jim from i.t

“Spock, we gotta go and never stop going ‘til we get there.”
“Where are we going, Jim?”
“I dunno. But we gotta go.”

another drawing for the Jim and Spock grow up together AU, in which Jim and Spock realize they don’t seem to fit in anywhere and decide they need to go find a place where they do. 

“According to the official Star Trek Reboot Archive Jim Kirk didn’t go to Tarsus IV.”

Tormented & Loved (Dean Winchester High School AU x Reader) Part 9


Warning: Movie Theater fun ;) (smutty if you’d call it that) 

Part Nine

“You’re okay with it?!” I heard my dad yell. I sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep from my eyes before standing up and sneaking out my door.

“She’s not stupid, Jim! She’s almost eighteen and I can’t stop her from doing what she wants to do!”

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Number #18/26/21/29 Drabble(I don’t think this is a drabble anymore, it’s too long)/Winter Kirk is captured by Zaikongans/ Winter Kirk Chronicles #2

For @to-pick-ourselves-up-7 !!!! You’re awesome girl! I decided to mix them all together. I thought that would be coolio.

A/N: Drabbles are short, right? Well, this is no drabble, hun. This is a full-out-fledged fic. Idk if drabbles truly exist with me. But who knows? Hehe. Hope you enjoy this!!!

Warnings:angst, fluff at very ending, cussing(B*stard said once)

Word count: 6,580 words. Again, not drabble. 

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’ Smart!kirk’ ‘AU where kirk is smart!’ 'Kirk nerd AU’ 'Genius!kirk’




F A C T. 


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I keep seeing people joking about how natsu is just hiding or doing his natsu thang. But like what if it is true? I know it would seem odd for natsu to do that but like I think it could be a small possibility tbh. I mean I would laugh non stop if that did happen but then be like "really mashima" and look at the camera just like jim from the office.

I don’t think Mashima would do that xD I think it’s just too ooc

Too Late

They don’t make it in time.

He doesn’t make it in time.

The dogs are sniffing excitedly, pleased with themselves that they’ve found the missing person. But that excitement is dwindled as shovels set to work, and a strange cathartic sense falls over Harvey.

It’s a numbness.

Jim almost looks peaceful as they open up the coffin. And Harvey can’t help it.

He’s crying. Hot tears pouring down his face as he slowly leans down to brush that errant bit of blonde hair from his partner’s face.


I’m sorry. I couldn’t save you. I didn’t have enough time.

There is no room for hate. No desire for vengeance against Lee. Not yet. All that he has capacity for is to lift his boyscout into his arms and cradle the man to his chest. Whispering, whispering over and over like a prayer. As if it might draw Jim to life once more.

“I’m so sorry partner.”

Every emotion is choking him, and he has to tug his hat lower. Harvey doesn’t want to see the looks of pity on the dog handler’s faces. They’ve seen this before.

But rarely ever their own.

The needle and syringe is still in Jim’s hand and he pries it from his fingers. Why couldn’t he have taken it? Why couldn’t Jim have given in. They could have gotten the vaccine. Could have found a cure. Just to hold off on dying once more.

The hourglass is running through too much sand. He’s only got moments to mourn Jim, before his duty calls. Harvey is captain, and he’s got a city on the verge of a ticking bomb set to end them all through their darkest desires.

Slowly, ever so reverently, Harvey lets go. “I love you Jim.” He admits, pressing a kiss to his forehead and then drawing away. “Get him back to the GCPD…. I gotta go finish this.”

No one notices that their Captain still has the virus in hand. That as he’s walking away, he’s looking down at the crimson filled needle. They don’t see him pause just outside of the woods, standing by his car and injecting himself with it.

No one notices until it’s too late.

And Baby Makes Three - Cheryl/Jim

@hetercgeneity (continued from here ) :

“Shouldn’t I be the one comforting you?”

“Well, you’re not very comforting at the moment.  You’re more like… drinking.”  Cheryl rubbed her stomach, looking at the bottle Jim had just emptied.  “Jim, if you don’t want this baby…..” she sighed.

I am only gonna say this once and will be heavily enforced in my rules on all my blogs from now on...

You CANNOT ask me to change my faceclaim. I was plotting on IM with someone today I told them that Adam’s human face claim was mostly, a young Jim Carrey. They asked if I could change Adam’s human faceclaim from a Jim Carrey to Dan Steven. I explained that I don’t know much about Dan outside of Beauty and the Beast. Which is fair to say. I can’t claim to know about Dan’s cinematography. I’ve only seen trailers for the show Legion and the movie A Walk Among The Tombstones.They said they still wanted to rp and they did, apologize but it bothered me that they asked if I could change my character’s faceclaim. That’s on my own personal taste.

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Do you have any unpopular opinions about popular ships and/or any NOTPs? I always feel so bad when I really don't understand why people ship certain characters, but hey, everyone has different tastes.

I’m not particularly invested in ships in general (but then again maybe it’s just because I haven’t come across a ship I really like/hate). I guess the only ship I don’t really like are Lee and Jim from Gotham, but even then I don’t feel very strongly against it. I guess another ship I’m not very sure about is Reylo. I don’t hate it and I wouldn’t mind if it became canon but like I guess I would just rather see Rey with Finn. Don’t feel bad about not understanding ships, like what you said, people have different tastes !! What do you ship (or not ship) ??

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