deep space. They’re still the same Jim and Bones who bicker about pretty much everything. It’s just that this time, there’s also sex involved, and it’s pretty great. Jim sometimes texts Bones positions they can try out, along with his usual message spamming. Bones often tells him off, but occasionally comes with suggestions himself - all of which Jim is happy to try.
  • But then Bones finds himself a little too comfortable in Jim’s company. Jim starts sleeping over a lot more, and Bones does, too, when he’s over at Jim’s quarters. They move from casual sex and parting ways in the morning, to sex that’s more intense than casual fun and stress relief. Sometimes, it’s initial heavy make-out sessions and would-be sex, if they didn’t get too distracted talking deep into the night, about everything and nothing. And instead of splitting ways in the morning, they get dressed together in the bathroom. Or rather, Jim showers while Bones shaves, and the other way around. Bones has a couple uniforms in Jim’s wardrobe, an unspoken agreement that just kind of happened. They share breakfast together and only part ways when Jim heads to the bridge, and Bones heads to medbay.
  • “You’re worrying again,” Jim points out, late at night. “You should be asleep,” Bones says, and Jim huffs, moving an arm around Bones’ waist and he presses himself against Bones’ back. “So should you,” he says, “but you’re worrying.” Bones is quiet for a few seconds, thinking about just how much he enjoys being so close in Jim’s presence. “Look at us,” Bones says, gesturing at the two of them. “I much rather look at you,” Jim replies. Bones takes a deep breath, then turns to his back so he can look at Jim properly. “Listen to yourself,” he says, “this isn’t casual, Jim. We’re not casual.” Jim listens quietly, frowning lightly. “Hey,” he says, “you’re making a big deal out of nothing. Are you not having fun?” “Of course I’m having fun,” Bones says, “but I’d have more fun knowing my feelings are reciprocated.” "Reciprocated,” Jim repeats slowly, before cracking a smile, “Mr. Sensitive.” “Mr Sensitive?” Bones repeats, and he opens he mouth to protest that, but Jim leans in to kiss him instead. “I promise you,” Jim says quietly, his fingers brushing just over Bones’ cheek, “those feelings are reciprocated.”
TBBT: The Gyroscopic Collapse (10x23)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead!!!

Omg!!! 😲😲😲 Mayor episode for Shamy lovers here and a wonderful episode all around. It has lingered in my mind ALL day and threw me into total fangirl mode! 🚑 In my top 3 now, for sure!!! Some random thoughts will follow but mostly in-depth discussion of Pasadena's favorite power couple. Be forewarned, it will probably be like Sheldon’s list of Comic-Con guests. 😂 I will start with a short summary and then dive into it. If you just want the Shamy goodness, jump to 4.

1. Celebration around the kitchen island in 4A:

The episode starts with the gang all reunited in good spirits. Happiness was bubbling out as the guy’s boasted of their accomplishments, except for left out Raj. I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic at the view seeing that our favorite cast is close to being off the air during their usual summer hiatus and knowing there is one episode left this season. 😢 And while I’m looking forward to the next episode, I’m also drafting the hiatus. Also, I felt a bit sad that Raj can’t celebrate any accomplishment lately. I’ve said it before and will say it again, they need to do some justice to this character. Crossing fingers for the next 2 seasons for Raj. 

2. Next scenes:

While the girls spend time with Raj, the guys head to work. They are met with the disillusion that their project has been taken away from them after all the hard work. (That really does suck 😠). Seeing the guys return with their spirits deflated after having been so happy moments ago was crushing. Nothing ever goes quite right for our guys. 

In the meantime, we have learned that Raj is moving out and Amy has been offered the internship in Princeton. The guys return to share their bummer and after hearing Sheldon say he feels betrayed, Amy understandably clams up her news about the internship. (Her face throughout this whole scene says she was struggling with how to share this with Sheldon.) I am so glad for once no one let the secret out before she was ready to talk to Sheldon one on one.  

Raj’s news is shared and we learn that he will be moving into Bert’s garage. Not sure how I feel about this. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bert. But we have seen him various times in season 10 and in the meantime, I’m missing more action with Stuart and would love to see some of our other favorites guests. Where the hell are Wil and Kripke for example? I don’t know, mixed feeling. It could bring comedic value but I don’t think it will do much to develop Raj’s character more.

BONUS: Leonard’s line after entering the wrong apartment: She might disappear but she’s definitely not cleaning. LMAO!!!

3. Howardette, clingy and adorable:

Howie vents to his wife who tried to console him with Neil Diamond. He refuses thinking it will get Bernie “sexed up”. 😂 Bernadette's face reads more like “yeah, right”. The rest of the episode we get clingy Howard who wants to snuggle his wife to death and a Bernadette that cringes to his every effort.

It’s funny but oh-so-cute! 😍 I love all the shows couples and enjoy when the writers explore these real dynamics in a realistic but positive way because I believe that conflict can also be growth opportunities. (Which is why I’ve had too many issues to discuss here with the way they are writing Lenny this season. I’m surprised (and grateful) they didn’t have them argue this episode again.

Bernie decides to have an honest conversation with her hubby about it and discovers in the process that she is more similar to her husband than she initially thought and has dealt thru similar circumstances in not the healthiest ways either. 😒 Funny how in relationships we are quick to notice when our partner is somehow walking a slippery slope but can’t see it in ourselves.

BONUS: Bernadette shares with the girls how Howard wanted to get a mammogram at the same time as her like if it was a couple’s massage. Lol. Really creepy but so damn hilarious. 😂😂😂

4. The cat is out of the bag:

Amy’s making Sheldon breakfast in their apartment. Sheldon is still visibly down regarding the quantum gyroscope. She doesn’t have the heart to break the news to him although she certainly was preparing everything to have that conversation. 

Mayim’s acting out of this scene is as real as it can get. While the script kept it light it also needed to portray her struggle. She managed both effectively with her facial expressions, her voice and her timing which were all perfect. 

Sheldon is able to appreciate Amy’s care in her gesture of not only making him oatmeal but making his favorite kind, plain. There is significance there. Plain because he feels comfort in familiarity. She is his secure “spot”. Keep this in mind with what’s about to develop. He’s hit with the realization of just how important she is to his life. Now, we the fandom knew this. But this was, I feel, an a-ha moment for Sheldon where he compliments her with these 4 lines:

You are so kind. (She’s the sweetest cinnamon roll to pure for this world)
I don’t know how I ever got by without you. (She’s the dryer sheets of his heart)
I’ve come to realize, I’m completely dependent on you. (Awww, he needs her)
To wake up every morning and know you are there is a great comfort to me. (She’s his oatmeal)

How do you do it? (I feel he meant all of the above and not just the oatmeal.)

Those are some heavy love declarations!!! Write that on a postcard and you have the most romantic letter ever. 😉 Each of these lines is delivered with raw honesty by Jim. They are subtle, intentional and sweet. By now I’m not only watching this to be entertained, my feels begin to act out and I’m praying this won’t turn into another cruel Molaro joke because Amy has deserved this for a long time. Poor girl is trying to comfort Sheldon and humbly downplays each compliment, afraid of his reaction and knowing this will be hard for him. 

Amy could’ve gotten away with this if it had been the Sheldon of years ago. But this Sheldon is in love with Amy. 😏 And he still can’t read social clues well with other people but with Amy is different. He knows something is off as soon as she doesn’t show enthusiasm for their own experiment.

Has something changed? Is there something you are not telling?

And she finally breaks the news after a perfectly timed pause.

And now it’s him with a perfectly timed pause. His face, omg!!! 😢

You could read it all in 2 seconds and my heart broke for him. 💔 Thank goodness for good writing, I cried but giggled in the same breath.

BONUS: “You have to go. This is important… So are you….” 🚑🚑🚑

5. Sheldon has the Blues (in an apartment as empty as his heart):

Raj and Leonard find a harmonica playing Sheldon with the blues because “my baby done left me”. BTW, love that Texan cowboy accent anytime. 🔥 Hoo! The guys are sweet and try to help until Raj accidentally suggests Sheldon can go back to his old room leading to a hilarious moment. Leonard asked to speak to him in the hallway and slammed the door in his face, LMAO!!! 😂😂😂 Mean but effective.

I really appreciated in this scene Leonard and Sheldon sitting on the floor and having a “man to man” talk. We get to remember that in spite of their differences, these 2 really bond and love each other like true brothers. 😊 Leonard was compassionate and showed concern. Sheldon was so sad! Still being Sheldon, he took Leonard to mean he needed to trick Amy into staying though. 😆 So glad he didn’t go that route.

