jim is the wicked witch

Think of every fairy-tale villainess you’ve ever heard of. Think of the wicked witches, the evil queens, the mad enchantresses. Think of the alluring sirens, the hungry ogresses, the savage she-beasts. Think of them and remember that somewhere, sometime, they’ve all been real - Jim Butcher


Tim Burton’s Hansel and Gretel (1982)

Aired only once on Halloween night 1983 on Disney Channel and thereafter only shown at the Art of Tim Burton Exhibit. Featuring the early work of Stephen Chiodo and Joe Ranft.

Cast: Andee Lee as Hansel, Alison Hong as Gretel, Michael Yama as Stepmother/Wicked Witch, Jim Ishida as Father, and David Koenigsburg (voice) as Dan Dan the Gingerbread Man.