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The client

Title: The client

Anonymous asked: “Could you do a Moriarty one shot where reader is jealous of a client because she things is a woman but is a man and Jim finds everything very funny ?”

Characters: Moriarty, client and you

Pairing: Moriarty x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 656


“alright, I’ll see you later” Moriarty said, hanging up the phone. “who were you talking to, darling?” you asked, sitting next to him on the couch. “just a client” he replied, not revealing anything else. “so how was your day?” you asked him. “boring” he replied. You instantly knew something was wrong. Normally Jim would come home enthusiastic. Excited about his progress and always talking about how genius he was. In the beginning you just thought of it as funny but since the time you two have been together, it had grown on you and not seeing him like that made you worried. “what’s wrong?” you asked, kissing his cheek. “just this client, they’re smarter than I thought. I mean not as smart as me, but still” he said, looking at you now. “well, how about you and me take a shower? I’m sure you I can make you forget about that client easily” you smirked, winking at him. “I can’t. I promised to meet them tonight” he said, throwing himself of the couch and pouring himself a whiskey. “alright” you said, turning on the television. “don’t stay up” he said, emptying the glass and walking out the door. At the time you didn’t think much of it. You knew how Moriarty could be and one grumpy day with him wasn’t something you couldn’t handle.

A couple of days had gone by and Moriarty still hadn’t changed his behavior. He still came home grumpy and would refuse to talk about anything other than the client and how much he admired them but also how much a pain in the ass they were. It pained you how much effect this client had on him and how involuntarily you had to deal with the consequences. “let me guess, the client was either a pain in the ass or did something amazing?” you asked as Moriarty walked into the apartment. “both, they just won’t accept the damn deal and I can’t kill them” he said. “tell me about them” you said, curious. “about the client?” he asked you. You nodded. “I can’t” he said nonchalantly. “you got to be kidding me!” you yelled. Moriarty quickly turned around, looking at you worried. “Y/N what’s…” Moriarty started. “no, you don’t get to talk right now” you interrupted him. “I’ve spent day, Jim, days. Just listening to you complaining about the client and then even more days listening to how you adored her! You don’t tell me anything when I ask you about her. If you like her so much, why don’t you just run of with her?!” you yelled. Moriarty remained silent the entire time till you were done. Once you were done talking he burst out laughing, which earned him a well deserved glare from you. “darling, the client isn’t a she. It’s a he” he laughed. You looked at him, blinking rapidly. “that doesn’t mean you can’t run of with him” you mumbled. “I would never leave you for some client, Y/N” he said, kissing you. You suddenly heard his phone vibrate. “that would be him” he laughed, reading the text. “seems like the deal is finally done” he said, showing you the text. “come on, darling. I’ll show you what I needed him for” he said taking you by the hand.

“open your eyes” Moriarty said. Slowly you opened them. You blinked a few times, getting used to the bright light. I front of you was Moriarty, holding a box in his hand. “I’m sorry I treated you so badly the last couple of days but I wanted to do something special for you” he said, opening the box. Inside the box was beautiful necklace. It was simple yet the details that were there, were stunning. “oh Jim” you whispered, at a loss of words. “it’s beautiful, thank you” you eventually said. “not as beautiful as you, sweetheart” he said, putting the necklace on you and kissing you.

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The more I think about Jim's plan, the more I adore him!

So, is it just me, or does John’s sniper in TRF really looks like Tom from series 3? Like, seriously, I’m 100% convinced they’re the same guy.

We know Tom is a foil for Sherlock in series 3 => they’re physically similar, they’re both homosexuals in the closet, Molly is attracted to them…

So, if Tom is John’s sniper in TRF, that means it’s Sherlock who is ready to shoot John and break his heart. Which he does, but in a less permanent way. => There is hope. He breaks John’s heart, but he will come back, eventually. Johnlock will happen.


For me, it also means that whatever happens in TRF, John will have his heart broken. Whatever choice Sherlock makes, Jim has made sure John will be left heart-broken.

He has planned everything to have Sherlock out of the picture for a long time, leaving John desperate and broken. He then safely placed Mary/Moran on John’s path so that, no matter what, Sherlock gets his heart broken when he comes back.

I see Mary as John’s foil here, and we have the same dynamics as in TRF with Sherlock and Tom: Jim has two “killers”. One is his sniper: Mary, Tom. The other is a boy from 221b: John, Sherlock.

In TRF, Jim has to break John’s heart: it’s the first move. The only possibilities of outcome: 1) Sherlock refuses to leave and John gets killed, 2) Sherlock has to leave for a long time and John “gets killed”.

Sherlock leaves and Moriarty takes care of his “pet” in his absence: he puts Mary into John’s path so she pretends to heal him. (I’m not saying Mary doesn’t love John, I’m not saying he doesn’t love her, I’m not sayong she’s still on team Moriarty. I’m just saying she was placed there and started her relationship with John as a job)

Mary becomes John’s anchor, he owes her his life post-Sherlock. Even if Sherlock comes back, she’s smart enough to stay in the picture and keep her role as John’s guardian. She has a safe place at John’s side whereas Sherlock’s is quite fragile at this point.