6.  Loving and Supportive Boyfriend:

Sheldon enters the apartment with a good quality luggage presenting it as a peace offering of sorts. 

We all know he hates gift giving which made my heart flutter thinking he left the empty apartment with harmonica in his pocket, went to a store and told an employee how his girlfriend had to leave and he wanted the best luggage they had for her.This is exactly what happened - That’s why he said the salesman at the store had told him the luggage could survive a crash. 

Then he carried down the street with all eyes on him and up the stairs thinking every step of the way of what he would say to be supportive and how much he wanted to make love to her because he would miss her. 😢😢😢 Let THAT sink in. 😭😭😭 

He opens by explaining to Amy Leonard had pointed out how he wasn’t always loving and supportive. (Take you own advice, Leonard. Sheldon has come a long way.) He then lets her know “It’s a wonderful opportunity and you need to take it”. He knows this is important for her and unselfishly decides to let her go freely, earning him a sincere kiss from Amy which he gently returned stroking her arms. tears, tears, tears…..

What followed was the moment the fandom has been waiting for… Sheldon wants to make love to her and IT’S NOT HER BIRTHDAY. Coitus just because he wants to be intimate and wants to please her and be pleasured. He needs her and wants to, using his words, “make love”! Can you hear that??? The sound of fangirls yelling simultaneously near a heart attack! 🚑🚑🚑 HE FREAKING LED HER TO THE BEDROOM!!! 😲 BY THE HAND!!! 😲 INSERT OVARIES EXPLODING HERE… 💣💣💣💥💥💥 

If that wasn’t enough, their frenzied lovemaking turned out to be a moment we all wanted. Loud enough for Raj, Lenny and us to hear. It may be weird but I so wanted that because we are all Penny. By what we heard, they were having fun and getting freaky! (Btw, the naughty vixen totally rode that cowboy! 😉 Sorry. 🙊🙈🙉) 

BONUS: I’m just warning you, if you find yourself 3000 miles away craving a hit of this, I can’t Skype it to you. 😂😂😂 

7. It’s so hard to say goodbye: 

Sweet Shelley, being the southern gentleman he is, walks Amy down the stairs. He takes that opportunity to go over what he needs from her to make this separation more bearable. He wants her to: 

  • Text when she’s at the airport 
  • Text when she’s at the gate 
  • Text if she find GOT actors
  • Skype when she gets there Skype every morning
  • Remember he’s proud of her and supports her
  •  And of course, if she runs into another version of him but with Thor hair… step away and call him asap 

What he’s really saying is you haven’t left yet and I already miss you. 😍

In summary, a perfect episode with funny moments, great cast interactions, some sarcastic zingers we love, but also lots of character development and some fluffy scenes. I’m also so happy it was finally about Amy and in a good way. Thank you writers! 👐 

Plus, being the Sheldon lover I am, gym parsons body will kill me. His butt when he walks aways from Amy at breakfast, his arms and chest when he is kissing her, his hands caressing her arms and back, and of course, his sexy face and eyes when he says “or, we can fold them”!!! Hot Damn, he is fine AF!!!

Things for the writers to think about going forward are: how will Raj do with his upcoming living arrangement and will they finally address the development of his character? Will Lenny continue in a good place? How will Shamy do with the long distance thing? Will this be another revelation for Sheldon once he misses her enough or will this be another disaster waiting to happen - (I think they can get through this)? What will happen with the guys’ project? What will Howard do now that his money making idea is no longer his thing? Aaaaand, where the hell is Stuart, lol? 

DM if you need me and please, no spoilers in the comments of this review. A very special thanks to my lovely friend @platypus-quacks-too for some of the gifs. Timing wasn’t on our side for our usual collab but I’m grateful for the talented @tbbt-faves - whom I’m collaborating with for the first time and allowed me to use her gifs in this review. I have been a fan and follower and I’m thankful for her work and to have her blessing in using most of the gifs in this review. Go follow these talented people.

Bye fandom!! I will once again go into hiding/ninja mode until the finale. Read you all after that. Love you all!! 


Name: Not to the Sickbay you say?
Pairing: Bones x Reader
Summary: the reader is on a mission with Kirk and gets badly hurt. However, she refuses to go tot he sickbay, so Kirk slowly realizes that she got a huge crush on Bones, so he decides to help the two idiots.

You always knew that Monday was not your lucky day, but today was special - since the very moment when you woke up (and found Sulu’s crazy plant in your shoes) your day has been getting worse, and a huge stone falling on your hip during a two-men mission was only a logical continuation of the day.

“Y/N, you are an incredibly lucky person,” Kirk sits down by your side, injecting you with a strong painkiller. “If you made a hundred more meters in any direction, the Enterprise would be able to beam us up, but… Here we are.”

“I am sorry, captain,” you mumble, and Kirk sighs, taking a communicator out. “W-what are you doing?”

“Asking our lovely doctor to come and cut your leg off, of course. Y/N, I simple will call McCoy and ask him to get here, so that he can fix your leg immediately after I cut the stone. He said that’s how I should do it, plus it’s the only way you will keep your leg after we are done.”

“Could you… could you ask anyone but Doctor McCoy to come?” you ask quietly, and Kirk closes his communicator, quite interested in what you have to say.

“Now, what did Bones do? He wasn’t mean on purpose, you know. It’s just his personality,” you shake your head, and Kirk keeps guessing. “Afraid of him? Y/N, he is probably the sweetest person on the whole ship. No?” you shake our head again, feeling how the stone starts pressing more on the legs and stomach. “Y/N, if you don’t have a reason serious enough, I will call him immediately. I am only allowed to get up to three people on the planet, and Bones is probably the only one who can properly deal with everything that is wrong with you right now,” you stay quiet. “Oh, you couldn’t fall for him, could you?!” and you blush so hard, Kirk start laughing, so proud of his deduction skills. “You actually fell for Bones? That’s why all the complications?” you stay quiet, but still blushing. “Can I call the Sickbay now?”

“Anyone but McCoy,” you murmur, and Kirk waves his hand at you, amused by the romantic feelings that his friend could provoke in anyone. “Captain, please!”

“Mister Spock, we need medical assistance down here… No, I am fine… Yes, send the doctor as soon as possible,” Kirk closes the communicator and looks at you. “How did you manage?”

“Well, I am an extremely lucky person,” you grin.

“You bet you are,” McCoy enters the ‘cave’ and sighs at your ‘comfortable’ position. “Jim, you have to take care of your team, not murder them.”

“Holy shit,” you whisper and look at Kirk, trying to retell how much you hate him right now, but Jim simply shrugs his shoulders, as if saying ‘not my fault, I asked them to send a doctor.’

“I haven’t even started, Y/N, stay down and breathe deeply,” Bones kneels next to you and quickly checks your pulse and overall health. “Yeah, Jim, she is alright, just lift the stone, and I’ll take care of the bones.”

“What’s wrong with the bones?”

“Oh, they are simply crushed. If I do not block the flow of blood as soon as captain takes the weight off, the pieces may very well end up in very, very bad places,” McCoy sighs again. “How did you even manage?”

“She is an extremely lucky person,” Kirk answers for you and raises his phaser, ready to vanish the rock. “Ready?”

“Sure,” Bones takes your hand, allowing for you to grab his sleeve, squeezing it as hard as possible, as the weight disappears, and the painkillers magically stop working, almost murdering you with the pain. “Shh,” Bones quickly injects you with something, stroking your forehead with a free hand. “It’s ok. Let me take a look now,” he frees his hands and cuts your uniform to get access to the injury, then whistles, looking back at your face.

“That bad?” he nods quietly. “Fixable?”

“Yes,” he starts quickly covering the injury with some sticky glue, then quickly attaches a small blinking mechanism to your hips, which quickly expanded and locked your legs in the same position. “Do not move.”

“I was going to go for a run,” you murmur, and Bones grins, appreciating your attitude, then quickly strokes your forehead with his thumb.

“We have to get back on board,” Kirk interrupts you, and McCoy agrees, as they both carefully lift you and carry out of the cave.

“All I had to do to get two people carry me around is get hurt,” you joke. “If only I knew about it before the mission.”

“Three to beam up,” Kirk says loudly, as Bones makes you stand up next to him, so that he holds you with both hands in order for you not to fall down.

“On scale from one to ten, how much does it hurt?” he asks you quietly, trying to almost lift you of the ground, to reduce the weight on the legs.

