jim courier


Rafa, why are so adorable?!

Australian Open: 30 day + 1 tennis challenge

Day 25: Which men’s and women’s player was world no. 1 on the day you were born? (DOB: January 4, 1993) So it was Jim Courier (from October 5, 1992 till April 12, 1993 where Sampras took over) and Monica Seles (September 9, 1991 till June 7, 1993 where Graf took over)  Good to know I have a special band with these people now.



A couple of the many reasons why I love Roger Federer are in this video:

  • him waiting for his opponent to exit the stadium.  Not just at Wimbledon.
  • how he’s always chatty and encouraging at the net (win or lose).
  • he knows his career.  Meaning he really loves it.  Not just going through the motions.
  • his (sometimes dry) sense of humor.
  • still looking fresh after a fcking five-setter.

Also, Federer def Simon?  Second round?  AUOPEN 2011, you cray.