jim is so adorable i mean look at him


Happy 1st Gotcha day anniversary Jimmy! You have brought so much joy and fun to this crazy little family of ours! It is hard to believe that a year ago today we signed the papers that made this adorable, handsome, mischievous little bundle of bagelness ours! The top photo is the first photo I got of Jim and Fae together in, on the one night trial we brought him home for on the 26th (yeah he came home that afternoon and never left us) they were slightly unsure, but both rather confident and ready to play right away! Jimmy stole our hearts really quickly, I mean look at that face! The third photo if from the 27th, while the Corgledad went off to sign the papers and make Jimmy ours for good, Fae and Jim had their first (of many) cuddles. Jim showed early on that he was going to fit in just fine with all the crazy beings in this house, and also let me know early on that he loves his sunbeams! We love you so much you cuddly, sweet, dapper little Bagel! :)