“About six,” you murmur, your hands wrapped around his shoulders.

“That’s good… I mean, it’s bad that it hurts, but good that it’s not ten,” you laugh, and Bones flinches, as your breath tickles his neck. “Sorry.”

“That’s… That’s alright,” McCoy tightens his grip on your waist, as you get transported on the Enterprise, and a second later, the medical team helps you get down on the stretcher, and they rush to the Sickbay.

“Why the rush?”

“Because I gave you a very strong sedative, so you wouldn’t feel it even if I cut your legs off… Which is literally happening right now,” quickly answers Bones. “I also blocked the flow of blood, so that the bone pieces as well as the possible virus do not enter the intestines…”

“Sounds sweet,” you answer, already terrified of dying. Bones takes your hand and strokes your palm.

“Y/N. It will be fine. I am not letting you lose your legs. I am doctor, this is my job. Clear?” you nod quickly, as you get to the Sickbay, and the team helps you get on the bed, and McCoy is about to sedate you.

“Doctor,” you look him in the eye. “Will I be ok?”

“You will be great,” he answers calmly. “All you should do is trust me,” he covers your face with the mask and starts the countdown until you fall asleep. “I got your back.”

You woke up two days laters, you legs tied together and hanging in the air.

“Look who’s back,” McCoy takes a look at you and smiles. “How are we feeling?”

“Painfully alive,” you answer, as Bones takes the readings from the apparatus and smiles at you.

“Before you ask. You will walk again,” you smile happily.

“Thank you, doctor,” you pretend to try to kneel, and he giggles.

“I will need you to come in at least twice a week, so that I can clear you to get back on duty, but I did talk to captain about you. He agreed to let you stay off duty for a few weeks, so you will stay in Sickbay and help me,” you grin, trying not to show how happy you are to be there (and you also realize that Kirk probably is doing that solely because he knows about your crush).

“Doctor McCoy, if you want me to spend more time here, all you have to do is ask,” Bones smiles again, quickly pats you on the shoulder, then heads out of the room, mumbling something about the job.

“Get better there,” you rest your head on the pillow and sigh, realizing that the following few weeks will be hard. And painful. And full of your hopeless and bad flirting, hidden in sarcasm and endless blushing.

Part 3

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  1,557

Author’s Note:  Here’s Part 3! Please enjoy and, if you’re feeling generous, please continue to leave feedback, it’s really helping!

Table of Contents Here

The threat of hyperventilation bubbled in your chest until you got back to your temporary quarters and securely locked the door. Pressing your back against the steel, you slid to the floor and cupped your head in your hands and took a shuddering breath. Five years, gone.

These people… they showed you so much kindness, concern, but you didn’t know a single face aside from Kirk and Spock and only then because their faces were plastered all over the Enterprise propaganda when you enlisted.

And Scotty… Uhura was right. You’d never seen a grown man cry like that. All you wanted to do was promise him it would all be okay, but what would those words do coming from the mouth of his own wife? And then, you weren’t sure you could make it sound convincing in your state, when every touch made you want to recoil, to protect yourself from this stranger. Guilt tore at your stomach. He didn’t seem like that kind of man, but you couldn’t keep the thoughts from forming.

When you looked at him, you saw nothing. He was a perfectly average looking man, or at least you assumed he’d be if you saw him without red-stained eyes. You didn’t take a close enough look over dinner; you wished you had. His face, his voice, his home meant nothing to you. Like you’d just met for the first time.

What now? you mused.

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because you guys love jealous Jim:

You raised your eyes to the tall buildings surrounding you and looked at the different coloured lights. It was already dark outside and you just stepped out of the car that had brought you and Jim here.
He was on his way to a meeting and insisted on taking you with him. Usually he went by himself  but apparently it meant a lot to him to have there today.
All dressed up and with Jim by your side you entered a skyscraper.

A narrow red carpet led you inside and just as the door closed behind the two of you two men appeared out of nowhere. Without saying a word they escorted you to the elevator. As soon as those men started following you Jim grabbed your hand with a tight grip. His own was cold as usual.
Seconds later the elevator shot upstairs. Nobody said a word and you could feel the tension in the tiny space.
It was the first time that you properly collided with the scene Jim used to be in. The powerful and criminal people that signed his contracts and relied on him and requested services only he could offer.
You’d be lying if you’d say that you weren’t slightly uncomfortable. Sure, you trusted your boyfriend but you also knew what he was able to do and you knew all too well what could happen if something was to go wrong.

The doors slid open and you walked down a long floor. The walls were decorated with minimalistic paintings and were covered in luxurious wallpaper. It was still silent and the only noise you could here was the clicking of your heels.
Soon enough your little group reached a door that automatically opened. Immediately warm and thick air hit your face. The smell of cigar-smoke mixed with the cheep perfume of the rich filled the hall you now stepped into.
The light was dimmed and approximately thirty Asian men were inside. Some were sitting on couches surrounded by light-dressed women with big hair, some were standing holding drinks and smoking.
Slow jazz music was playing in the background.

All of the talking stopped and everyone looked at you and Jim which made him smile. Still holding on to your hand his eyes targeted a man that was sitting in a chair at the very end of the room. A tall woman in a very short dress with a lot of cleavage leaned against the chair.  

With secure footsteps Jim started walking towards that person. He really seemed to enjoy all of the looks the two of you were getting.
The man jumped up and even though his face didn’t come across as frightened you could spot sweat on his forehead that most likely didn’t come from the sticky air. He said something in a language that sounded like Korean and everyone else returned to their former state of talking and drinking.

Stretching out his hand to shake Jim’s the boss (so you assumed) of the others was now at least a step away from you. Sensing a penetrant aftershave you silently sniffed your nose.
Not even looking at the offered hand Jim sat down on a leathern couch and pulled you down too, now letting go of your hand.

After that the two men started talking to each other. The Asian had prepared a few files he was showing to Jim. Nervous chuckling and a lot of nodding on his side gave him away: he wasn’t comfortable.

Jim on the other hand seemed to feel very secure and powerful at the moment. You knew he loved to be in that position where he was the one to decide and all everyone else could do was to obey.
But from one second to another something changed. Something the man had said didn’t please Jim. His voice became serious and his stare lurking while he placed his left hand on your thigh.
The opponent quickly realised that what he had said wasn’t ideal and began to stammer while probably trying to make up for whatever had just left his mouth.

But Jim shook his head and you could feel his hand tighten. To possibly calm him you laid your hand on his but instead of relaxing Jim said something that made the man stand up quickly.

Again the only sound in the room was the jazz music.

Everyone’s eyes were on the three of you.

Wildly gesticulating and desperately speaking to your boyfriend the man still attempted  to fix the situation. Instead of responding verbally Jim just laughed and raised his right hand and waved.
Knowing that couldn’t mean anything good you began feeling seriously unsettled.
“Jim, what is it? What happened?”, you vigorously whispered but he didn’t answer your questions. Instead a laser point appeared on the Asian man’s  head.
“For gods sake…”, you called out clamping onto Jim’s hand.

Next the man dropped on his knees stammering the same words over and over again but the laser still fixed him.
Some men in the room had pulled out guns themselves but a word from Jim made them drop the weapons.  
Actual tears were now streaming down the man’s face and he began to shake. Jim’s hand still raised he was now in charge of those person’s lives. Whatever had happened before, it had made him more than angry.

“Jim, let’s go. It’s alright.” Your voice was calm now knowing that saying something in the wrong tone could make him wave another time which would result in people dying.
“It’s not alright, dear.”, he said looking you in the eyes and leaning his head to one side which was usually a sign for him being very serious.
“This idiot said that you are very beautiful and you must’ve been very expensive. He thinks you’re a whore. And if you think he’s getting away with that then you’re wrong.” Giving you a quick kiss on the forehead he faced the kneeling man who had started sobbing.

“He didn’t know. You can’t blame him for not knowing.”, you said.
“No, but I can teach him a lesson for not keeping his ridiculous mouth shut.”, Jim answered with a smile. Whispering something into a tiny wireless microphone that was fixed to his tie Jim waved another time.
A shot fell and the woman that was standing next to the frightened man dropped dead. You jumped up. Slowly Jim stood up as well.
“You call her a whore, I kill yours.”, he grinned down at the man before he took your hand.
“Now we can go.”
Jazz played as you left the hall.

The One, Part 6

Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: angst.