By the way, you won’t make me believe it’s a coincidence that Mycroft has Sherlock back in London the same night John intends to propose! My opinion is that Mycroft knows Mary isn’t on team Sherlock, he tries to call Sherlock back before it’s too late, before Mary goes from “the girlfriend” to “the wife”, which would further secure her place at John’s side, and give Moriarty access and power over Sherlock.

Mycroft’s plan fails anyway, it wasn’t a very good plan to begin with, but I’m sure Jim makes Mycroft’s life a hell at this point. Our dearest brother isn’t as free as he would like…


Part two of Jim’s plan can begin. Whether Mary still plays on team Moriarty, it doesn’t matter. Jim is sure Mary will try to kill Sherlock after he comes back: on order or one free-lance.

I am quite certain that Mary love John, but her love can only be possessive and exclusive: she needs John to be her good boy and follow her rules, she needs to be in control. Before TEH, the balance of power is totally on her side. Yet Sherlock comes back and shatters everything. You cannot compete with Sherlock Holmes in John’s heart. And that will surely annoy Mary as hell. And when Mary is pissed, she shoots.

Here is Jim’s move: again, there are two possibilites of outcome: 1) John marries Mary (lol, nice name! quite the cool inuendo looming at the back of your head…), and leaves Sherlock ; it breaks Sherlock’s heart and Jim is free to complete his final problem and completely burn the heart out of him. 2) Mary gets so pissed at Sherlock that she kills him. Again, metaphorical kill versus literal kill.

Aaaaaand, we have a combo!

Mary kills Sherlock figuratively AND literally.

(and I’m sure Jim will make her pay hell for shooting Sherlock) The thing is, I believe Jim really doesn’t want Mary to kill Sherlock. There is a 3d move to his plan. He doesn’t want to KILL Sherlock, he wants to burn him..

I don’t know what his third move is, though. I suspect, since the final problem is “James or John?”, Jim will position himself as Sherlock’s potential saviour. Save him from what, I don’t know, boredom? ordinary people and life? heart-break? offering to save John from Mary?all of these or something else?

The point is, however, that Jim Moriarty dangerously underestimates John Watson. It’s quite funny because another genius has done the same thing at first: Sherlock Holmes himself!

From Day One, Sherlock’s saviour is John. It is the beginning of their adventure together. With John, Sherlock progressively becomes a good man.

Jim despises John: he is stupid, ordinary, doesn’t wear smart suits. He clearly doesn’t deserve Sherlock’s attention! He also despises pure love, and love as a form of redemption. He has no idea how far John could go for Sherlock, or how far Sherlock could go for John. He uses their love to play with them and hurt them. But I’m sure it will be his fatal mistake as well.

Like, could Jim imagine John … I don’t know, would go as far as kill his wife or giving up on the baby? He tells him in TRF “You’re a good man, I know you’re a good man”. He knows there’s a limit for John, a moral limit. What if the power of John’s love is bigger than this limit? What if John sacrifices his moral purity for Sherlock?

We have to remember that Sherlock as a show is linked to The Princess Bride, a story that teaches us love overpowers anything.

Anyway, I’m babbling. But it’s thrill to think about Dear Jim and try to see where he’s going… I can’t wait for series 4 and see how the plan unfolds… And Mary’s role!

Universal//Joe Sugg

Requested by anon:
I really love your writing!! Could you do another Joe sugg imagine where you and Joe are together and you and the other you tubers (zalfie, janya and narcus) and you and Joe are just being really cute whilst waiting for rides and stuff please also involve Caspar thank you 😊😊

Sure anon. I like this request it seems cute so I hope you enjoy. Thank you so much. x

Theme parks had always been one of your favourite things as a child, and as you grew up that fact didn’t change. You especially loved visiting with your YouTube friends who always made everything 10 times more fun. Someone all 9 of you managed to cram into the back of a taxi on the way to the theme park. You were visiting Universal, somewhere you’d always wanted to visit, and you couldn’t pass up the chance now that all of you were staying in a hotel barley 10 miles from it.

Everyone clambered out of the taxi cab, and once you’d all sorted how much everyone had to chip in (complete nightmare) you took your boyfriend, Joe’s hand, and your group began to enter the theme park. For a minute your inner child took over and you jumped up and down, letting out a screech of excitement. Joe, still holding onto your hand turned and chuckled at you “I think someone’s a little excited.” He joked and you grinned at him. “What can I say, my inner child decided to make an appearance today.” He gave you a huge smile, before bopping the end of your nose with his index finger. “You’re so bloody cute, you know that right.” You nodded in agreement. “Oh don’t worry, I know.” You winked, and soon you were at the front of the line, so paid and entered the theme park along with everybody else.

