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Have I ever told you guys about my first time cosplaying as Danny Phantom at a convention? It was RICC last year, on the first day before I had even gotten into the con, which was a hot mess but that’s besides the point. As I pass the front of the building, which has this HUGE line waiting to get in, someone near the door shouts “IT’S DANNY PHANTOM!” and the whOLE FREAKING CROWD ERUPTS IN CHEERS. I just smile and wave at everyone, and to add a cherry on top, as I start to round the corner someone else shouts “I LOVE YOU, DANNY PHANTOM!” to which I somehow keep my composure, turn to face them, and reply quite confidently back “And I love YOU, random citizen!” to then disappear around the corner like a boss. And promptly proceeded to burst into giggles with my friends like a preteen schoolgirl. Point of story: it was freaking AWESOME.


GUYS I was looking at my last MCM Expo photos and I’ve forgotten I met this one and they was at Sherlocked Event. WHO IS THEM? WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE.

I also met thecumbercollective as Lester Nygaard but I’m not even sure it was him //giggles// 



“Free Fall In Scarlet” or “You Will Believe A Flash Can Fall!”

So a couple weeks back I went skydiving for my 30th birthday. Being a huge fan of The Flash (as you all know) and also being a huge fan of the William Messner-Loebs penned The Flash v2 #54, “Nobody Dies” (aka “Free Fall in Scarlet!”) I decided to rock my brand new, CW Flash suit 2.0, with my favorite
Flashy footwear, my Adidas Wings 2.0. I figured they were more than appropriate for what I was doing and I didn’t want to ruin my slick new Flash boots.

The issue features Wally West early on in his career as The Flash, foiling skyjackers but failing to prevent a nice flight attendant he met earlier from flying out of a breach in the pressurized cabin. Despite not being able to fly at all (in fact the aura that surrounds him and protects him from environmental damage actually works against him), Wally dives out of the plane after her. After a couple of misses Wally manages to catch the flight attendant and then proceeds to break their fall by pumping his legs as fast as super-humanly possible to create a cushion of air in a successful attempt to slow their descent.

This issue was what really made me stand up and take notice, and ever since I’ve wanted to jump out of a plane in a frackin’ Flash costume.

To that end I present to you my skydiving adventure while wearing my brand new CW Flash suit. Falling at over 120 mph is about the closest I’m going to get to feeling like the Flash without rocket boots and absolutely NOTHING compares to the experience. Well at least nothing I’ve done so far…

Why anyone would go skydiving without a super suit I will never know but after seeing this you will believe a Flash can fall…mostly elegantly.

Awesomeness is present throughout the entire video (Hey Awesomeness, glad you could make it) but hilarity interjects from 2:26 to around 2:39. I’m expecting gifs galore!

The song is one of my favorites, “The Ballad of Barry Allen” by Jim’s Big Ego.

Flash Fact: Jim Infantino, the lead singer, is the son of legendary Flash co-creator, Carmine Infantino.

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