Summary: It had been years since you had last since Jimmy. The two of you were highschool sweethearts, until you parted ways. After a horrible breakup with your two timing ex-fiance, you transfer to the U.S.S Enterprise. Finally coming face to face with the boy you left behind. Can the two of you work alongside each other in peace? Or will the past come back to haunt you?

The One Masterlist

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anonymous asked:

omg since you reblogged the gif-set i just realised how much i need another part of the Almost Human McKirk AU so if you want to, please do it, it's just simply perfect and i love it


Part 1 | Part 2 Part 3 |

  • Living with J.I.M. (or just Jim) isn’t even so bad. Initially, Bones insisted Jim charged himself in his own private room, but after a while of them getting increasingly more intimate at home, Bones one day just moves Jim’s charging station to the bedroom. When Jim finds out, he scans Bones’ face curiously, but he’s all too happy to reward his detective boyfriend for that afterwards.
  • They’re on a case, back with another murder occurring around androids in the sex industry. They find out it’s because some underground clan started combining human DNA with these sex ‘bots, and it makes them go a bit loopy. Murdering and manipulated loopy. After they catch the culprit, the android in question, unaware as she is, has to be shut down. Bones catches Jim’s glance at that, reaching out to rest a hand on his shoulder. “You okay?” he asks. Jim doesn’t immediately respond. He looks at Bones, slowly nodding. “I would like to be there, when she’s shut down. “Are you sure?” “Yes,” Jim replies.
  • Bones watches Jim quietly talk to the girl - who has absolutely no idea what’s happening to her or why she’s being shut down. “I promise I’ll remember you,” Jim says softly to her, and then he watches the engineer shut her down. Jim seems quite upset over the whole ordeal, and he doesn’t want to go out for a drink. So instead, they sit at home. Jim quietly sits next to Bones on the couch. “Do you want to talk about it?” Bones asks. “I just… what if something happens to me, and you’re gonna have to shut me down?” “That’s not gonna happen,” Bones says. “But what if-” “It’s not gonna happen,” Bones replies firmly. Jim turns to look at him with both fondness and interest in his eyes. “You care about me,” he says, and Bones huffs, resting his hand on Jim’s leg and squeezing it softly. “We all make mistakes.”
  • Having lost a leg in an accident, Bones’ synthetic leg doesn’t often calibrate right. When it doesn’t, it causes an annoying dull ache that just kind of stays, and his leg doesn’t always functions so well. For some reason, Bones is also an annoying shit enough so that he never actually fixes it. And so at night, Jim has to listen to Bones grunting under his breath, squeezing the skin of his leg just above his synthetic. It takes a long time before he feels comfortable enough to walk around in just shorts, showing off his synthetic leg. It takes even longer for Bones to be comfortable enough to take it off and let it re-calibrate. It drives Jim nuts, because he’s an android himself, why would he even care about a synthetic leg? “C’m here,” Jim says, after listening to Bones try and stifle his own discomfort. Not just that, the synthetic occasionally beeps and says a: “Calibration Incomplete”. “No,” Bones says, “I’m fine.” “Come. Here,” Jim repeats through gritted teeth, grabbing Bones by his shirt and pulling him in closer, both his hands on both sides of Bones’ leg. “You don’t have to-” “Ssh,” Jim hushes him quiet, “you’re driving me insane.” His fingers dip into Bones’ skin, massaging the sore skin. “You gotta look after yourself, Bones,” Jim says, continuing softly, “your leg needs care, and needs to be charged frequently in order for it to calibrate properly. He explains it for a little while, but when he looks up, Bones has fallen asleep.
  • Things take a turn for the worse quite suddenly. Bones is in the supermarket to buy food, and mostly to stock up on liquor. Jim is tagging along despite not eating things, because he likes to interact with people, and correct Bones’ unhealthy eating (and drinking) habits. “I’m thinking fries and ribs,” Bones says, and Jim frowns. He doesn’t reply, and Bones mostly ignores it. “D'you want to swing by Spock later? We can see if he has updated charging stations,” Bones suggests, grabbing a small box of coleslaw for good measure. As soon as he turns back to Jim, though, the other looks different. Blue eyes a little darker, and his expression mostly just blank. “Jim?” Bones asks, stunned when the other reaches out for Bones’ throat and throws him backwards against the shelves. “Jim–?!” he asks, but then Jim punches him again. And again. And again. Until finally, Bones reaches out with his good leg, kicking Jim backwards.
  • “Spock, I need a little help here!” Bones shouts into his phone. “What’s the problem?” Spock asks. “I don’t know- Jim’s malfunctioning,” Bones says, shielding away from Jim trying to attack him or other grocery shoppers. “His system’s been rewritten,” Spock says after a few seconds of silence and Bones hears nothing but the typing on his computer. “Okay, so what do we do?” “Turn him off.” “Okay.” “Permanently.” “What? Spock, no,” Bones says. “Leonard, someone’s accessed his data and is rewriting it as we speak.” “Then stop them,” Bones hisses, “you’re not going to shut down Jim permanently.” “I have to follow protocol,” Spock replies, then he’s silent for a few seconds, “but if you can knock him out, I’ll see what I can do for you to postpone shutting him down.”
  • Bones does manages. Barely so, and with significant damage done to the grocery store. Jim has a temporary off-switch, like all models, though it’s hard to find and even harder to switch. Bones has to keep Jim trapped to the ground so he can find it. And when he does, and Jim powers down, Bones feels horrible. Not just because of the probable concussion from being hit in the head multiple times, or the possible broken nose, but because he watches the light go out in the eyes of his best friend. It sucks. “C’m here, buddy,” he says, pulling the lifeless body up in his arms, “I’m gonna fix this.”
  • He watches Spock try for a few days. But every time he turns Jim on, the other seems to be more violent and less responsive to commands. Bones, however, refuses to let him power him down permanently. “Tell me what I can do,” Bones says, “is there another body we can transfer him to? There’s multiple J.I.M.s stored away.” “It’s not the body, it’s the CPU,” Spock says, “if we transfer that, the problem will just happen again but in another body. If we don’t transfer it, you’ll be with a different J.I.M., who has no memories of you, whose synthetic soul might react to things differently. It’s a whole different person, just in the same body.” “Then tell me what I can do,” Bones insists. “I… I guess, if we could track down his maker,” Spock says, running a hand through his hair, “but the one who created these Synthetic Souls, he’s been underground for a long time.” “I’ll find him,” Bones says, grabbing his jacket so that he can get to work immediately. “Leonard,” Spock says, “you and I both know these androids are second class citizens, and they’ll always be treated as such. Loving one, even someone as real as Jim, it’s never going to be accepted. These things are against the law.” Bones narrows his eyes a little, but doesn’t say anything. “All I’m trying to say,” Spock says, “is be careful. Not with falling for an android, but with having other people - the wrong people - find out about that.”
  • Tracking down his maker takes long. Too long, Bones thinks, and every day he’s worried Jim’s not going to wake up the same again. But Bones finds him. Christopher Pike; a retired robotics engineer and inventor, who has distanced himself to be almost completely off grid. The only reason Bones finds him is because he runs into Uhura; another android, but one who feels oddly similar to Jim in behavior. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that a synthetic soul is behind that, and so he tracks her down until she leads him straight to the older man. “Pike,” Bones says once he finds the other in his own backyard, “I need your help.” “Haven’t heard that name in a while,” Pike replies. “One of the androids at the precinct has been hacked. We suspect his synthetic soul-” Pike huffs at that. “Those bland MX androids don’t have synthetic souls, boy. They’re sheep. Just following orders.” “I’m talking about J.I.M.,” Bones replies, slowly sinking down in a garden chair next to Pike. “Jim,” Pike repeats slowly, “they were all turned off.” “We turned one back on,” Bones says, “he’s a police officer now. No longer a tool for the sex- and espionage industry. He saved a lot of lives.” “I always told them Jim was designed for more than just pleasure,” Pike says. “Can you help him?” Bones presses gently. “J.I.M.s were turned off for a reason, son,” Pike replies, “their synthetic souls… flawed. Couldn’t handle consciousness, love, and devotion. Turned most of them mad, and vulnerable to those wanting to take advantage. It’s probably best if he stays turned off.” “Please,” Bones says, “I tracked you down because you’re the only chance he’s got. He’s my best friend.”
  • Pike works tirelessly on rebooting Jim. Bones stays by his side all that time, assisting where necessary. So does Spock, and Uhura helps, too. The two of them seem to take an odd liking for each other. Finally, the next time Jim opens his eyes, they look normal. He stares up at the ceiling, mildly confused and taking his time to register his location. “What are we doing in Spock’s lab?” he asks, slowly sitting up straight, “I thought we were going for fries and ribs?” He’s silenced by Bones, who pulls him into a breathtaking hug - one that would’ve been painful if Jim was actually alive and breathing. “Hey, what happened?” Jim asks, gently patting Bones’ shoulder. “Does he not remember anything?” Bones asks when he pulls away. Pike shakes his head. “Had to erase it all. You know, to leave no corrupt data behind.” “Who’s this?” Jim asks. “Jim, this is Pike,” Bones says, “your maker.”
  • Jim watches Bones and Spock, both talking to Uhura while enjoying a steaming cup of coffee. They’ve given Jim some distance to talk to Pike, though Jim can’t help but sense Bones’ glances towards him a lot. “Thank you,” Jim says, after having been made aware of the situation, “I appreciate you helping me.” “Don’t worry about it,” Pike says, “how are you feeling, kid?” “Fine,” Jim says, “but I’ve been wondering-” “If it’s all real?” Pike asks, “that annoying sense of right and wrong, doubt and hesitation, maybe love for others?” “Yes,” Jim says, a bit stunned. “That’s why we call it a soul, Jim,” Pike replies, “everything you’re feeling, no matter how frustrating or confusing it may seem. It’s you. I created it, but it’s not me who decides which path you take, who you choose to be with, or what your opinion is about things. Everything you feel, it’s all you.”
  • Coming home feels odd. Like Jim hasn’t been away at all, though the place looks like he has been. Bones’ apartment is a mess of takeout food, research papers, clothes, and empty beer bottles. “You really let yourself go while I was out, huh?” Jim asks, taking off his jacket. Bones shrugs. “I was busy,” he replies. “With what?” “Saving you,” Bones says. “Thought you’d be glad to be rid of me,” Jim says, tossing a few empty beer bottles away, but really, cleaning can wait. So when Bones sits down on the couch, Jim brings him a cold beer, and he sits down next to him. “Maybe the first few days,” Bones admits with a small grin, though Jim knows he’s joking. “Thank you,” Jim says, after a small pause. “For what?” “Not letting them shut me down,” Jim replies. Bones’ arm moves around Jim’s shoulder, and Jim’s more than willing to lean in close. His hands move to Bones’ leg, which probably needs a lot of attention after being neglected while the man was busy trying to save him. “We all make mistakes,” Bones says, and Jim laughs. I love you, is on Jim’s mind, and he considers saying it. But when he looks up at the human, and he leans in to kiss him, Jim’s pretty sure Bones already knows.

