jim cosplays


All of my 221b photos are pure gold and everyone i know is too precious for this world
The adorable bit of greg in the first photo is cardiganfucker
The perfect jim in all the photos is scopesandskullties
The amazing Mary is chesterking
And the little lady in the last photo arm wrestling is dontbreakyourselfblondie 😘

Dresden Files Fans, I need help.

I’m cosplaying FemHarry in a local convention in the Philippines and I got roped into a lipsync battle.

Okay I volunteered.

Um but I have to do it in character. As Harry Dresden. I’ll be against FemHarry Potter.

Anyone have any ideas? What song should I even? Help o_o it’ll be in less than a month

A friend suggested Wrecking Ball and Girl on Fire

You guys have better suggestions?