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Acting Captain’s log, Stardate 4523.3. 

I dinnae know why the captain returned with a ripped shirt while the rest of the away team look perfectly fine. They landed on Tribble Planet. There’s nothin’ but Tribbles there. Doctor McCoy looks mighty peeved and Mr. Spock hasn’t spoken since their return. The Captain looks pleased with himself. Why am I still on this ship. Help.


I got inspired after I decided Bones was part dragon in the tags of the last thing I posted.  Now everyone’s part dragon.

Command Team Relationships

-Spock to Kirk: I am and always shall be your friend.

-Riker to Picard: Serving with you has been an honor.

-Chakotay to Janeway: The woman warrior was brave and beautiful and very wise.

-Kira to Sisko: I…don’t think you’re the Devil.

Property of James T. Kirk. Do not read

Nicknames for Leonard H. McCoy;

Tall and dark
Kitty kat
Honey bunny
Corn cob
Moon pie
Doom an’ Gloom


Imagine Jim and Bones are out and about, having a good time and relaxing, and all of a sudden things start to look like it could go south. Jim starts exchanging comments with some idiot and Bones just wants to finish his drink without incident. Then the guy just says something that makes Jim reach his tipping point and he gets up to go at the guy, but Bones is like ‘NOPE’ and stands up after him and before Jim can get very far he wraps his arms around his waist from behind, picks him up, and just starts to carry him out the door no problem as Jim is kicking and smacking Bones’ arms and yelling 'BONES WHAT ARE YOU DOING BONES BONES PUT ME DOWN I AM NOT DONE WITH HIM’

My Human Mate

Leonard McCoy is your big brother, not by blood, but by choice. Your choice to be exact, he had taken you under his wing, and had decided to keep you in his little pack. He would make sure you were taken care of, and that you were not alone anymore.

“Len!! Hurry up! We need to get to the ship!”

The werewolf growled at you but heaved himself off the couch, grabbing his medical bag, “I don’t want to go to the ship”

“Tough shit, Len! I already commed Jim, he’s expecting us”

“I won’t be bullied by a human, or the pup”

“It isn’t bullying. Everyone is going to be there. I want to meet the crew! The only one I’ve met is Jim! You’re constantly bitching about them; I want to meet this pain in the ass crew!”

“You’re just a human, Y/N. There are too many creatures on that ship for you to be completely safe! It’s a hug risk for Starfleet to even put you on the five-year mission!”

“Jim is just a incubus! He’s practically human!” You shout.

“He was also trained to kill both Weres and Vamps!” Len lets out a low growl. You knew that he was nervous, you were his little sister, only 19 years old. Len also hated to fly, so that didn’t help.

You turn on the water works, knowing that your puppy of a big brother can’t stand to see you cry, “P-please, Len?”

“Fine! We’ll go! But you had better stay by me the entire time, I don’t want you to be alone with anyone”

“How’s that gonna work when we ship off?”

“I’ll deal with that when it comes. For now, it’s just a get together where the senior members get to meet all of the new crew mates.”

“I know!! If I promise to stay by you, can we leave?”

“Yes, but you have to promise”

“Fine, I promise”

Meeting the mismatched crew/family is surprisingly simple. Sulu is calm, he loves his plants and his weapons, but he won’t tell you what exactly he is. Pavel is a feline Were, he bounces around, excited to meet and be pet by everyone. Nyota is a Vamp, she is professional, almost cold, but also willing to get to know you.

You stick your hand out, “Hi! I’m Y/N, I’m Len’s little sister”

Nyota’s lip twitches, “Hello, Jim speaks very highly of you, he said that you are a good influence on our temperamental wolf”

“I’ll show you temperamental …” Len growled, taking a step forward

You plant yourself in front of them, “I told you that I wanted a nice evening, and I want to get to know everyone. Now you put him away and play nice, you can growl and throw a fit later when we go out, but right now I want to go inside”

You storm past Len and call out to your friends, who are already there. Leonard quickly scrambles behind you, not wanting to let you out of his sight. There had been no sign of Jim or Spock and Len refused to allow you to be alone with either of them.

“Where’s the Captain, and that green-blooded hobgoblin?”

“They went out to see the Admirals, said that they needed to speak to the two before our meeting, presumably about your girl over there” Nyota said, sipping her wine.

“Good, I don’t want any surprises. Y/N needs to be kept safe”

Ny raises one perfectly manicured eyebrow, “You think either one of them would hurt her?”

“She’s special, probably a mate to some supernatural creature. Were’s might not be telepathic like Vamps, but even I can tell that her mind is special. It’s one of the reasons I took her into my pack, she would have been eaten alive otherwise.”

Nyota nods, “I notices that as soon as the two of you arrived. Her mind is extremely compatible”

Len growls, “Stay away from her”

“I don’t want, Y/N. You don’t have to worry about me, or anyone in this room right now. They would have made a move is she was theirs, but be wary of the two who are not yet here. If her mind is that compatible with a strange Vamp, I don’t even want to think about how compatible she would be to him”

You run back over to Len, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, pup. Just catching up with an old friend”

“Alright, well the others said that Jim and Spock are here, so I’m going to go meet them”


You jerk back, surprised at the sudden outburst, “Seriously, what’s wrong? You were fine a few minutes ago, and now you’re acting weird”

At that moment the turbolift opened and Jim and Spock step into the Rec Room. “Captain, I do not understand how you cannot smell that, or even feel that. Are Incubi truly that close to humans?”

“Come on, Spock! Don’t be mean! You know my kind isn’t telepathic unless someone is dreaming! I can only smell Bones and his little sister, Y/N”

“Perhaps Doctor McCoy knows where the smell is coming from”

You glance at Len, “Do we smell funny? I don’t think I smell funny”

Your eyes shoot up when Spock lets out a low growl, “Leonard, step away from my mate”

“Your mate? I don’t even know who you are!”

Spock sniffs the air again, “You are human”

Rolling your eyes, you put your hands on your hips, “Obviously. Now you two need to get in there, introduce yourselves, and sit down. No one wanted to start eating with the Captain and Commander here”

You walk away, hiding around the corner. You really want to know what is going to be said about you.

“She is my mate” Spock announces. You hear several people raise their voice at the announcement, but you can’t really focus on them. Spock thinks that you are his mate!

“Are you aware that you think rather loudly?”

You yelp. You hadn’t even been paying attention and Spock had snuck up on you. “I-I … um … sorry?”

“You have nothing to be ashamed of, ashaya. I would enjoy getting to know you better. Your mind is extremely compatible with mine and I believe that you would be an optimal mate”

You can hear Len snarling and shouting in the other room, “You stay away from my sister you green-blooded hobgoblin!! I’ll tear your throat out!! Don’t touch her!”

“I-I think you make Len really mad”

Spock’s lip twitches in a small smile, “Worry not about the doctor, ashaya. Nyota and Jim shall calm him down in time for dinner.” He holds out his arm for you and you place a hand at his elbow, “Now, are you amiable to being courted by me?”

You can’t stop the blush that appears on your cheek and Spock inhales, “I think that I would like that, Spock”

“NO, PUP, NO!!!!” Leonard howls

Spock chuckles quietly, “Do you believe that Leonard will challenge me, my human?”

“I don’t think so, he’ll be mad for a while, but he’ll get over it, as long as you treat me right”

“I will treat you like a princess, ashaya. However, if he does challenge me, I will enjoy defeating him in front of you”

You chuckle and shake your head. These boys are going to be the death of you. You are the sister of a wolf, and the mate of a vampire. How the hell is this ship going to survive that?