Prompt: Congrats!! Can you do kirk one where your pavels twin and you come onto the enterprise to study a rock sample? Or something and kirk really takes a liking to you? Much pavel love, and bones sneaky comments? For Anon

Warnings: No……

Pairing: Kirk/Reader

A/N: I changed it to you beeing an older sister, just to make the age gap better. Also, I think this might get a part two!

Word Count: 2048

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do you have any disgustingly sweet spones headcanons?? my week has been pretty shit and your writing cheers me up :)

I got one that I was thinking about today at work, actually. Dunno about headcanon, but i think it’s a nice idea 

McCoy has had a shit day, on the tail end of a shit week, and he swings by Spock’s quarters on the way to his to let him know that he’s 100% not up to dinner with company tonight, so rain check on the date please honey, thank you

Spock is completely fine with this, but he does invite McCoy in, offering understanding that he won’t be very good company. McCoy agrees because Spock’s slight affections (standing close, his fingers flittering down his arm in greeting, a forgiving kiss on his cheek and eyelashes) have already calmed him down a bit

Spock leaves him alone, proceeding to prepare dinner in silence as McCoy curls up on the couch and thinks about his shit week. But Spock isn’t making dinner, because Spock has been researching human comfort food. He comes back to McCoy with a cup of hot chocolate that is piled full of marshmallows and a slice of sweet french toast with blueberries in the shape of a smiley face.

McCoy receives this tray of food in surprise. He looks up at Spock’s stony cold, emotionless face and cracks up laughing. Spock settles in and joins him on the couch, quietly pinching a marshmallow (which McCoy happily agrees to call marshmelons) and telling a brief story about something Jim did that day to start a conversation

The next day at lunch, McCoy begins researching Vulcan comfort foods, which proves to be more difficult, but he finds a sweet tea and some savoury dessert that’s served when the house is trying to impress. He files the knowledge away for a rainy day

Motivation Ficlets - Jim Kirk

Originally posted by hellobluemeetsgreen

Intro: So I wrote this little (yet probably not so little - I haven’t checked the word count yet) ficlet for @gryffindor9whovian who needed a little motivation and a Jim Kirk fluff fic, and I decided to make it into a little crew series thing.  

I know it is exam time for a lot of people, so I wanted to write some little pick-me-up fics to, well be a pick-me-up for these stressful times!  I am going to call these the Motivation Ficlets and do one for as many of the bridge crew as I can, starting with Jim, Bones and Spock, and probably adding a few more. 

Just little drabbles/ficlets to make you smile and give me something to do other than stats (UGH).  

Word Count: 993 (not as bad as I thought lol)

Pairing: Jim x reader


“Ugh.” Was the first thing you said to Jim who who sat at the desk, his head bent over his work, and he lifted his head to give you the side-eye as you stalked into the room. 

“Hello to you too.” He called. 

“UGH.” You groaned again and threw yourself onto the bed, stuffing your face into the comforter, laying flat on your stomach. 

“Bad day?” Jim asked, and you heard the chair scrape back against the floor. 

You only mumbled incoherently against the comforter in response.  A hand smoothed along your back and the bed tipped as Jim’s weight was added. 

“I am dropping out of school and becoming a full-time goat herder who lives happily among their hundreds of goats and never has to study again, forever.” You spoke into the bed, your words muffled by the blanket. 

“I assume the test didn’t go well, than?”

You shook your head, rubbing your nose in the bed, tears perched on your eyes. 

“If you become a goat herder, am I allowed to visit?” Jim asked, his fingers trailing up around your neck, curling in your hair gently. 

“Nope.  I am going to be a recluse and you are going to be a captain.   You won’t deal with the likes of me, but that’s alright, I will have my goats to keep me company.” You explained. 

Jim hummed in response and continued to stroke your back, fingers playing near your waist, making you twitch because it tickled, and you suddenly tensed as you weren’t a stranger to his tickle attacks. 

“James Tiberius Kirk if you tickle me I swear to god I will cut your fingers off.” You threatened, your grimace hidden in the soft blanket.

Jim laughed above you, “You’re mean.”

You hummed in response and played with the comforter between your fingers in silence for a moment before you felt Jim move beside you.  You barely had time to process it before you felt his entire body press against your back, pinning you to the bed. He was lying on top of you. 

You groaned against the sudden weight and laughed as his face ended up near the back of your ear.  He wasn’t putting his whole weight on you, keeping it dispersed on his hands and feet a little, but it still made it a little hard to breathe. 

“Hey.” He whispered into the skin behind your ear. 

“You’re heavy.” You wheezed with a chuckle. 

“Good.” He blew into your ear, but you felt him pull off you a little. 

“Is there a reason that you are lying on top of me?”

“Let’s go do something.” Jim suggested, pressing kisses into you hair. 

“No, just let me stay here and wallow in my failure.” You were feeling defeated now, even though his nose nudging through your hair sent tingles down your spine. 

“You are not a failure.” Jim murmured, “And your hair smells so good.”

“Would you love me if I was a goat herder?” You asked. 

“Of course.  And I think you would look really good in overalls and a straw hat.”

You huffed a laugh and rubbed your face into the comforter, trying to dispel the tears, remembering the test and how bad it had gone. 

Suddenly the weight against your back was gone and you felt him stand on the bed, his feet on either side of you.  You barely had time to wonder what he was doing before he was jumping.  Jim Kirk was jumping on the bed, on either side of you and your body jerked up and down sporadically in response to his jumping. 

“Up, up, my love!  And see what this day has to offer!” Jim was yelling, “Screw that stupid test!  It doesn’t deserve for you to be sad about it!  You are amazing!” 

You were giggling now and you didn’t want to let him win so you grabbed a pillow and stuffed it over your head.  He continued his incessant jumping and yelling and you wondered if your neighbours could hear.  On a particularly big jump of his you had enough and flipped over, taking your pillow and hitting him as hard as you could, right in his stomach.  

