jim cosplays


Too many emotions.
Jim has been my crush since I was a child and Treasure Planet is still one of my favourite movies, it gave me so much, I grew up with it.
Singing “I’m still here” on stage has been my dream for a while. I can’t wait to cosplay Jim at a convention again!

PH: Michele Ragnoli, Photo Hunters, Roberto Boni, Antonio fotoamatore


well, the day is finally here when my jim hawkins is ready to be worn. i seldom have the time or brain to try everything on before the actual con morning, but now i did so, though i left the tail from the neck and the earring off for now. ready for tomorrow~

I played around with the colours of the lights. Half of this staff is red the other half is green. This is a sample of the two lights I will have the different colours for the two buttons still. My dad helped me as best as he could with the green to find the right colour for the pale green quarts. Let me know what you think of the colours.

I can’t wait to show this to James Marsters at the Calgary Comic Expo next week.


New Lieutenant Uhura stills by Star Foreman Photography!!

Be sure to check out the @librarybards new video “Now You Have The Bridge Spock”! I play Uhura! Link below! 🎥🎥