Pull of the Tide

a/n: This fic is two years in the making. Can be read as a one-shot, but I’ve got a multi-chap plotted out. If you want to see more, l e t m e k n o w
summary:  Three years ago, Ariel took her first steps on land. Now, she’s ready to try again, and this time, she’s got a scruffy first mate waiting to help pull her up out of the waves.
rating: teen and up
tags: post-canon au, canon divergence, mermaid/sailor relationship, reunion fluff

There was a time when Ariel would have rushed to the surface without a second thought, not caring who saw her or what they thought she was doing. She was a princess of Atlantica; if she wanted to lay out on a rock and let her skin soak in the sun instead of water, that was her choice to make. If she wanted to flit about old shipwrecks in search of treasure instead of sitting in boring royal meetings, that was her business. As the youngest princess, her presence was rarely necessary.

Now, however, Ariel couldn’t risk someone following her. After the disaster that had been her short tryst on land, her father could care less as long as she came home safe, but even he wouldn’t be able to ignore her trips to the surface if he knew what she was going for.

Or more specifically, who she was going for.

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