“HEY!” He gasped, stumbling a little before he grabbed the pillow and yanked it out of your hands.  

You were scrambling to your feet before you could stop yourself and reached for the other pillow, turning on him and swinging wildly.  You connected with his head first, causing him to emit a gasp of mock horror and he swung the pillow back to you, hitting you across the side. 

After a few more swings Jim grabbed your pillow and pulled it out of your hands again, tossing both pillows across the room.  

“HEy-” You started but were cut off by his hands pulling you to him and kissing you, deeply and passionately, the sudden motion causing you to sway a little atop the bed, but he held you steady.  

Pulling away after a moment to gasp for air you grasped the sides of his head between your hands and stared up into his crystal blue eyes.  

“You are crazy.” You gasped, dragging your lips across his softly, teasingly, unable to help yourself. 

“Mhm-and you can do this, Y/N.  School is tough and life is even tougher, but you can do this.  And I’ll be right by your side the entire time, armed with tickle attacks and pillow fights and kisses for when it gets tough.” Jim breathed, his words warming something deep inside you. 

“I guess that wouldn’t be so bad.” You teased, and you thumbed the corner of his lips as they tilted into a smile.  

And when you couldn’t keep this feeling of warmth and love inside you any longer, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled his lips to yours, tilting off balance, and you both landed on the bed in a fit of giggles and kisses. 

-Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoyed it!-

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Dream Come True

Pairing: Jim x Reader 

Word Count: 1101 

 Warnings: none 

A/N:  “One of us thinks this is a date but the other thinks it’s an informal job interview” with Kirk requested by anon for my 300 Follower AU Celebration! I had fun with this one, so hopefully you guys do too! :D Also there’s pics at the end of the dress and suit style I had in mind if anyone’s curious.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” you said as your roommate zipped up the back of your floor length dress.

“You look beautiful, Y/N. if he doesn’t give you the job, I guarantee he’ll give you his number.”

“I don’t want his number. I want the job.”

“Oh please, like you’d really say no to sleeping with the infamous Jim Kirk.” You glared at your roommate in the mirror before sighing, defeated.

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lazy-lousy-lizy-jane  asked:

Could you please write a small thing for mcspirk, with blind spock?

  • Jim wakes up next to Spock, just quietly pressed against his side. Bones is asleep, too, at Spock’s other side, back turned to both of them. Spock opens his eyes because Jim stirs, and his fingers soon follow the trail of Jim’s spine, just slowly easing him awake. Bones is a bit more tough, because gently waking him up usually goes combined with some form of protest. But that’s why Jim’s woken up first. Jim climbs over Spock towards Bones, pressing kisses on Bones’ cheek and his neck. “Coffee?” Jim asks, and Bones sighs, stifling a yawn. “Coffee,” he agrees.
  • During their shift, they arrive at a strange, unregistered planet. It spikes Spock’s and Jim’s interest. Bones tries to talk them out of visiting a completely strange planet, but an hour later, they’re down there, anyway.
  • They’re up to their hips in strange, thorny plants. “Scotty couldn’t beam us somewhere easier to maneuver,” Bones grumbles under his breath. Jim struggles to move towards higher ground. Spock seems to manage okay, until he accidentally breaks off a branch completely in order to move. The planet reacts rather violently to that. It curls around Spock’s neck, icky red flowers spewing an odd liquid. Jim uses his phaser to shoot the plants away from Spock, and then rushes over so they can pull Spock backwards. “Bones!” Jim calls, grabbing on to Spock’s shoulders and he uses his sleeve to try and clean Spock’s face from whatever the flower spewed at him.
  • Back in med bay, Bones does his best to examine the Vulcan’s symptoms and whatever this plant did. Spock’s feverish and unable to see anything, even after Bones cleans it off completely. “How’s he doing?” Jim asks worriedly, watching the Vulcan lie in bed like a shivering mess. “I don’t know,” Bones says, “as long as we’re still analyzing those plants, I can’t say yet how we’re going to fix this.”
  • Spock’s feverish for two full days, and Bones keeps him in med bay. When he’s released, the Vulcan is still blind, and so Jim guides him all over the Enterprise. He tries to act like nothing’s wrong. Spock, however, can’t get a lot of work done without his sight. Normally, Spock’s mildly frustrated at things, but he’s just plain annoyed constantly.
  • “I want to resign,” Spock says at night, and Jim just huffs out a laugh. “Okay, you sound like Bones when you threaten me like that.” “I’m serious,” Spock says, and that makes Jim look up with a frown. “What are you talking about?” “It’s illogical for me to pretend and uphold my functions when I obviously am unable to do so up to standard, Jim. The most logical solution for me is to resign my duties to someone more qualified.” “No, Spock, you’re still the most qualified,” Jim says. He reaches out for Spock’s hand, squeezing it softly. “Bones is in the med bay all day to try and fix you, okay? And there’s not a lot Bones can’t fix. You’ll get your sight back.”
  • But it’s incredibly frustrating. Spock, who usually moves so graciously, now stumbles, trips, and nearly walks into walls on multiple occasions. Jim laughs about it sometimes, just because the sight is so utterly bizarre. And for some reason, it’s the only thing that makes this slightly more bearable. At least Jim finds some humor in it, though he’s also the first to rush to Spock’s aid. Spock can’t read his usual books. So Bones reads his incredible boring research papers at night. Jim naps to Bones’ soothing voice while Bones reads, head on Spock’s lap, and finding Spock’s fingers softly try to feel up Jim’s face, trying to recognize all of Jim’s distinct facial features. He notices Bones is struggling to read because he’s constantly almost falling asleep, too, and so Spock reaches out to cup Bones’ cheek and pulls him in closer. “Leonard, you can stop reading if you want,” he says. “No, I’m happy to help,” Bones says softly. “You two have been very nice, considering everything. I still fail to perform up to par, and you’re not letting me resign.” “Of course we’re not letting you resign,” Bones says. Spock briefly flinches when he feels Bones’ hand on Spock’s cheeks. It’s a welcome feeling, of closeness and intimacy even without being able to see him.
  • Bones tries multiple remedies and antidotes on Spock’s eyes, but to no avail. Nothing they have available on the Enterprise is good enough to help his cure. But Bones never stops trying. Jim suggests they go back for those plant samples, but Starfleet isn’t exactly allowing them. Spock doesn’t let them get off track, either. Luckily, over time, Spock’s vision slowly returns by itself. First, just the difference between lightly and dark, then, greys and vague shapes. For the longest time, his vision is just good enough to recognize people and objects, but too blurred to read anything. But at least Jim’s bright blue eyes are visible again - and just that is a sense of comfort. Bones puts him through eye therapy every day to train his eyes again, until finally, it feels like they’re back to normal.
  • And so waking in bed in the morning, Jim pressed to his side and Bones quietly sleeping right next to him – it’s the most wonderful sight in the world. “What d'you want to do for shore leave?” Jim asks him quietly, “I bet lots of research and reading, huh? Got some proper catching up to do.” His voice is still tired from it being morning, and Spock watches him smile when his fingers now instinctively find Jim’s cheeks and feel his jaw and his chin, fingertips tracing the smile on Jim’s lips. “I think I want to go on a short holiday,” Spock says. Bones turns around at that, facing them, and Spock pulls him in a little closer, too. “A holiday?” Bones asks. “Yes,” Spock replies, “the three of us, to some quiet place on earth. Maybe Rocky Mountains. Relax, and go sight seeing.” Jim nods, already reaching out for his PADD on the night stand, so that he can start looking up possible locations. Bones smiles, sliding his arm around the two of them. “Okay,” he says, “just the three of us.”

isolatedphenomenon  asked:

Okay but how much would it hurt if Jim had found the amulet after Strickler started seeing his mom? Because I feel like Jim would have been somewhat comfortable with his favorite teacher dating his mom (if he didn't know about the whole changeling thing). And then when he finally finds out? Utter betrayal and tons of pain for both him and Strickler

iT WOULDVE BEEN SO MUCH WORSE OMG. but its such a fun idea to play around with cause like

I’m convinced Jim was starting to see Strickler as a father figure/mentor figure of sorts before the series began, like what Blinky is now to Jim. When Toby, his best friend, was unavailable, Strickler is the next person Jim turned to for help in the beginning, and I really think that speaks volumes as to the level of trust he had in Strickler. Jim seems like a pretty private person. His only close human friend prior to the series is Toby, and he only eventually grows closer to Claire because she gets involved in his mythical mayhem, so for Jim to consider Strickler a confidante (sort of) just after Toby is, I think, huge.

