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The day after Ted Bundy’s execution, an anti-death penalty vigil took place, gathering around 100 people :

« Today we come together to mourn the victims of Ted Bundy and to grieve with their friends and families. We also mourn the tortured life and death of one of us who was a very sick and troubled man, and we grieve with his friends and family as well.

Today Ted Bundy is dead. But today we are no free from fear and hatred than we were before he died. » - Roberta Christie, Amnesty International member.

Reverend Jim Hardison, an Episcopal priest representing Florida IMPACT, an interfaith advocacy organization, had a similar view-point :

« Is it not clear now that we are no safer…because we’ve killed Ted Bundy? Within hours of Bundy’s execution, two murders occurred at a very nearby city from where he was.

There has been rejoicing, commercialization, shouting, music, songs, drinking, reveling about an event, which the state chooses to show us the importance of human life and the dignity of human life, but has probably degraded life more the last 48 hours than anything else this state has ever done. »

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You met Nate when he was still in the legal business. He was Mr. Ford back then. You hadn’t seen him in a while, not since you were eleven, but you couldn’t forget a man like that. He was always trying to do the right thing, no matter what. So when you grew up and moved to Boston to get away from your nagging father, it was fitting that you ran into the one and only Mr. Ford whom you had admired for all those years.

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