jim hawkins fanart

Day 31 “Halloween!!!” 

And that concludes another year of inktober! Thank you thank you thank you guys so much for coming along for the ride this inktober. It was a blast drawing the Borderlands kiddos doing cute fall activities, and the most fun I’ve had doing inktober. I will continue to post Borderlands fanarts, and I def want to keep drawing hipster beanie Tim since he is adorable. Thank you again guys so much and have an awesome Halloween!

ZOMBIE BOY | by chrisfroot 

Let the water wash away
Everything that you’ve become
On your knees, today is gone
And tomorrow’s sure to come
Tomorrow’s sure to come
[tyler joseph - blasphemy]


“You’re gonna rattle the stars, you are.” - John Silver, Treasure Planet

Whoever watched this show as a kid and denies that they had a massive crush on Jim Hawkins is lying. Watched Treasure Planet again last night and I COULD NOT BELIEVE how conflicted and relatable Jim is as a character ;A;

30 mins speedpaint cos I don’t have enough time to finish rendering :0