Of course it goes both ways. I’m convinced Strickler also had a lot of genuine affection for Jim before Jim became the Trollhunter, affection the likes of Blinky, with the way Strickler thought of (and still thinks of) Jim as his “favorite student” and “star pupil” and all. Strickler and Blinky have a lot in common actually; both being intelligent, scholarly individuals who mentor others for a living and are absent of blood relatives, both caring about Jim to some degree, and both having a fascination with the human world.

From what we’re given in canon, if Strickler had started dating Barbara before Jim had found the amulet he and Jim would’ve grown so much closer. Jim would probably initially be kinda weirded out and embarrassed by the idea of his mom dating one of his teachers, especially a teacher he liked, but he’d get over it. He’d be happy for his mom. He’d like spending time outside of school with Strickler, and Strickler would enjoy getting to know Jim more.

I see them playing that Headbands app on their phones on the History setting the first time they’re alone together waiting for Barbara to get home. Strickler probably brings it up because Jim has a test coming up in his class and its a good way to study, as well as a nice way of concealing the fact that Strickler’s trying to bond with him. Jim’s really hesitant at first, but the game breaks the ice between them and eventually Jim’s bouncing on the balls of his feet trying to think and they’re both pointing at each other’s foreheads and shouting out answers and occasionally Strickler will get the questions wrong which makes Jim feel more comfortable because it brings Strickler down to size, makes him seem less intimidating. Barbara walks in the door and finds the two of them laughing in the living room.

Strickler would’ve been there for a lot. He would’ve been there with Jim and Barbara to celebrate Jim’s birthday. He probably would’ve offered to run Romeo and Juliet lines with Jim, would’ve offered to pick Jim up from play practice if rehearsals ran late, would’ve picked up on Jim’s anxiety over kissing Claire on stage and given sound advice to calm Jim’s nerves. He would’ve been there with Barbara to see Jim on opening night. He would’ve been proud and Jim would’ve been so happy to see him there, being there the way Jim’s father hadn’t been in over a decade.

Until Jim finds the amulet and his life, and all the happiness he was starting to have in it, is turned upside down forever. God…Strickler would probably discover Jim’s the Trollhunter first and he wouldn’t know what to say or do. He’d try to keep his identity under wraps like in canon. When Toby thinks Strickler might be one of the changelings, Jim scoffs but he also aches, so much more than in canon. Pieces start to fit together and Jim doesn’t want to see the picture. He’s rougher with Toby when Toby wants to test the horseshoe on Strickler. He notices how Strickler doesn’t pick it up off the ground, but tries to tell himself Strickler would’ve if Claire hadn’t gotten there first. Bular calls him “young Atlas” once and the ground is ripped out from beneath his feet.

Its a special nickname, given by not just a teacher but by a budding father, that Jim had found endearing until then. Its discarded along with any trust or admiration or love Jim had felt for Strickler, replaced by sharp betrayal, disgust and horror, heartbreak he was all too familiar with. Another man who had walked into their lives full of lies and had stabbed them in the back after convincing them he cared. Another man planning to abandon them for his own selfish needs as soon as the time was right. Jim’s heart would turn utterly cold toward Strickler, but it’d be that added emotion that’d make him fiercer in their fights as much as it’d make him more hesitant to cause any real damage. Because despite everything Strickler still has a place in Jim’s heart, even if that place has been blackened.

And Strickler would also be less inclined to cause Jim any harm, having also come to really care for the boy. I almost wonder if Strickler would’ve more willingly dropped the GumGum and switched sides had he spent more time with Jim and Barbara prior to Jim getting the amulet. Like when Bular and Gunmar start questioning Strickler’s loyalty, instead of trying to prove it would Strickler have just cracked during that dinner with the Lakes and given up trying to harm Jim there? I’m having a hard time picturing him really fighting Jim after starting to love both Jim and Barbara.

gosh this idea is just so much fun to play around with. i love it

Family Ties

Here it is! Not the most original title, but that’s not important. I said I would write a drabble for the Halfchangeling Jim AU, where Barbara finds out about Jim’s hybrid nature and his role as Trollhunter. No amnesia in this one, Barbara is joining the team permanently. No excitement yet either, just a family discussion.

Hope you enjoy!

Jim sat on the edge of the bathtub, a fistful of bandaging in one hand as he stared down at his legs. There had to be an easier way to deal with this. He just hadn’t thought of it.

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Into Darkest Dreams

Fandom:  Star Trek (AOS)
Prompt/Request: @yourtropegirl requested a Jim/Reader/Bones fic where Jim has a nightmare about Khan or Krall and Reader and Bones comfort him
Word Count: 2,678
Warnings:  Descriptions of a beating, nothing *too* graphic, just some blood and a broken bone or two
Tag list:  @outside-the-government @feelmyroarrrr

               Jim and Leonard are standing in the med bay after Jim came back with Carol and Scotty from the USS Vengeance,  as Leonard explains that he has Khan’s crew right there, and that Spock only detonated empty torpedoes.  Before Jim has the chance to do much more than marvel at Spock’s brilliance, there’s a yell from the hallway, someone trying to warn them of danger.  Jim jumps in front of the door as Khan flies into the room, yelling and in a terrible rage. He slams his hands into the centre of Jim’s chest and the Captain goes flying with a yelp of pain.  He slams into the wall a good ten feet away and slides down it, momentarily winded and dazed from the pain.  Khan yells wordlessly and starts to pursue, but Leonard abandons the medical equipment he was using and leaps in front of Jim.  The element of surprise allows him to get a single square punch into Khan’s face, but for all the good it did, he may as well have gently slapped him. Khan snarls and rounds on the doctor instead, punching Leonard across the face without mercy.  

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AOS Fic - In Darkness, Part V

Originally posted by lasheeda

Read In Darkness, Part I. Part II. Part III. Part IV. 

For @gracieminabox.

Warnings - Angst. Medical squick. 

Side note - Mostly a filler chapter. This one is probably going to be a little confusing, too, ‘cause we’re in Jim’s head, and that’s a nasty, disorienting place to be right now. Bear with me. Proper notes will be at the bottom, as always.

McKirk, ‘cause it’s always McKirk. 

But often faltering feet
Come surest to the goal;
And they who walk in darkness meet
The sunrise of the soul

- Henry Van Dyke

It takes Jim a full second and a half to realize that the gentle hiss to his left is the comm unit.

He stirs, lifting his face from the crook of Bones’ neck.

“Enterprise…. irk. Come … Kirk. Can you read?” Scotty’s voice cuts in and out, tinny and faint as if from a great distance.

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Lunchtime Drabble: Searching the Ship, Part 8

Lunchtime Drabble: Searching the Ship, Part 8
Word Count: 810
Warnings: Fluff mostly, I’m pretty much just having fun with this story now… Just go with me on this, it’ll be fun!  (Parenthesis are Jim’s thoughts.) [Brackets are Bones’ thoughts.]

Originally posted by commandtrek

2 months later….

Jim gave up forcing himself to walk and hit Enterprise’s corridors at a full run. Bones had comm’d him asking where Y/N and the baby were because they had missed a checkup, and of course, she turned her communicator off. After checking their quarters, he began to run to her favorite observation room.

(You would think that having an infant to carry around would have slowed her down, but I swear she’s faster than ever.)