After a bit of deliberating, you decided on a ride to go on first. The followed the crowd as you, Joe, Jim, Tanya, Zoe, Alfie, Marcus, Niomi and Caspar raced to take your place in the rather lengthy looking line. You were sure that you had never seen so many people vlogging at once as everyone got there cameras out at first chance to update their viewers. You did the same. “Hello everyone, so as I said earlier we are now at Universal studios.” Joe then came and rested him head on your shoulder. “Oh hello.” You said, a little smile creeping onto your face. “Hello.” He replied kissing your cheekily softly. “Oh god, you two are insufferably cute!” You turned the camera to face Jim who was looking to you with a sly smirk. “I mean it’s adorable but totally enviable.” You chatted to Jim with your vlogging camera a little more, before placing it back into your bag. Joe then took you by surprise by wrapping him arms around you from behind and nuzzling his nose into your hair. “I love you.” He says simply, and you reply. “I love you too Suggy.” You then turned around in his arms to face him, as you leaned up against the metal railing one either side of the Que. His arms were still wrapped tightly around your waist. You reached up slowly to place a gentle kiss on his temple, before brushing through his fluffy hair with your hand. The line began to move forwards so you and Joe broke apart and linked hands instead. PDA was never something that had bothered you anyway. “You scared babe?” You asked, leaning back up against the railing, placing one hand on his. chest, the other on the railing to hold you up. His hands going to either side of you on the railing to hold himself up. “A little.” He admitted, you knew fully well about his rollercoaster fear. “It’s okay you can hold my hand. I’m scared too.” You whispered. Your loving gaze was broken by Caspar gently pushing you forwards. “Yes this is all very sweet but the line just moved and I want to get on this ride. You hadn’t even noticed that Caspar had been stood behind you by himself. "Aw Casp, I didn’t even realise you were there, I’m so sorry.” You said, genuinely feeling bad. “No it’s okay, I’m used to it now.” He said, fake crying and wiping under his eye. Both you and Joe let out a laugh. “I keep telling you I can give you some girls numbers who are very eager to meet a handsome single guy.” You punched his arm jokingly.
“Oi, less of the handsome you, I’m the handsome one.” Joe insisted and you smiled. “Of course you are honey.” Joe smiled satisfied. “And besides, Caspar is too much of a slut to get a girlfriend.” He joked.

After everyone had taken their turn on the ride, you went on a couple more, before deciding to go and get something to eat. Everyone squashed into a large booth in a cute little on site diner. Joe sat on one side of you, and Zoe on the other. “Hi Y/N I feel like I haven’t really got a chance to speak to you today.” Zoe began. “I know, how are you?” You asked. “I’m good thanks. How are you doing, Joe not driving you crazy yet?” She asked. You were so glad you and Zoe had such a great relationship. You actually met Joe through Zoe. She introduced to two of you to each other and you hit it off. “Hey I heard that!” Joe exclaimed, peeking his head around you to glare at his older sister.

You enjoyed what you claimed to be ‘the best hotdog’ you’d ever eaten, and sat sipping on your milkshake. “Where are we gonna go to next?” Niomi asked, taking a look at her map. “Ooh can we go to the Harry Potter part?” Tanya chipped in. “Yes yes that’s one thing I really really want to do!” You nearly shouted. “Alright baby calm down!” Joe said, giving the top of your thigh a pat. “Sorry.” You giggled, grinning at your own excitement.

So that is where you went to next. You stood up and took hold of Joe’s hand. The hot sun was beating down on you, “it’s so hot!” You exclaimed on your walk over. “Like you.” Joe chuckled, at your turned to glare at him to show that you were not impressed by his cheesiness. But you couldn’t help but let a little smile slip through.

When you reached the Harry Potter attraction you couldn’t contain your excitement. You jumped around, looking in every shop window, Joe had to help calm you down. You managed to buy your own wand, before everyone decided to go on the Hogwarts express ride. “I can’t believe I’m going to Hogwarts!” You exclaimed. “I’m going to see Draco Mafloy!”
“Yeah and he’s gonna steal my girl which I’m not happy about.” Joe grumbled, as you and everyone else entered the compartment. “Don’t worry Joe, not even Draco Malfoy could take your place in my heart.” You said, placing your hand on your chest over dramatically. “That’s my girl.” He said. Before pressing his lips to your in a soft kiss. “Excuse me! No physical contact on the Hogwarts Express please.” Caspar joked, putting on his best British accent. “Marcus burst out laughing from beside you. "You just got told.”

A/N: I hope this was okay anon. Don’t forget I do take requests for anything in my bio. ☺️


Happy 1st Gotcha day anniversary Jimmy! You have brought so much joy and fun to this crazy little family of ours! It is hard to believe that a year ago today we signed the papers that made this adorable, handsome, mischievous little bundle of bagelness ours! The top photo is the first photo I got of Jim and Fae together in, on the one night trial we brought him home for on the 26th (yeah he came home that afternoon and never left us) they were slightly unsure, but both rather confident and ready to play right away! Jimmy stole our hearts really quickly, I mean look at that face! The third photo if from the 27th, while the Corgledad went off to sign the papers and make Jimmy ours for good, Fae and Jim had their first (of many) cuddles. Jim showed early on that he was going to fit in just fine with all the crazy beings in this house, and also let me know early on that he loves his sunbeams! We love you so much you cuddly, sweet, dapper little Bagel! :)