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anonymous asked:

McKirk or McSpirk during an apocalypse, maybe they have to leave one of them behind (who maybe comes back later to save their lifes when the others are about to die in a fight or something)

  • The world went to shit faster than anyone could comprehend. Most people on their planet managed to escape in vessels, but those from poorer areas, or predicted sick, were not as lucky. Jim should’ve been on one of those vessels out of there. Would have been, if it wasn’t for his idiot doctor staying behind to help the sick, when there was still a possibility of saving them. After the last vessels left, it was pure chaos. People scrambling for food, medicine. The city became uninhabitable pretty quickly. Humans turning against each other. And then the sick turned against humans. 
  • Getting to the countryside was a blessing. Away from the city, where the people and the sick were fighting each other continuously, the sudden silence was almost overwhelming. The only downside were the wide open spaces. It means seeing the dead wandering up to you from miles away - it also means they see you, too. Most houses were completely empty, and a horde passing by destroyed what was left of their shelter. But then Jim found a chicken, almost starved by the lack of food and failing harvest, so they both chased it. Found a vegetable garden, and more chickens. Well hidden in the forest line that ended the farmlands and started the wilderness. There, they found Spock. Initially ready to chase them off, but seeing Spock’s arm was hurt, Bones managed to talk their way into staying. It’s been a blessing ever since. Food, water, shelter, and each other.
  • It’s late afternoon when Jim strolls back into their little hideaway home. It’s pretty overgrown by now, something deliberately done - barely visible under growing kudzu and ivy. The weather has been so warm and accommodating, Spock and Bones are actually sitting outside together rather than hiding inside their shelter. It’s a lovely sight; Bones, in a tight shirt that’s a bit dirty, and Spock sits next to him, squeaky clean as ever. “Did you catch anything?” Bones asks without looking up from his book. Holding up two rabbits, Jim grins rather proudly. “I think with the carrots we have, we’ll have a half decent stew tonight.” “Emphasis on half decent,” Bones replies, “I’m dying for some pizza.” “You and me both,” Jim replies, and Spock huffs. “Try being a vegan prior to all of this,” he says, and Jim laughs, “I’ll never try to be vegan.”  
  • They have their stew outside that night, by the comfort of an abundance of candles, some light music from Jim’s old cassette tape. It’s romantic, it’s sweet, and for the first time in a long time, Jim forgets they’re even in the midst of an apocalypse.
  • The countryside is so quiet, that any unfamiliar sound stands out. Jim’s walking through overgrown grass fields, scouting the place for rabbits or an occasional deer, when a loud buzzing sound startles him. It’s almost unfamiliar, but Jim instinctively looks up. A space shuttle flies over his head. It doesn’t see him, it just flies overhead and into the distance, towards the old capital city. Now, that wouldn’t be so bad, but the sound that follows is something he’s way less fond of. Footsteps. That heavy breathing of the Sick, mindlessly chasing the sound of that damned shuttle.
  • Jim’s panting roughly from running, covered in dirt and mud to reduce his own body scent, so he isn’t followed. It’s hard, though, because suddenly they are everywhere. Like a horde, all over the place. They’re on the high grass in the fields, and they’re in the forest once Jim makes it there.
  • “There’s a problem,” Jim pants once he reaches the shelter. “Yeah, have you looked at yourself?” Spock comments. “There was a shuttle flying overhead,” Jim says, falling down on a chair, doing his best to ignore Bones checking him out for any wounds, “and then a horde passed by. They’re everywhere. What if we’re compromised?” “We’re not compromised,” Spock says, “this place is well secluded.” “I’m more surprised there was a shuttle flying here,” Bones replies, “all shuttles left ages ago.” Jim simply shrugs, but Bones actually reaches out and grabs an old radio. It doesn’t really work, usually, but after some tweaking, they actually find a radio signal. “... of Starfleet. I repeat, this is captain Chris Pike, we’re responding to the remaining intelligent life signals. We’re clearing the city from the undead and we will pick up any remaining survivors at the old Central Station.
  • “We should go,” Jim says. “No,” Spock replies, “are you mad? It could be a trap.” “Or it could be our way out of here,” Jim counters. “You told me yourself the shuttle dragged in a horde. Why would we follow that horde? That sounds dangerous.” “Well, yes,” Jim says, “but staying here on a planet with nothing but things that want to kill us isn’t much of an alternative. We can still get out of here, Spock. We might live, instead of just surviving.” “Or we might die trying,” Spock says. Both turn to Bones instead, and Bones sighs. “Fine, yes. I think we should go. It’s worth a try, at least.”  
  • They set out to leave as soon as the horde thins out, and they detour to the city. It takes them days - through the forest line as much as they can, hiding in attics that are easily defendable at night. Jim loves being outside, he’s used to it. Spock tends to the garden, usually, but Bones isn’t so used to being outside anymore. Prefers the safety of being inside safe walls, even if his vote did make them turn towards the city again. And it’s noticeable, too. More Sick walking around everywhere. More gunfire in the distance, either from Starfleet or from survivors, they can’t tell. But also more resources. More items to turn into makeshift weapons.
  • Shit hits the fan when they’re close. Really close. They’ve seen the city skyline for hours, watching it grow closer the longer they walk towards it. Now all that's​ left between them and the city is a long narrow bridge over a river, and they’ve been followed for a while now. The Sick were far behind at first, but now they keep getting closer, allowing them no stops while they walk. That’s also when Jim gets hurt. Bear traps were hidden along the entrance to the bridge, and his leg is bleeding quite badly by the time they have him freed. “C'mon, Jim, we’re so close,” Bones says sliding an arm around the others shoulder to drag him along. “Yes Jim, we’ll get off the planet, like you said. We just need to cross the bridge,” Spock agrees. He’s tugging Jim along, too, but their progress is significantly slowing down, and the Sick are rapidly closing in on them.
  • “Let me,” Jim pants, stopping his walk altogether and he pants roughly, “you need to go ahead. I’ll keep them distracted.” “Distracted how? We’re on a bridge. There’s not exactly any corners to hide,” Bones hisses. “Bones, you need to make it to Starfleet, okay? Just… report there, and then get backup for me. I’ll be fine,” Jim says. He thinks it’s a smooth lie, but Bones narrows his eyes. “No! Are you out of your fucking mind?!” “Go! I can kill at least a dozen of them,” Jim says, pulling out his gun. Spock hesitates, but only for a second, because the Sick are still incoming, and they’re coming quick. “Two dozen,” Spock says, reaching out in his jacket and handing Jim his own pistol. Jim smiles lightly, ignoring the doctor telling both of them how stupid this idea is. “I love you,” Jim tells Bones, and that’s enough to shut him up for a second, at least, “both of you. Now make it across this stupid bridge, yeah?”
  • Jim doesn’t even miss many shots. He takes them down, most of the horde, with his guns and whatever debris lies on that bridge. He wants desperately to look behind him, to see if Spock and Bones made it across. But he doesn’t. He fights until he’s out of ammo, and then he turns around and runs for it. He can’t outrun them, not with his leg bleeding. Still, he tries until he feels fingers grab for his shirt and his arm. It’s game over, but Jim refuses to let himself be eaten alive by these creatures. He dashes to the side instead, and he runs towards the railing of the bridge instead. He just pushes himself over the edge, jumping over. It’s briefly terrifying, the weightlessness of falling. The dirty brown water comes closer rapidly, with less than seconds to think about the impact, and then everything turns black.
  • His entire body aches when he wakes up - which is a confusing thought to begin with. He opens his eyes, and Spock is sitting next to him. A sterile white room, something he hasn’t seen for years. The sheets are white, and clean. A monitor is steadily beeping next to him. Spock’s holding his hand, too, qhich is a surprise. “Hey,” Jim says, voice as sore as his body. “Hi, Jim,” Spock says, smiling briefly before adding a; you look terrible.“ “Wow,” Jim replies to that, “that’s what you say to your life saver?” Spock huffs, squeezing Jim’s hand lightly. “Where are we?” Jim continues. “USS Enterprise,” Spock says, “you’re in med bay.” “Where is that?” “Space.” “Space where?” “Somewhere between our planet and York Town.” “We’re in deep space?” Jim asks, turning to look around the room, “why isn’t there a window? We haven’t looked at the stars in years.”
  • When Bones walks into the room, he looks dapper. Dark, long-sleeved shirt, Starfleet Insignia attached to his chest. Even better, he’s covered in paperwork and cadets following his every move. "Hello, handsome,” Jim says, and Bones drops his PADD on Jim’s bed with a sigh. “I can’t believe you’ve been awake for hours and I’m the last to find out,” Bones complains, loudly so, and then he kisses him. “How did you not know?” Jim asks, and Bones shrugs lightly. “Something along the lines of being hired as a medical officer here,” he says. Briefly, Jim is worried Bones is leaving again, because he seems busy, and he’s putting his stuff on the night stand. But instead, he moves closer, lying down next to Jim instead. “I thought I lost you,” Bones says. “I thought I was lost, too,” Jim replies, “how did I even survive?” “They picked you out of the water,” Bones replies, “what were you thinking?!” Jim shrugs lightly, his thoughts now only on Bones’ arm that rests around his waist. It’s the safest he’s felt in years, knowing there’s no Sick ones trying to rip them to pieces. “I thought of you being safe, and me not being ripped apart by these sickos. Rather drowned.” “Well,” Bones says, “it seems that your idiotic decision making paid off. And, I realise this is long overdue,” he adds, and Jim feels warm lips against his cheek, “I love you, too.”